Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Back in the UK

Back in the UK

Where had it all gone wrong?

Holly only had Natalie to rant to these days over her mobile. She knew it wasn't right, but what else was she going to do?

It went all to hell when she found her father in the hospital. She wanted to tell him she knew what a liar he was, but he was hooked up to machines and could barely breathe. It might be the last time she would ever see him.

Or so she thought.

Yes, she might have been the most rotten girl in the world and now she was stuck in this little village where Dustin grew up. And she wasn't at the Uni, either.

All this red tape, or whatever they were calling it these days was holding her life up. They got married in a church. But it was a rather small ceremony, just a few of Dustin's friends. Holly had to be happy they had a place to stay, but it felt so small. She really hadn't waited all her life for something like this to happen.

"I don't hate it." She promised Natalie in a chat. "Its just different."

Dustin was managing the pub nearby. She worked there, too.

"His mum is ready for us to get our own place, too." Holly told her friend. "We're moving in, over the pub on my birthday." Another low blow.

"I'm sure everything will work out." There went good old Natalie's smile over the screen of the phone.

"If only you were here." Holly couldn't quite smile. "How's that Joon boy?"

Natalie laughed as if Holly was as funny as she ever was. "Good." Her smile was so big. "We're both working hard." She talked of the coffee shop and the usual customers from the Uni.

"I knew you would be." Holly did her best not to pout. "And Kramer, what's he up too?"

"Don't see him much. He works at the grocery store now. I've seen him with this Asian guy." Natalie told her.

"You, think he's playing for the other team?" Holly asked.

Natalie made a face, not knowing what she meant.


"I don't think so." Natalie smiled and shook her head.

Holly sighed. Oh, if only she'd stayed there, but then again, she probably wouldn't be a newlywed, either.

Monday, December 11, 2017

the holidays get to me

the holidays get to me

Joon felt he had to be as sad as Natalie during their first real holiday together. Thanksgiving. He wasn't sure the 4th should count, but it didn't seem to matter, she was blue. All because of Holly not being home for the holidays.

"But..she's with Dustin." Joon reminded her that Holly and Dustin did get married. They hadn't invited any of them to the wedding. Granted, they couldn't have gone, anyway. They were in England now.

"She must be completely miserable." Natalie thought they should get a care box together.

"They're living with Dustin's mum." Joon didn't think it was the end of the world. Unfortunately, Dustin and Holly hit a snag coming back to the states.

"It ..would be..like..if we went to Seoul and couldn't get back." She did make it sound frightful, and maybe it would be to her.

"But, we'd still be together." He smiled as if he did find joy, just working at the coffee shop with her. Yes, he wanted more and it wasn't anywhere near the practically married level, but he hoped some day it would be true.

"Right, we'd still be together." Somehow, she looked frighten at the thought. "I miss..I miss how it used to be."

Joon wished he could agree, but he wouldn't dare get in a fuss about it. Maybe she missed Kramer too. It was like an evil thought that possessed him from time to time, but he went on with his work at the coffee shop.

"You better do some facetime or snapchat with Holly." He would go on to say. Something to help the pain of her best friend being gone.

Still, he thought he was Nattie's best friend. Lord knows, he never put her in the fixes Holly could, wanting her to buy this or go to that. How could she miss such an annoying friend?

One thing for sure, he was happy to be Natalie's boyfriend. Seriously, he felt bad for that bloke Dustin.

He truly had his work cut out for him, to be Holly's love.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

moving on

moving on

Taylor was willing to be there for the long haul during the birth of his first child. Granted, Sara was two weeks over due and couldn't wait to be induced. And as much as he thought they would be waiting another day or two for the arrival of their son, it happened about three hours later, with her sitting up, letting gravity do its work.

Then the next day they came home with the little man who slept all day and stayed up all night.

It was Minnie's idea that breast feeding was the way to go. Even the nurses got Sara to nursing the baby. It was the last thing Taylor ever expected. And he was so amazed Sara hadn't been the baby in all of this.

Oh, she was a trooper. He felt more devoted to her than he ever imagined.

By Thanksgiving, they were back in the hospital with Cohan over the matter of digestion issues.

Taylor wasn't quite sure what that meant.

"He hasn't pooed!" Sara was at her wits end. She was so distress. So was Taylor. They spent Thanksgiving day in the hospital and the next. Finally, by Sunday they had him on formula, and he was finally gaining weight instead of losing weight.

The holidays were looking rather bleak and all Sara wanted to do was hibernate in bed and let Minnie do the rest.

"But, she's got two of her own." Taylor found himself being bitter with Sara. He had to go back to work, but he did his best when he was home to take on Cohan to give Minnie a break.

At this point, he was certain they should be the ones living in the basement, instead of Minnie and Josh and their family.

"This is suppose to be a happy time." Taylor told Josh, but with lack of sleep and trying to be his best on the job, he felt terminally ill.

"Can you ask for a vacation or something?" Josh said he needed a break or he would be good to no one.

"Its a new job." A job that took him sometimes all the way to Minnesota. He was an exterminator now. He did have weekends off. He'd have to manage somehow. At least he'd taken the classes to be certified before the baby got here.

He didn't want to be mad with Sara. He was thankful to have Minnie and Josh, but being a father was somewhat exhausting.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

the sounds of silence

the sounds of silence

Omaha hadn't meant to be on the outs with Taylor, but they'd grown apart, as of late and there was only Ed to help him out with the smoked turkeys.

Yes, he'd smoked three turkeys the night before Thanksgiving. He left the sides to whom ever. He'd smoked the biggest one for Betty's bunch.

"I could have done it myself." Ed told Omaha that Betty didn't trust her.

"No, you just wanted that fifty dollar bill she handed me." Omaha shrugged it off. He didn't need any new friends, but Ed ended up sleeping in a lawn chair next to him, all bundled up.

So Omaha had plenty of time to tell Ed all about Taylor.

"I don't think we were best friends, to begin with." Omaha decided over a couple cans of beer. "I mean, he didn't even think I would get the job he'd told me to apply for. I guess. I mean after all, I was seeing some girl he used to be engaged, too. He says, he doesn't hold that against me..but I don't know. He was pretty upset that we didn't make it to the baby shower."

Ed only nodded, but he never said much.

"You're probably still friends." Ed almost smiled. "He's a father now. You, gotta give him some time."

"I keep calling the kid Conan." Omaha fretted. "I can't remember..what is it.." He squinted hard. "Cohan."

"Sounds like coin to me." Ed smiled.

"Where in the world, did they come up with that name?" Omaha shook his head.

"I'm sure they thought long and hard on it." Ed told him.

"I think he just went along with whatever, Sara said." Omaha knew it was that way. Cause otherwise, Taylor might have been sitting with them on the night before Thanksgiving when the turkeys were smoking.