Saturday, May 25, 2019

in the know

It was true. Jools was in love and so..he thought everyone else should be in love, too. Except for Ste and Char. He'd noticed. Hadn't anyone else?

"You're gonna be his work wife if you don't watch out." By now, he could speak to Char openly about this sort of thing. He hung out at the bakery long enough to see what was going on.

"What?" She looked a little shocked by the revelation. Naturally, she said that couldn't be true. They were only co-workers.

"Open your eyes." Jools did his best to say it sweetly, but he added. "Before it's too late."

Char was closed mouth as soon as Ste came from the kitchen with something new for both of them to try. Jools sighed and looked at Char as if she was practically the cheese in a trap.

Char looked at Ste, wide-eyed and mentioned her boyfriend Diago could be an early morning driver for them. He could take the bakery goods to the Campus Coffee Shop. Ste nodded and went back to the kitchen.

"Don't you know someone, you could set him up with?" Jools was serious as he ate the ice cream sandwich that Ste had given him.

"I dunno. I don't- I hated when people used to set me up." Char shook her head, no.

Jools rolled his eyes at that. He'd have to think of something then. But would Ste be up for a blind date?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

to be us

Brian could see in Ivy's eyes that she thought they were far more intelligent than they were. It was as if they were two scholars who fell in love with life and perpetuated into the future.

Of course, he knew they were both shallow and maybe ignorant of what stability actually was. But they were fresh-faced with an infant. He listened carefully to the nurses because he knew Ivy wouldn't.

After all, she thought she knew everything, but he knew that wasn't true. If only they'd waited. Studied more skills, accomplished more goals, they might be in a library somewhere studying to their heart's content. But wasn't it true...ignorance is bliss.

Still, he felt to be on shaky ground. This new chapter in his life as a young father. They needed to get married. They'd come this far. Why not celebrate being a real family. He wanted his son to have his last name.

Maybe he was old fashioned, after all. Yet, he felt light-headed. Perhaps drunk on life or love. This was his essences now. He was full of "Yes, dear." situations. He couldn't help but hold the baby in his arms while watching them both sleep. Brian beamed with pride.

Still, in the back of his mind, he hated this fact his mother wasn't here. When had she ever been there?

He would not be like his mother. He would not be like any in his family. He would be devoted. He didn't care what it would take, but he would be here for moments like this and everything else.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

to be with you

Was it really her? Shiloh thought he was seeing things when he found her at the coffee shop.

Of course, she would only drink tea. Even then, she didn't want milk nor honey. Not even lemon.

He didn't know what to expect. Especially, when he saw the baby, too chubby for her own good. Janine looked pale and drained. Shiloh felt uneasy. Unsure, where to begin. He felt they were in the middle of something and he wasn't sure if he needed an anchor of some kind, just to float on in this abyss.

"So..." He wanted to say something but winced tears instead. "Have..have you been well?" His voice cracked as if it was all wrong to say. Of course, she hadn't been well. She'd had a baby. It was a weird feeling to grasp. The girl he'd known and shared songs with was now a mother.

She only nodded as if it would be against the law to speak. She looked as if she were on borrowed time. Her hair was no longer neat. She looked to be a scavenger of some kind, practically chained to the child.

"Don't- don't you have anything to say?" He was hurt. Thinking he owed her something, and yet he felt she was the one who wasn't forthcoming.

"I-I'm not sure." She said she was married. She said she was happy. Although, it was a lie. He could tell. Still, she let the baby fall into his lap. It was then he knew the real answer, there in the shape of the toddler's face. Her eyes were his.

Shiloh felt as if he could hardly breathe.

"Why? Why would you do it?" He looked at Janine then.

She looked frightened as if he was expecting her to have an abortion or something.

"Why? Why couldn't you tell me?" He felt the bitter phlegm in his throat. He nursed his bottom lip, wondering how to fix this. His heart ached. It wasn't fair. It definitely wasn't right.

"I didn't want-" Her eyes were full of tears. "You have to finish school. You have to go to college."

Shiloh sighed as he pressed his lips tight. None of that mattered now. Especially, since he knew where he belonged.

Monday, May 20, 2019

It's a challenge!

I would like to write on my writing blog every day. I'm trying to challenge myself to write a story a day. Hopefully, I can devote a story to each day of June!