Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I know I should..I should care.

I know I should. I should care

Halie watched the last of Jax's things packed up in the truck. She hated to see a certain someone go off with Jax. Naturally, Archie was waiting for them at the Uni. He'd found them a place to live. One that allowed dogs.

It really felt like Jax might be in a relationship with Archie. The way he talked and laughed. But as soon as Dustin took off with Jax, Halie was almost in tears.

Now she thought of Jax and Dusty together. More than mates. It was sick, she knew. But it was in her head. They were touching now, and Jax was close and ..they were kissing.

She didn't like this feeling.

But it consumed her from time to time. Dustin was not hers. He was only a friend and it was good to have a laugh with him.

He sort of dated a girl he'd went to school with, but she was back at the Uni. What if he saw her? Usually, the girl had her head in a book, and she really wasn't a fitty. But it didn't matter. Still, Dustin might find something surprising with Di and well, that left Halie with sadness too.

He'd kissed Halie on the cheek before he left. They were mates. Just mates. It didn't feel like a satisfying hug, but that was all she was left with.

She hoped nothing happened to him. She prayed he would come back to her. Of course, it was something she could not talk of.

And then she saw Josie's face on her iPhone. She hated to answer, because she was crying.

"God, are you OK?" Josie asked immediately. "What happened?"

"Its nothing." Halie sucked in a breath, headed back into her mum's cottage. It was beginning to rain. "I'm fine. I swear." She sat down on the old couch and got comfy.

"Do you ever hear from Gage anymore?" She wanted to know.

"Gage?" It sounded like a foreign word she hadn't heard in so long. "How is he?"

"I dunno. Its..its hard to say." Josie sighed.

"What has he done this time?" Halie didn't smile about the father of her baby.  Honestly, she didn't want to think about him. As it was, he didn't take her calls. The e-mail he used no longer existed. He was practically a ghost these days.

"Oh, I shouldn't talk about it." Josie was even lipped as if it was best for Halie not to know.

"You, can tell me. I can take it." She pushed her lose strand of honey hair out of her face and back into her braid.

"He's..he is just being Gage." Josie was so sullen.

"I know who he is now. I'm not..in love with him." Her voice cracked. She so intended to be, but she knew she couldn't count on him. Not even from the start. He'd left her stranded. She felt like an idiot now. If only she could have waited for someone like Dustin. If only. But she was pretty sure she would have messed it up.

"He told his brother and..and his Dad that..that you lost the baby." Josie told her.

Halie couldn't help but stare into the screen with a squint sad face. She thought of the baby being lost in the deep blue ocean somewhere. Of course, the baby immediately reassure her where he was, exactly. Still kicking hard as footballer.

But then.

She squeezed a contraction. She squinted hard feeling herself shake inside. Halie sucked in a breath.

"What's the matter?" Josie wanted to know.

"Its nothing."  Halie gritted hard. She tried to get up but her legs buckled as if her body was about to come apart.

"Halie, you get your mother right now!" Josie commanded.

Halie didn't even know where her mum was. She was in the kitchen doing the laundry. Halie called for her. It looked like she was staying on the phone with Josie. She needed a friendly face to get her through this.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Go ahead and talk

Go ahead and talk

Did anyone really care about her summer?

Luna was frustrated about not keeping in contact with Essie. Not even Syreeta. Yes, she'd said she would write while away at camp, but she didn't. And she didn't know where to start now. Things had changed.

It all began with the family reunion with Zac's family. She'd gone to Chicago with him because, he was her boyfriend.

And then they slept together. Well, his Dad had a room for Zac and evidently assumed that it would be no big deal. Weren't they sleeping together?

Now when she looked back on their whole relationship it must have been a facade of some kind. It was weird now.

It wasn't suppose to be, but she just couldn't handle it, and by the time summer camp started at the lake, they were over.

"I don't know what went wrong." She found herself talking to Syreeta in her room.

"Well, that is a lot of pressure." Syreeta looked at her as if she understood.

"So..so are you and Clive.."

"No." Syreeta squinted a grin. "Look, don't be sad about Zac, OK. I mean, he should have understood if..if you didn't want too..you know..have sex."

"So, I guess your summer was pretty awesome." Luna looked grim as if everyone had someone, but her.

"I dunno. It was..different." She mentioned Van and the shooting. "I didn't see anything. I just heard the shot."

A shiver went through Luna, who squeezed her eyes shut remembering the phone call while at camp.

"His mom called me..to tell me.." Luna could barely breathe as she thought about his mother sobbing. "She..she still thought I was seeing Van."

Syreeta put her arm around Luna's shoulder. Luna really did need a shoulder to cry on.

Luna knew she needed to shut up. Stop talking about what was on her mind. She couldn't bare to let Syreeta know she'd done something meaningless this summer with someone, who wasn't Zac.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

little flutters

Little Flutters

Maybe there were certain moments that Vera lived for, for the day.

Well, she did like helping out Oliver at his bakery. Usually, she stayed at her post and he did his thing in the back. It was best not to scare him. What would he think if he caught her staring?

She always kept quiet for the most part, but she smiled and sometimes, she laughed. But not too loud.

Of course, there was always Zane. Sometimes, she was sure she was in a sweat by the time they finished there morning conversation. He was so breath-taking.

But she always focused on what he would buy and the weather and "How was your weekend?"

He seemed the happy sort even if he was divorced and only saw his son on weekends. But she'd gotten to know Sammie through him. She always asked about him and Zane looked even happier to talk about him. Sammie was in T-ball, but now soccer started up. She guessed it might be winding down soon. It sounded like he had high hopes for Sammie to make it in hockey.

This morning he got a couple of muffins. Something for his co-workers. He was always willing to try something new. She got his coffee to go.

Yes, for a span of three minutes it was the most wonderful time of day. And then he left.

"Well, I had no idea about this." Garvin smirked.

She didn't even know he was there, at Oliver's.

"What?" Vera looked startled.

"You, never told me about him?" Garvin wanted to know who he was.

"Its just Zane." She pressed her lips tight.

"Just Zane." Garvin chuckled. He put his order in for the short bread and a muffin too. He apologized then that he hadn't been around more.

"In fact, I should be moving out." He nodded. Garvin had a job at a Newspaper.

Vera stared at him a little stunned.

"So, you'll have the house all to yourself." Garvin grinned. "You, better invite Zane over."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The lowdown

The Lowdown

"You, work at the courthouse?" Eli was confused. "But I thought you were going to be a dental assistant?" He squinted hard trying to imagine Martha hoovering over someone's mouth with that strange boot on her foot.

"That's Beth." Martha was clearly soured, laid up on the couch. Naturally, she said the ice cream he brought would make her fat.

"But, I'll eat it." Effy grinned as she took the Ben and Jerry's ice cream from Eli. She motioned for Deiter to come with her. She would share.

Eli guessed it wasn't so bad as he made his life out to be. So he had a boyfriend. So what.

"Does Lena know?" Eli couldn't help but play around with Martha's fat boot her foot was isolated in. She'd never broke anything in her life. Of course, she said "OW." As soon as he was close to it.

"Why would I tell Lena?" Martha drew a tighter frown.

"Yeah, you were just pretending at the wedding." Eli swelled a frown. He could play this game. He was hoping they would include Lena in everything now. As it was, his mom hardly spoke of her.

"God, would you quit." She snapped. "She wouldn't care. She doesn't have too." Martha told him it was just a broken ankle. She would be fine.

About then, Effy was back with a bowl of Chunky Monkey with Deiter.

"Did she tell you, who saved her?" Effy grinned as if Martha might be in a movie.

"No, she didn't." Eli eyed his little sister. Naturally, Martha festered a glare at Effy.

"It was that guy she met at Lena's wedding." Her voice was almost in sing  song.

"Oh, really."  Eli shot a look at Martha. "I didn't know you met anyone."

"Never mind." Martha was smug as usual.

"He's your ex-boyfriend's new boyfriend's brother." Effy bit a grin.

"No, he's not." Martha clarified. She rolled her eyes.

"You, saw Garvin?" Eli squinted.

"Oh, so you remember his name, after all?" Now Deiter didn't look to happy.

Eli gave Deiter the eye. This was no time to get in a spat. What was it? Being here? Eli felt sure the old house alone gave off bad vibes to be in a bad mood. Except for Effy, she was always happy. Was she on something?