Sunday, March 29, 2015

often asked questions

often asked questions

"I dunno how, you, can do this to me?" True, Henry was not at all happy to hear about Josie's graduation trip. He rested his head against his fist on the circulation counter. He was practically sprawled on it. He knew he was close to being against the rules, but it wasn't stopping him. Nor trying to make Josie just a wee bit sad when she told him it was settled about seeing Halie and Alec.

He straightened up then, knowing he was being too much of a pity-party. "Just kidding." He faked a laugh then a smile. "I'm really glad you're going."

She said nothing.

"Honest." He grabbed a new book. Told her she should read it. "Its about Paris. If you go all the way to England, why not Paris too?"

He would have to live through her summer adventures. It looked like his summer was planned. Well, and some tests of EKGs, but he didn't want to get into that with her.

"Look, its taking every-ones money to get me there, you know." She hugged herself. Even her dad was sending some money for this round trip. "I'll only be there for two weeks."

"Why not two months?" Henry looked at her blankly. "Might as well make it the whole summer."

"I can't. That is just too long to be away from home." She was her usual solemn self.

"I bet, you, came in to see how Sky is doing." Henry supposed she was having second thoughts about Sky. "You know, he only works mornings now. And his nights are at the convention center. Hear, he's in all that media stuff. Guess, he knows more about sound equipment than we knew."

Again, silent.

"'ll like this.." as if they really were in the same boat. "That guy I liked, who isn't exactly a counselor...anyway, seems he has a boyfriend." Henry made a face as if he was really hurt about it. Perhaps he was, but they seemed so cozy together. Henry wished he knew how that felt. Did he really ever know it with Leo? Or even Shan? He was beginning to doubt it.

"Do you realize we only have 2 months of school..and then we graduate?" Josie said as if that was final jeopardy. Not thinking about would be relationships.

"Oh, God..don't remind me." He was dreading every minute of it. He didn't want to think what life would be like after high school.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

how its suppose to be

how its suppose to be

"What are you doing?" Bash's broken words were consumed with the threat that he very well knew who he was dealing with.

"What?" Veronica swelled a frown. "You're not even happy to see me?" She tried to touch him in the tiny bathroom.

He pushed her hands to herself. He would have none of it. "I hate what you did to Bono!"

It was as if the secret was very clear to him, as to why their boyfriend, so long ago, had ended his life.

"I'm not like that, anymore." Her words were in French but with his scowl, she didn't think he understood.

"You, hurt touch." His dark eyes never stopped glaring at her.

"No. Its not like that." She did not want to believe him as she hugged herself. "I've..ran out of cash."

"Oh really." He acted as if that were hard to believe. "Then find another sugar daddy." Bash's mood did not change.

"I promise..I've changed." She bit her bottom lip. It was true. The world was very scary these days. She had to be more careful. She'd been to Istanbul and back. Yes, she'd been tangled up in a few situations she would rather not mention. Hopefully, no one was looking for her.

"Then stay the hell .away from Archie!" Bash was very clear. He exited the bathroom first.

Veronica looked at herself in the mirror then. She didn't think she could do that. After all, he was different from anyone she'd ever met.

at Molly's

"You know, there are 4 now, again." Molly still didn't believe it. Iggy had only left 3 weeks ago.

 Molly made a "flat white" for Halie in her cappuccino maker. It had been her brother's and she'd found it during Christmas while at home. Mollyalready had a caffeine buzz. She could climb the wall or so Dolan kept telling her to stop drinking so many frothy cups of coffee.

"Its better than Starbucks." She smiled, yet a bit jittery as she brought the cup to Halie at the kitchen table.

Dolan took the baby from Halie, and he handed him off to Dusty before he could cry.

Finally, Halie took a sip of Molly's concoction and then she smiled.

"And she's French." Molly's eyes bugged out a bit about the idea of Archie with somebody new.

"What?" Halie was eager to hear more.

"I dunno what's gotten into him. Iggy, just wanted to go home, you know. He could have went with her." Molly explained. "Its just I hated to see her go, a mate, an all." It hadn't been the same, but she was glad Halie and Dusty were here.

She jumped up, without thinking.

"Guess, you two will be the first to try out our guestroom." She was all smiles as she decided it was time to show it off.

"I did all the decor, me self." Oh, she did want to entertain. If only Dolan would let her. Of course, his arms were cross, as if she never credited him for anything.

Friday, March 27, 2015

coming undone

coming undone prt.1

Bash didn't want to tell Jax it was complicated. Because it wasn't. Not actually.

He went to wrestle up a meal. It was mostly eggs and veg in a skillet.

"I didn't really know her, until Bono's funeral." Bash hated to bring it up. "Neither, of us, knew..the other existed." He bit his bottom lip. "She texts sometimes."

Well, it had been more than that..but it was really only one weekend. That was well over a year ago. "I think its been two or three years..since..since I've even seen her." He didn't expect this, but he'd given her his address. She'd wanted it. "I just didn't think she'd pop in, you know."

Jax was at a loss for words.

"How long is she staying?" Jax jumped to the  question. As if he might feel better when Veronica left.

"I dunno." It could be just and hour or a couple of weeks, for all he knew.

"Well..she can't stay the night." Jax whisper shouted as the eggs set and the brunch was ready to be served.

Bash had never turned a guest away.

Thankfully, Archie showed up when he did.

Bash immediately introduced him to Veronica. Maybe the four of them could some how get along, after all.

coming undone prt.2

Well, this was a nice surprise, thought Archie. Funny, he didn't think he could find anything nice about surprises, anymore. But the French girl's face was ever so pleasant. In fact, she was the total gorgeous package.

Of course, she was Bash's friend, and he decided he would keep mute and enjoy this moment of lovely-ness that he knew would have nothing to do with him.

But she wanted to know him. And soon her hands were on him. Even if it was to smooth his wrinkled shirt or to push away a strand of hair from his face.

"You have..such amazing eyes." Her smile was genuine.

"You, must be joking." He didn't believe her. He shouldn't. He wouldn't, yet he couldn't help to smile.

"But I really do find You, must be sweet." When she looked at him, he felt as if she was putting him under a spell of some sort. She sat next to him at their small kitchen table.

He was not hungry. But possibly he was. Just not for food.

By mid-way, they were holding hands. He honestly, could not remember what Iggy looked like.

He caught a laugh. How did it happen? When Jax and Bash were off with the dirty dishes, she kissed the inside of his wrist.

He pulled his hand away.

" French move ..too fast." He swallowed back the fear that he needed to be cautious.

"We, know what we want." Her smile was open.

He put his hands in his lap, but she rested her hand on his chinos. Funny, how one little gesture could pull him back into wanting something to happen.

Bash served coffee then. He looked at Veronica as if he knew exactly what she was up, too.

"Veronica!" He said something in French.

She excused herself. They went into the bathroom.

"What is going on?" Jax set down with the cream.

"I dunno." Honestly, Archie didn't know.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

its in the air

The arrival of Veronica

Jax was doing his best not to over-react, but of course, Archie was a bump on a log, lately. All listless and not a thought of his own.

Jax wanted to shake him.

"Well, he has to get through this." Bash on the other hand was all casual and even answering phone calls.

"Its not the flu." Jax crossed his arms while Bash made brownies. He was beginning to wonder if Bash made those special brownies for just about any occasion. As if that would bring Archie out of this funk.

"Yeah, I get that." Bash's little scowl was about to bug Jax. "Maybe putting him in that little princess bed of his sis's was a bad idea."

Now Jax scowled as if he'd never be in the wrong. Never. And then came a tap on the door.

"You, expecting anyone?" Jax wanted to know.

"Are you?" Bash looked at him as if Jax was no better and could have suitors calling.

But it was a girl.

"Veronica!" Bash said her name with such enthusiem that it made Jax cross. And it wasn't any better when he watched them hug and kiss.

"Who? Is this?" Jax wanted to know.

"Well, Veronica." Bash looked at him with an open grin.

"Yeah, I get that. But? Who is she you?" Jax hugged himself with envy.

"Um, my ex's girlfriend." Then he spoke to her in French and she spoke back as if they might be the oldest of friends.

Jax couldn't help but scowl. Maybe he'd be in the same boat with Archie.