Monday, August 29, 2016

its a whole new world

It's a whole new world

"Remember, Effy.. you were the one who said you wanted to experience the Uni." Smed pressed his lips tight as he gave his sister the eye, as he did his best to take her loaded luggage to her dorm room. Naturally, she was in a huff, and she didn't have half the load he was bringing up the six flights of stairs.

He hadn't seen her in ages, but she was here now. He knew he'd have to make time for her.

"Did I say anything?" She could be just as brutal. Still, she was his baby sister. They kept going, even if his muscles weren't up for this challenge. After all, he was an artist, and he helped out with two year olds at a preschool. However, Effy didn't notice how tired he was. Maybe it was good that his skinny sister wasn't all that athletic, after all. Yet, they both prevailed as they pushed and pulled the bags of luggage up the stairwell. They were almost there.

And then, out of no where, some skinny dark-eyed boy appeared at the top of the stairwell.

"Oh." He barely said and went to help them.

Honestly, Smed wasn't expecting help. Maybe there were more nice people in the world than he expected.

The young man wanted to know where they were going.

Smed could barely get out the room number. Before he knew it, his startled little sister was talking to him as if she'd picked out what she needed to start the fall semester. A boy.

The newcomer smiled all over.

Smed stared at both of them. Were they stuck in the stairwell now? Smed had never fallen so hard for anyone.

Oh, the smiles. This scrawny Jamie carried up the load that Smed had managed from the bottom of the steps.

Smed waited while Effy went on with her load.

"Aren't you coming?" She wanted to know.

Smed, thought she'd forgotten he was even here. He sighed, ever so heavily and took a bag from her, but he let her carry the rest. She was the one who wanted to live in the dorm, after all.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

in the real world

in the real world

Could Frankie really do this?

All said and done, he didn't really need roommates. Although, his twin sister's new adopted dad convinced him he needed company. "Get a couple of roommates. Make a little extra money on the side." The wise man took him under his wing. He guessed he was right.

Frankie hadn't thought too much of anything else, lately. Having his own home. A great job. Yes, this was the life he wanted, even if he didn't have Lottie to share it with. And maybe, he wouldn't be so lonely..if there were roommates.

J.D. was the first to show up.

"For a while there, I thought we might never be friends, again." J.D. mentioned while he was helping Frankie unpack the kitchen items that Vada's parents supplied.

"What do you mean?" Frankie looked at him blankly. J.D. was the first person he'd met at the University when he started working at the University Bookstore.

"Oh, you know..what I mean." J.D. cracked a smile. "I..I hated you a little bit for taking the girl I was hoping to know. But, I might have been the lucky one." He was talking about Lottie. "What happened between you two?"

Frankie only cleared his throat. He wasn't sure he could talk about it, even now. He'd let himself stay away from any emotion. But he'd seen Lottie with Alo's little brother Bear. It was when he saw her smile that he stopped himself from even approaching her. She'd never smiled that way, when she was around him. Perhaps, he did bring her down.

"College, I guess." Frankie tried to smile, but it was hard. It was so bitter-sweet with Lottie. He couldn't let her get the best of him. "I know..she..she was my first girlfriend." He squinted, thinking she might be the only girlfriend he'd ever have. Maybe he should scratch it off his bucket list and go on with things.

There was so much to be happy about. He couldn't let her bring him down. But they were done. Maybe she'd noticed. He didn't take her calls. Not even her text. He didn't even tell her where he was going.

"Anyway, I'm..I'm glad we could stay friends." Frankie looked him in the eye, hoping J.D. had grown up too. He didn't see him out with a new girl, every week. "How about you? You, seeing anyone?"

J.D. cracked a smile. "Girls, these days are really expensive." He chuckled. "Or maybe its the entertainment tax. Have you noticed how much dinner is, even at that old diner we used to go too, after a party?"

Frankie shook his head, no. Honestly, he didn't go out much.

J.D. patted him on the back. "I'm past the parties." He sighed.

"Are you for real?" Frankie found that hard to believe.

J.D. nodded. "Besides, that Lottie was a real troublemaker. Honest to God, I thought..that one time, she was gonna get me kicked out of the university." He rinsed the glasses, that were clean already, and put them in the dish drainer as if he'd take no chances.

Frankie remained straight lipped. Maybe J.D. was the best friend of all.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

going off the deep end

going off the deep end

Stu was certain. He might have been watching live TV. Except, he was part of the show. He guessed.

His chest was tight, with perhaps fear. Maybe, this was all wrong. But it went so fast. Meeting Hannah at the Come & Go.

Sure, he'd been shaky, then. Feeling, something bad might happen. Only, he didn't know what that might be.

When they got to his house, she wanted to see the whole place.Where did he sleep? Did he have any pets?

And then the basement. Honestly, it was an embarrassment.

Stu was not his father.

Maybe, he was too much like his mother. Then again, he remembered how much she wanted him to be his father.

Perhaps, he'd never had a real family. They divorced. She'd left him and found someone much better. An officer in the Air Force.

No, he hadn't kept in touch, because she hadn't kept in touch. Honestly, he didn't feel like talking about it, but Hannah still got it out of him, anyway.

And then she made him breakfast.

She even made black coffee sublime. He'd always had to have cream and sugar until he drank the coffee she made in the old coffee maker, he never used.

If only he knew what to make of her? When she wrapped her arms around his middle, it was as if home had found him at last.

She looked at him with a smile. He shook with laughter.

He could not push her away. He was certain. Nothing like this would ever come his way, again.

Friday, August 26, 2016

only a feel of the situation

only a feel of the situation

"Hmm..." Honestly, Hannah didn't know what to say as she did a little circle around Stu's basement. What was she thinking? He'd have a torture room, down here?

She guessed it was a relief, but it was dark. Black leather couch. Dark red wall paper. It looked like something, out of a B-rated 70's movie.

"It Dad's idea." Stu, didn't quite muster up a smile. It looked as if he didn't want to have any part of it.

"Huh." She looked at the bar, in the corner, but it was empty. "So what are you gonna do with it?" She hugged herself as if she might have an idea or two herself.

He only shrugged.

"There's a lot to do, with this place. Doubt, I get to it, anytime soon." He told her, as if he didn't really want to stay.

Sure, they had plenty to talk about. Like, why she'd waited until now, to really reveal herself. Only, he hadn't asked. He'd been rather timid as if he might make the wrong move to catch someone like her.

Hannah bit her bottom lip, wondering if he was really as nice as he seemed to be.

"Maybe, maybe I could make breakfast." Oh, she couldn't believe she said it. Ordinarily, she didn't cook. She never wanted too. Until now.

It felt like a hop skip and jump to his kitchen, and she found all she needed soon enough. She told him she'd make French toast. She'd been watching the FOOD network, as of late.

She thought of Ellis cooking now. He would be calling her to breakfast.

Suddenly, it was as if her heart shook with fear. They didn't know she was even gone. Besides, it was only a little after 2 a.m. in the morning.