Sunday, May 27, 2018


Ollie felt like time was wasting, but here he was at graduation with Valentina. It was their duty to be there for Gabby. He guessed.

Although, it was such a long affair. The waiting was stifling, and yet Valentina was a fresh as a daisy. Of course, Betty was happy that he'd made it. She and his father were there for Dewey and Angie.

It wasn't that he didn't like Betty's son. It was that he didn't really know him. Still, the excitement was brewing about going to the amusement park which meant a day at the water park too.

He was certain he'd have to stay and work, but he'd given his supervisor enough time to make arrangements. Kramer would be getting extra hours. Funny how he worried about this instead of wanting to gaze a little longer of Valentina and her pretty dress.

He almost asked why she dressed up. This had to be the most uncomfortable day he'd had in a long time, but he kept his mouth shut. After all, they could hold hands and sit together in the high bleachers.

Still, he thought the sound system was awful. The air was stuffy and people had too much to say at graduation. Finally, it was over and everyone hung out on the high school lawn for group pictures and just to talk.

He was happy Gabby had made it this far, and Ste was in a better mood these days. Still, he wasn't sure what happened. Those two were much more grown up. Was that what adulting was all about?

He didn't want to think so much about it. He wanted to have fun with Valentina at the amusement park. So Ollie kept smiling, doing his best to be patience.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

it feels like summer

The first lie Dakota told Mona was that Liv was her mother. It wasn't long after that she told Mona that Kevin was her uncle, he was Liv's brother (another lie.) It felt the lies were multiplying.

She felt so guilty, but the lies were more lip service than anything. She just wanted Mona to feel she was normal.

Although, meeting Kevin at the pool wasn't exactly normal, especially when Mona's Aunt showed up with her toddler. Dakota had a very bad feeling about this.

Still, Kevin was all smiles and even nice around Stacy. He even played with the baby.

"You're looking weird," Mona said after they got in the pool to splash around in the heat.

"Oh," Dakota looked at her wondering what to say. "Maybe, maybe there's a storm coming." She thought it was awful humid. "Maybe even a tornado."

Mona held in a laugh. "Why are you worried about the weather?"

"Just, just because." She knew whatever happened with Kevin and Stacy was not her problem, even though she thought he was trying too hard. "Does, does your Aunt have a boyfriend?"

"Not anymore," Mona said they broke up long before Sally was born.

Dakota nodded, thinking she really didn't want Kevin seeing Stacy, but she guessed she would just deal with it. Although, she doubted anything came of it, even if Kevin was doing all the talking. She just wanted to get out of the pool and kick him. He didn't even know what to do with a toddler, but she would just have to see where this would go. Probably nowhere.

Friday, May 25, 2018

all alone

There were so many things Kevin didn't like about himself. No way, could he actually be a good person. Of course, he resented his father, thinking for so long it was all his fault. But now he wasn't so sure.

It was hard to be alone, and yet maybe he was beginning to like it. There was plenty of time to read and watch all the American movies he'd wished all these years to watch. And yet he found that boring too.

He could see he wasn't the most pleasant person to be around. Things were on thin ice with Xander, and they weren't even related. Now, he was going to ruin it with Dakota, too.

"Is the pool even opened?" He texted Dakota about twenty minutes later after he got home. He didn't want her to give up on him, and yet he couldn't let her know that he needed her in his life.

She told him it would be open tomorrow.

Kevin plopped himself on the couch and stared at the text on his phone while he nursed his bottom lip. He felt they were family. After all, she'd been like a grand-daughter to his mother, and he felt it was the connection he couldn't ignore.

"Don't you have a friend you could go with?" He felt a little unsure about this venture. She texted back about her friend Mona. Still, it felt he was right back where he started. After a little while, she texted back that Mona's Aunt could take them.

Kevin looked surprised as if this was what he'd been waiting for.

"How old is her Aunt?" He wanted to know.

"I think she's in college," Dakota told him in the next text.

"I guess I could go." He texted back. Still, he would meet them there. If it didn't work out, he could leave early. Still, he felt he was putting himself out there, and for what?

He pressed his lips tight after she gave him the time. Maybe, if he did find someone to date on his own, Sheena would stop trying to fix him up. He knew Sheena's boyfriend didn't like him much.

Actually, he was certain no one liked him, but Dakota. He hated being the third wheel. But just how was he supposed to do this? He was beginning to think he was a natural born jerk.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

what's it gonna be

Dakota was getting used to the idea of having a new sibling. Summer was here and she had a new room, new house, new family. Or so it felt that way, even if the house was kind of old, she was with her dad and his new wife Liv. Actually, she felt happy.

She'd made a new friend on the block. Mona lived a few houses down from her. It was good to have someone to do things with. They also went to the same school so she hoped the summer would be splendid, riding bikes, making slime and hopefully trips to the pool.

"Do you think you could take me to the pool, sometime?"  She asked Kevin when he stopped by. She knew she was the only reason he dropped in. She couldn't exactly say what it was about him, but she felt he was like an uncle of some kind. Then again, she thought he only liked her because she knew his mother that he never got to know. It was pointless to explain this to anyone. Still, no one complained about him being around.

"I dunno." He shook his head as if it were out of the question. She thought it had to do with the strangeness of it, a grown man taking a pre-teen girl to the pool. Although, he quickly informed her he wasn't a babysitter.

She didn't like hearing his words. She thought they were close. At this rate, this might be the last time she ever saw him.

"Why is he like this?" She asked Liv later after Kevin dropped off the fruit and veg he'd gotten at the farmer's market.

"Who knows." Liv shrugged, letting her know it wasn't her fault. "He's got his own issues." She then mentioned she didn't think he'd ever really had a family. Yes, his dad raised him, but they never did anything together. "So, its hard for him."

Still, Dakota thought she was on the verge of tears. Here, she'd hoped to have the best summer ever, but now he made her feel things she didn't want to feel. She wasn't sure if she was angry with him or felt sorry for him.