Monday, October 20, 2014

here we are again

Here we go again

Nico could think of a lot of things he could be helping his mother with now, but here he was washing dishes while she was putting fresh linens on the bed where his brother would be staying. Naturally, Draco was his lazy self in the livingroom, talking about how he was going to move to Denver now. That was where the money was, in this business of his.

Nico didn't even want to hear it. He couldn't think of the last time he'd seen his little brother. They'd never been close growing up. He'd always felt closer to Sky. But then again, he was just trying to be a good uncle.

He turned to see his mother holding Lily.

"Mom, put her down." The girl was like lead and his mother looked thinner than he remembered. "We don't need you and dad in the hospital."

The kettle went off then and he made her some tea. He poured some juice for Lily and pulled out a sleeve of short bread cookies, that his Dad always had to have with his tea, or it just wasn't a tea party, according to him.

Nico didn't know if his mother knew about Sky.

"Sky, found him, you know." Nico sighed as if he'd been the bad son all along. Not checking up on his father like he should have.

His mother only nodded as she watched the tea bag dance in the hot water.

"There is only so much you can do," she said. Her sad eyes looked up at Nico, but she went to pat down Lily's messy hair.

Nico nodded.

"This won't be easy for him." She looked so grim.

"Well, it won't be easy for you, either." Nico took a sip of tea then.

"We'll see, I've been through more than enough already with your father, but I'm still here." She almost smiled.

"So, you know then..about Sky?" Nico looked at her.

About then, Draco was in the kitchen doorway.

"What about Sky?" Draco reached for a cup and got himself a brew going and came to sit at the kitchen table.

"That he's our brother." Nico looked at Draco.

"Really?" Draco looked at his mom.

"Your father, wants us to believe he has a daughter, and that's what we will keep on believing." His mother nodded.

"Wait a minute." Draco winced. "Why are you so easy on him?"

"I know how you feel. But I only believed him for a minute or two. I knew who she was the moment I met her. And yes, I was bitter..I was so bitter...for a while. And then, when the accident happened..and Rebecca lost her little girl..well.." She held her cup to warm her bony fingers. "How is Sky?"

"I dunno." Nico couldn't hold back the tears. "He won't talk to me."

"He'll come around when he's ready." She sipped her tea and got out her pad and pen. She begin to make a list for the grocery store. Some of the things were Lily's favorites. His Dad's too.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

there are some days like this

Some Days are Like This

There was a moment that Martha was certain something exciting might happen, and then she broke her ankle.

It had been a painful couple of weeks. She hadn't heard a thing from that Garvin fellow. Just as she figured, he was not going to take that job at the local newspaper. She thought of all the things she could complain to him.

He'd never said her name, come to think of it. How could she like someone..if he didn't even say her name?

Of course, this riled her up in her silence as she went on with work, but she never said a thing in her anger at home nor at work.

This was the way it was. No different than usual, except for this thing on her foot she lugged around. And there was an itch she couldn't get too. Yes, she was certain she was even painful to look at. Of course, she gave everyone that wrinkled forehead look of hers as to not to stare.

Autumn was turning to winter these days. It was getting cold and damp and..just the other day, a cold wind almost knocked her down. It went to show her that she was getting frail. She needed to eat like her mother told her, but she didn't. She forgot about it.

Now, it was three in the afternoon, and she didn't have lunch. Her stomach almost did a flip flop of hunger pangs.

Evidently, Brice, who's office was next door, must have heard her stomach. He brought her his Sweet and Sour chicken leftovers.

She made a face. It did not look promising. It was cold from the breakroom fridge.

"I made it myself." That did not sound encouraging to Martha.

"No, thank you." her frown was small as she went back to her keyboard and heavy duty monitor. They did work on archaic systems here.

"Martha, how..about..dinner tonight?" Brice pressed.

Martha looked at him as if Brice was out of his mind, perhaps ill. He'd said her name too. She didn't think he knew her name.

"Oh, I couldn't." She shook her head.

"Its that city fellow, isn't it? You're seeing him, aren't you?"

Well, now she had to laugh. That was so funny. Best joke she'd heard in a very long time.

"Are you kidding?" She sighed. Maybe in another life a guy like Garvin spoke French and she'd speak back to him in the same language. Her luck she'd be in Quebec, but still, that would be interesting.

"'re..not seeing him?" Brice was serious with those very icy blue eyes of his. She thought he was going to be a preacher once. He'd been engaged to some girl, who was now a lawyer, since high school. It never happened, the marriage, but she assumed he might still be engaged. Yet, Martha thought he was gay.

Martha only shrugged and went back to her document she needed to print off and e-mail too.

"Look, what do you have in mind?" She asked before he could get away. Maybe she was interested. She gritted, hoping this was a real restaurant he had in mind. Not his home-cooking.

"We could check out the specials at the diner across the street." He shrugged back, as if he didn't have to look so hopeful, after all.

Martha winced, thinking how she'd broke her ankle not so far from the diner.

"OK." She knew an offer like this only happened, ever blue moon. She needed to make the most of it.

It might be a blue moon

Just what could Brice talk about?

He remembered the first time he ever set eyes on Martha. It was middle school. He reckon she was not of this world. Perhaps a fairy. Yet a very quiet one. In fact, he was sure she might have a problem of some sort.

She was extremely shy. He didn't know what her problem was, but then he thought the whole family to be strange. Martha didn't even talk among her siblings. It was as if they hated each other.

Oh, he was suppose to be a politician  by now. But that hadn't happen.

He was even lucky enough to go on a trip to D.C. He beat out Martha, in fact. Naturally, it was a small world they lived in. She was pretty smart, after all.

While, he'd crunched numbers, she went off to be a page one summer at the Capital. He thought certain by now she would have stayed, but she was never away from home long.

And now they'd worked in the same building close to a decade. Although, it felt like a century sometimes. Perhaps he was beginning to smell as old as those going into retirement. But it was a job.

And maybe they were too much alike.

But she'd said yes. It had been such a long time. I really empty space that Brice could not even grasp.

What had happened to him?

Could he possibly let himself do this? Go out on a date?

His hands began to sweat and he thought he might be shaking, but he wasn't.

She was smitten by the newspaper fellow. No way did he have chance.

He'd never had a chance with his ex, either. It was on rewind and repeat in his mind. And yet, he went forward. He needed to move forward. After all, he had nothing to lose.

Saturday, October 18, 2014



"I just wish, you, could have brought the baby."  Derrick looked grateful that Max was here at the home for a visit.

 Derrick was in normal clothes, even if he did wear an ankle bracelet. Still, there was something sluggish about him. Not at all the hyper Derrick that Max remembered.

" know..I ..I just couldn't." No way would Daisy go for that. Besides, Max didn't want to ask her. He needed to see his brother for himself. "I..I should have been here, sooner, know with Mandy and all..and now the cafe." Of course, he didn't run the cafe, exactly, but he did just about everything they needed for him to do, when he wasn't at the grocery store.

"Are you, still in school?" Derrick wanted to know.

"Some of the time, a couple hours in the morning." He didn't have to go fulltime anymore, yet he felt his life kept going and going.

"But..what about Daisy?" Derrick wanted to know.

"She's..she graduated." Max sighed, knowing that she didn't really feel like it, even if they'd gone midsummer to the high school to pick up her diploma.

"Great..but..but what ..about..the two of you?" Derrick wanted to know if they were still together.

"We're fine." Max was even lipped. Honestly, they were too busy to think much about it. But they were together. More together than he actually thought possible. He wouldn't question it.

"I just" Derrick shrugged as if he might lose it, but then again maybe he was medicated enough, that he wouldn't feel much, in his attempt to apologize. "God, where in the hell did the summer go?" He smiled. "I mean, I thought..I had it together. Had a job. I was having a great summer, you know." Then he looked sad, once again. "I just wish..I could see Mitch, you know. Talk this out. Its like I'm..missing..something." He winced hard.

"You know, you hurt him, don't you?" Max squinted as if he remembered how brutal Mitch was beaten. "He was in the hospital. He had surgery."

"Yeah, I know. They told me. Its just..I don't remember any of it." The way he said it, as if it really didn't happen, after all.

"God, I miss my job. How's everybody at the grocery store?" Derrick asked with a smile as if those were the times he wanted to remember. "Is Gage still there? How about Holden? People still think we look alike?"

"They're still there." Max told him. Life was going on without Derrick.

Friday, October 17, 2014

more than a cup of tea

more than a cup of tea

Camille wasn't sure what Josie wanted her to do, but she did lay out a BLT sandwich for Sky with chips and extra dill pickles.

She went back to the mess she got out of the oven, a mock pecan pie. It looked like a volcano had erupted..and those were not pecans, but chopped pretzels in goo that she had to scrape up.

"As you can see, I'm no Martha Stewart." She sighed.

Josie was upstairs with Carrie. Camille hadn't expected her to be gone so long.

"I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa." Camille when to warm up Sky's hot apple tea as he attempted the sandwich.

"He's..he's actually not my grandfather." Camille thought she heard Sky say. She went to sit down, hoping he'd say more. He put down the sandwich and coughed down the bite of bacon. He sighed heavily then.

"Why does my mom, hate me so much?" He shook his head and nursed his bottom lip. That's when he told her about his little sister in the hit and run. "You know, she won't even come to the library now. Its not like it happened in front of the library. We..we were on our way home. and..and it wasn't like I wasn't paying attention. I just..I just didn't keep up with I should have."

He looked at Camille then.

"I know it hurts." Camille managed to say.

" she tells me, Gramps my father." He choked a cough as if he might be catching an early winter cold. "There..there are just so many questions who is that guy in all those pictures I have..who..who I thought was Dad?"

Camille grabbed his hand to let him know he wasn't alone. All she could do was to cry with him.