Thursday, January 17, 2019

growing pains

One thing Xander learned from his husband Ducky was to stay calm.

It seemed it had been ages since he'd seen his brother Simon, in spite of spending Christmas together. Xander felt Simon was a whole new person. The last he'd heard was Simon deciding to help his pregnant friend Ivy, but she'd made up with her boyfriend and had moved back home.

Honestly, it was a relief to Xander since he had enough to worry about with Matty. Although, he knew Matty was doing OK at school. He just wished Matty could be more open with him. Maybe it would happen one day, until then he would be there hoping Matty would let him be his dad.

"So, how did you meet?" Xander asked when he wanted to tell Simon to take this relationship slowly, but they were already holding hands. He'd even seen Simon kiss her in front of Matty. Naturally, the schoolboy gasped and went to his room right after dinner.

Simon and Candy giggled about it. Something about her moving in.

"You? You've moved in together?" Xander's eyes sprang a bit wider. Ducky grasped his arm and pulled him closer as if it was nothing to make a big deal about.

Then Simon mentioned something about her old car breaking down and she didn't have a bed.

Xander pressed his lips tight trying to keep his cool. This was not the way he wanted his brother to meet the love his life.

"What were you expecting? He'd meet a princess who'd help him get into the royal guard?" Ducky asked later when they were getting ready for bed and Simon and Candy were back at their place.

"Don't be ridiculous." Xander gritted. "I just want him to be happy." They'd had such a rough year with Simon's mother gone and Simon's parents' divorce.

"Oh, he looks pretty happy," Ducky smiled with a shrug.

"Poor Matty, he had to witness-" Xander started.

"Poor...poor..poor Matty." Ducky shook his head with a grin. He kissed Xander on the mouth. It wasn't long until Xander gave in. Xander guessed it wasn't that detrimental to Matty.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cody & Bom

What was Bom doing?

Cody wished they'd made a chart of some kind to avoid situations like this. She wasn't suppose to invite people over.

"Who is he again?" Cody squinted while Bom was making tea in the kitchen. There were fresh cookies on the counter. Cody slightly sighed but quickly put a cookie in his mouth as if he'd try to hold back and not make a big deal about this.

"Oh, we work together." She told him Cass was new in town. He didn't really know anyone.

"Then, how did he get on at the coffee shop?" Cody wanted to know.

"He's family." She smiled. "Joon's cousin."

Cody tilted his head, uncertain if he really believed her.

"He's an artist." Bom assured him. He could tell she wanted him to get to know Cass. "Maybe, maybe you could find him a date."

Cody's eyes widen. "I'm not a matchmaker!" He whisper-shouted as his brow furrowed. He scrunched a face. How dare she ask such nonsense of him?

She kissed him on the cheek as if she knew he would do as she asked or Cass might be over every night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Candy & Simon

Candy wasn't sure she could straight into Ollie's eyes. A part of her felt bitter that she hadn't stayed in contact with him. But he was still in high school. She was at the university. They were in completely different worlds. Only, she'd really liked him. She liked his family.

Family. She still felt empty inside. She'd spent more than a year with a roommate who'd transitioned. He'd finally decided to go on his own when he found a job in Lincoln. He wasn't that far away, but he was on his own now and Candy thought it best if they didn't contact each other for awhile.

Yes, she'd been afraid she might be a wife of some kind to him, and she didn't want that. They would always be friends, but nothing more.

And here she was with Simon. It was as if they'd moved to the speed of light with their relationship. Maybe it had to do with a new year. They'd spent the night together on New Year's Eve. She'd practically moved in with him.

It was cosy and all so fresh and new. She wanted to remain prickly about it, but she couldn't say no. It was so much better than being alone. Funny, how life worked that way. She wasn't thinking of falling in love and then it happened.

She was certain her grandmother would have said it was an illness of some kind. How could she be so smitten by a pretty boy? Did he even know how to work?

He was a fine arts major. How could he pay the bills? Not even a part-timer.

Candy took a deep breath. Had she gone lower than she expected? It was hard to think positive, sometimes.

"We best be going," Simon smiled with a paper bag of goodies from the bakery. "Xander's expecting us."

Her throat felt raw as if she was waiting for a bitter cold. She felt shy and undeserving. Would his brother know they were more than just friends? Their one-night stand kept multiplying.

She felt a little faint, but he took her hand as if he would be her strength to navigate what was ahead of them.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Diago & Char

Diago knew he wouldn't be where he was today if it wasn't for Char. Sure, it was good to laugh with friends and have an afternoon out with them, but there was Char who was practically his home.

He couldn't say if he deserved her, but she did make him a better person. He wanted to be there for her too.

There were times he didn't feel he was romantic enough, but now he was glad he could hold her hand and let everyone know who he was with. Maybe he was a bit rough around the edges, but he felt he had a heart of gold when he was with her.

He could only hope that Sid met someone as good, kind and beautiful as Char. He hoped Sid found someone he would want to cook for, talk with ease and be ready for the next day with.

Diago hoped it lasted forever with Char. He couldn't think of any other place he would want to be. She was his world.