Sunday, August 30, 2015

hanging out

hanging out

Ben hoped this was like riding a bike. He did remember how, but he didn't like peddling much. No one had let him drive a car. And somebody else's too.

But he meant to do it. He wanted to be there for Mae. And she need him. He had to have a little faith. Well, a lot of faith.

Thankfully, the parking lot was practically empty. He carefully backed out. The hardest part, he supposed. And off they went.

Steady..Steady..He pushed on the brake carefully when the old Subaru  got to the stop sign. A part of him wanted to make one more big circle around the parking lot for good measure, but he guessed that would be ridiculous.

He sighed as the blue car got on the empty road. It was a clear day. Not a car in sight, and he only had to make a right.

Easy..easy..he kept telling himself.

She was still crying. Her hands covering her face. Good, he thought, maybe she shouldn't see this turn.

He barreled up the hill, pushing his foot to the petal. Then a left. He knew exactly where she lived, even if he'd never actually been in her apartment.

He cleared his throat. "We're here."

"What?" She looked up breathless, as if it was all too soon.

He got out and opened her cardoor and got her to her feet. He had her keys so he unlocked the door and put the keys on the little counter at the kitchen.

Naturally, she hugged herself, plopping on the couch.

"You, can leave now." She ordered.

"Seriously?" He looked at her as if she was the worst comic in the world. "I just got here." He went through the cabinets and found a pot to heat some water.

"What are, you doing?" She was slightly annoyed, but not enough to get off the couch. She sat in the dark.

"Making you, Ramen." Ben didn't have to look hard for the bowls of quick to make soup. He didn't like the microwave. It just did something awful to the noodles and taste, as far as he was concerned.

"Fine." She was in a huff, sitting so rigid, like a doll with unbend-able legs.

He turned on the light, and looked at her. She only sighed. Her mouth in a small pout.

"I wish you'd talk about it." He went to see if the water was doing anything. Of course, it wasn't. He turned the electric heat up and put a lid on the pot.

"This might take some time." Ben shrugged and went to check out the fridge. It was practically empty. Just a cold jug of tap water. He got it out and found the wine glasses.

A part of him, did wonder if she drank wine from the bottle. No need for a glass. Because, obviously she did live alone.

Finally, the water was boiling. In spite of the directions being in Korean, Ben found the fill line of the recyclable bowls the dry noodles were in. Carefully, he poured the hot water over the dehydrated veg that emerged to the top. He covered the paper lid so the steam couldn't escape and waited.

It was exciting to Ben, to be here. He hoped she'd let him hang out with her more often.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

its a rather short story

Its rather a short story

Mae couldn't get out of the library fast enough. She wanted to get home and make her a bowl of noodles and let some Korean drama take her away from all this.

There was no way she was going to tell Audrey anything about Jude.

Of course, they (Mae and Jude) didn't like each other. They hadn't for quite some time.

Besides, Jude was rather fickle.

She couldn't think what her fascination with him was, to begin with. Mae wouldn't breathe a word of it. Not even now, and yet the past hung around her like a bad dream she couldn't wake up from.

It was stupid. She gritted, trying to keep herself from even thinking what had happened.

She tried to think of Gun's happy smile now. He was so calm and he looked her in the eye when he spoke. Oh, she wanted to remember his words. How the corners of his lips curved when he spoke. And all this time, she thought he would be a bully. Mean to her.

No, that was Jude.

But the fact remained, she'd hurt his pride, more than anything.

Honestly, when the whole ordeal took place, she didn't know it was actually going to happen. Right there in the Young Adult area, after the library the little circle where a reader could go to get away from it all. A quiet spot. Surrounded by good reads.

He dropped his pants and before she knew it. Something foreign was there to meet her. His hand was on the top of her head. And instead of turning to scream with her lungs....well, she just wanted to get it over with. Quietly. And that's when she bit him.

It served him right, she thought now. At the time, it was truly an accident because she really wasn't that kind of girl. Maybe if she'd looked it up on YouTube, all this might have gone smoothly, but she didn't think she could find that kind of channel. All she'd ever wanted to learn to do was to knit with her hands.

Needless to say, the escapade, the fling, the incident..whatever, did not end well..and he'd been rather arrogant since. But she hadn't brought up the matter.

Maybe it was best to be with a boy like Ben. Well, Ben as in Now. Not the Ben she used to know. Yes, she'd crossed paths with him, a life time ago. And he was not THAT BEN. She never thought of him now as the hyper individual he used to be. She wouldn't even bring it up now.

Their friendship was one she could feel settled with. He would definitely not ask anything of her.

A part of her didn't even know if she could have a relationship with Gun. It would probably be best to keep things friendly with no benefits.

As sad as Mae felt right now... only the comfort of Ramen in a quaint chicken broth would do the trick. But her nose stopped up, while sitting in her old car. She started to cry. Her face dripped with hot tears.

Yes, she hated herself for being so stupid.

She hesitated to put the keys in the ignition, but she was already in a sweat. A tap came to the driver's side window.

She looked up to see Ben.

"What?" She could barely manage, rolling down the window.

"You, don't look so good." It sounded like a report from someone who was bird watching on a field expedition.


"I don't think, you should drive home." He told her.

"Why? Why do you care?" She sniffed.

"I just do." He opened her car door. She scooted over, and he started the car, as if knew exactly what he was doing.

Friday, August 28, 2015

just a talk

just a talk

Audrey hadn't meant to make Mae squirm, but she'd been wanting to have this talk with Mae, for some time now. Audrey wasn't sure where to do it, and when.

At first, Audrey thought, it could be all casual. Maybe a lite lunch at the diner across the street, but she thought it best to have this talk a bit more professional.

"Are... you... firing me?" Mae looked as if she might fall out of her seat.

"No." Audrey winced. "I'm not firing, you." Audrey's smile was easy. Audrey didn't think she was that hard to work for. OK, maybe in the beginning she got a little worked up when Mae had so much trouble with printing labels and the fact that.. didn't Mae know just how expensive labels were? "You're, doing a great job." True, they were understaffed, and a lot of cutbacks were in place.

"I'm..I'm just worried-" Audrey started.

"Look, I was thinking we..we could put in for a grant. Maybe..maybe we could hire Ben, that way. You know, since..since he has..such a special circumstance." Mae was suddenly turning the tables and wasn't even close to what Audrey really wanted to talk about.

"Special circumstance?" Audrey winced.

"Well, you know, he's..he's recovering, and all..and well..he really needs a job, and I..I count on him, now." Mae looked at her as if she did have a purpose here, or maybe it was Ben with a purpose.

"What?" Audrey thought he was another special needs kid. Probably ...well, she didn't even want to label him.

"He was in a coma, his last year of high school." Mae told Audrey, it was a few years ago."OK. And well, he..he probably won't ever be the same...but he's really trying."

"I see..well, I didn't know that." Audrey wanted to get back to what she needed to talk about. "But thanks for letting me know." Lord knows, how long it would take for a grant, to help someone like Ben, "But..but I want to talk about..You..and there anything you need to tell me?"

Audrey was serious. She watched Mae's face swell with anguish, ever so slightly.

" know..done anything to you..that..might be..I dunno...just tell me whats going on with him?" Audrey didn't like the way he talked down to her. How he'd snap at her about, how his list of things always needed to be done first. And the lists were never ending.

"No." Mae shook her head. "There's nothing to talk about." She was like a stone, already at the bottom of the river.

Audrey, scratched the back of her neck and sighed. "All right." She guessed she'd have to talk to Jude, but she didn't want to do it alone.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

maybe so

maybe so

"I just don't know if that was the place for you, two," Halie said rather matter of fact about Josie's apartment situation. "I mean, a place with a bar and like it might be a problem." She wiped down another table. It wasn't so bad working at the Campus Coffee Shop. The hours were just enough, and she'd found child care on campus so the brunt of it wouldn't be for Gage's mom to tend too. It was splendid which really surprised Halie, and her brother was a rather cool boss.

"Yeah, I guess." Josie still looked unsettled as if her life would never find that exact peace until she and Henry found their own place. "I mean, there's Derrick and Sky and Samantha moved in to that apartment complex, too." She hugged herself tightly as if nothing was really fair in this world.

"Yeah..Derrick." Halie still didn't know him. Josie had never shown her a picture.  Halie winced at the thought, if she could be around some one she and her boyfriend had both slept with. She made a face of distaste. Of course, she didn't have that to worry about. Not with Gage. And there didn't seem to be any sight of Macy. "You, wouldn't actually want to live in the same apartment complex with him, now would you?"

"I dunno. He's changed so much, having a family now. He and Rossie. He'd be so busy, anyway. I guess, I thought..maybe we could see the baby from time to time." Josie shrugged.

"Why would you want that?" Now Halie really made a face. "You, can come and see Alec, anytime, you know?"

"Of course." Her cell went off and she scurried off to have a conversation with Henry.

Halie looked up and there was a fair face of someone who didn't look as if he might be from here. Handsome too.

"Oh, could I get you anything?" She smiled. Naturally, she didn't do anything in the correct order. Customers were to order at the counter, but she said she could give him a free lemonade. After all, it was going to be thrown out in 15 minutes. It was almost time to close.

He turned and of course she noticed one of his great assets."Nice bum." She held under her breath as she went to get him a cold drink.


Josie was listening on her cell. Henry had some news. It was about a place, close to the library.

"The ceiling are really high." He told her. Actually, it was one of the oldest apartment complexes in town. "I could walk to work. And its in the forest."

She could hear him smiling, already. He seemed to think they could afford it on their own.

"We could be moved in, by the weekend." Oh, he did sound anxious. He could meet her after work. "I'll walk there as soon as I get off. You, won't even have to pick me up."

Josie hoped the place was as great as he seemed to believe it would be.