Friday, November 16, 2018

Here's where the story begins

Honestly, Liam didn't like Bom's visit any more than Joon did. Of course, there was Lizzie to worry about. What if she thought the worst about the girl from Seoul?

Still, he did wonder just what his old friend Bom was really up too. He didn't think she was here to win Joon back. After all, Liam didn't see Bom until he saw her come out of Cody's room this morning.

What was that about? He didn't even want to know. Those two were probably of the same blueprint, he now thought. Maybe they deserved each other. Or maybe Cody needed to meet someone like Bom.

Liam told Joon not to worry. He was certain Bom could take care of herself. After all, Liam was like the little brother she never had.

Still, he did wonder how she got here. Did she plan on going to college after all those wasted years of never passing the civil service exam? Or was she just looking for a husband so she could settle in the states?

He probably shouldn't tell any of this Cody. After all, he was not the marrying kind.

Maybe she was just here for the holidays. Somehow she would suffice. And Liam really didn't care, as long as she didn't meddle with his life with Lizzie.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Once upon a Thanksgiving

 this was unexpected. For the life of him, Joon didn't know what to say when he found Bom at his door. Luckily, Liam was right behind her. Although, Joon wasn't sure he could breathe easy. He wasn't even sure he could find his pulse. He felt faint at the sight of his old flame aka his step-sister.

Of course, he'd known her long before his mom met her Dad. He couldn't say Bom was his first love, yet just a drunken lover who he studied the civil service exam with, back in Seoul.

He winced, thinking this was all he needed for Thanksgiving. She wasn't really family.

"What do you want?" He wanted to say, but he kept his mouth shut as Liam explained her surprise visit.

"Now, she's here..and..and she's staying at my place," Liam said with a shrug as he remained low key.

Bom just grinned as if she might be up to something. Joon remained unmoved. He couldn't speak to her. He didn't even want to look at her, but in his next breath, Natalie was full of handshakes. Asking how her trip was and if she needed anything.

They went off to the kitchen for something. Joon watched as if this was a silent movie that he could hardly respond too.

"What did you do?" He gave Liam the evil eye as if this was all his fault.

"I didn't even know she was coming," Liam looked at Joon as if he was the lost puppy no one really wanted.

Joon sighed, thinking this was the worst thing possible. Why did he have to be Bom's brother now? He wanted to remain the silent ex he'd come to be. This really wasn't his kind of holiday gig.

Monday, November 12, 2018

how will it be

There were so many things Ollie wanted to tell Gabby about Valentina, but he knew she wouldn't believe him. After all, his wayward friend was in her own world with her own boyfriend. How could she be any help? Still, he was glad she made time to have coffee with him at the dine-in area at the Mega Grocery Store.

"You two are far too young to be so consumed with each other." She told him as if she was his mother in another life.

"Consumed?" Ollie winced stirring his creamed coffee. "That's not it, at all." She didn't seem to understand how important Valentina was. "She, she's the best thing that ever happened to me." Could he say that without sounding foolish to Gabby? "I thought, I thought I made her happy." But he wasn't so sure anymore.

"Look, Ollie, you gotta stop thinking such romantic rot," Gabby frowned as if Ollie needed to grow up. "Don't count on anybody to make you happy."

Ollie nodded, maybe she was right. "But if she's sad, then..then I'm sad." He couldn't help it.

Gabby practically rolled her eyes at that but took a sip of her bitter black coffee. Apparently, Gabby was no fun these days.

"What has Ste done to you?" He'd always thought their relationship was warped, but somehow she was more soured to the world than usual.

She looked at him as if he was forbidden to ask.

"I bet you like somebody else, but you feel stuck with him now." Ollie couldn't keep his mouth shut. Yes, he thought she could do better.

His phone dinged a text. He reached for his smartphone in his back pocket. It was a text from Valentina. He couldn't help but smile all over.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

And somethings tellin me we'll know before too long

It was down to this. Valentina needed to decide if she was still in love with her first love. Some said it could never last. Some annoyed her by making a big deal about it. But now, Ollie was ready to let it go.

"But what if Jools has found a new love?" Ollie wondered if Jools was as loyal as he pretended.

It was such an unsettling conversation with Ollie. All Valentina could think was to wonder if it was over between her in Ollie.

This was worse than a mid-term test. What had she done to make Ollie feel this way? Did he want to break up?

She'd always hoped to be true to him, but then she met Jools and it was like she'd found her soul mate, especially when it came to crafting. It wasn't normal to meet a boy who could appreciate a good sock creature or smile when he imagined how to make a pet bed out of an old sweater. Yes, she loved that about Jools. But was that enough for a relationship?

Besides, it was only temporary that he would be here in the states. He would be going back to Bejing in February. It wasn't like she could keep him here. Still, she knew he was a friend she would always care about.

So here they were, Valentina and Jools out on the hunt for fabrics and other crafting needs. Oh, the joy of buttons! Nothing quite as exciting as a sale at a fabric store. Although, it wasn't long until Joley was texting Jools and before she knew it, he was off taking a call.

It wasn't until then, she understood her place. Perhaps, Jools was the brother she'd always wanted. She needed to cheer him and Joley on.

Valentina took a picture with her Android of all the chunky yarns on sale. "What color do you want your scarf?" She texted Ollie. After all, there was nothing more soothing in the world than crocheting something for Ollie.