Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy endings

Ellie felt a rush of emotion, being at Olivia and Ravi's wedding. She squeezed Lon's arm tighter. It was so warm and cozy inside. Still she thought of Amanda and the funeral and how she'd stayed in the kitchen with Olivia and Syd talking about old times at the dinner, afterwards.

But this was a moment to remember. Everyone was growing up.

"Oh, I think you've grown up the most." Olivia told her after the funeral. "You've got three kids now."

Ellie couldn't help but laugh then. "Well, I only had one of them." She needed to clarify, thinking back on that day. Still she thought of Olivia's mothering. She was still the person Roger went to for advise. Speaking of which, where was he? She now looked around the wedding. He wasn't even here for Olivia's wedding. How could he?

Well, she wouldn't mention it. She listened to the ceremony then. It was quite short, yet traditional. Soon enough Ravi and Olivia were walking back down the isle together. They went upstairs. Music began to play and people mingled.

Ellie liked how the party started instantly as chairs were moved back. There were party foods. Soon enough, she saw her old friend Nick. They hugged. She hugged Heath too. They chatted a little about the holidays. How the winter hadn't been so bad, after all.

There was Amber and her new husband. Thankfully, Amber didn't start in on how the wedding should have been. She was rather quiet. Before they knew it, Olivia was tossing the bouquet, and they were having cake.

"We are really going to have to plan for more dinners this year." Syd decided.

"OK." Yes, they'd slacked off. But it was the holidays, and it was winter.

"No, I mean, everyone." Syd explained. "We should make sure Nick and Heath or there. And what about that friend that moved to Iowa? They should even come."

"I dunno if any of us have a house big enough for that many people." Ellie smiled, but she liked Syd's enthusiasm.

"This was such a charming wedding." Syd sighed. "Makes me want to get married, again."

Ellie laughed at her as they ate cake, which was so chocolate on the inside, in a butter cream icing. It was nice to have such laughter. Still Ellie felt a little sad. They weren't all here. She had to remember that.


Mimi said...

aw, that last bit is quite sad, but then again we gotta celebrate the happy things in life. ;)

p.s. happy new year! :D

<3, Mimi

ivy's closet said...

So bitter sweet. I'm glad they are making plans to see each other, more often.

lucy and sarah said...

Happy new year!

Hope they have a lot of good moments to come.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so glad to see a bit of happiness abound. :)

Ben and Molly said...

I'm glad they are all there for each other.

mazzy may said...

Happy New year!!! All the best to the stories you write!!

molly said...

Such an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

This was lovely...

meg said...

Great friendships!