Friday, February 12, 2016

bits of Febuary

something about Randy

Randy was happy to have a place to live. He didn't think he liked it all that much out on the streets this winter. It was just impossible to explain, the things that he did.

Maybe it was his sister's fault. She was a runaway.

There was a time, he'd believed in her so much. Maybe even felt something that wasn't even there. Was she ever really there?

As long as he could remember, her looking back at him, holding out her gaunt hand, "COME ON!"

Maybe he never really got a good look at her eyes, he thought back now. Maybe he really didn't even know what she looked like, but Bree reminded him, a whole lot of her.

His feelings were bitter yet confused. Why did he mess things up?

He'd slept with Bree on New Year's Eve. It was all a bit blurry, or what he wanted to believe. Only, he remember every little thing.

How she'd noticed him outside her window. How she'd found a way to bring him to her room.

It was probably lame, but he believed she was a good person. Randy knew he was the opposite of such existence.

He'd been a smoker since he was nine years old. Even then, he knew he was old enough to know better.

But he was used to hiding in corners of vacant houses. Walking through kitchens with the dim lights on, hoping for a sack of bread, a jar a peanut-butter and of course, cigarettes.

And sometimes, he'd find his sister, again. She'd show him the way for a little while. And then she would vanish. Maybe she was just a figment of imagination, after all.

Randy couldn't help but smile. Still, he'd hate for Clare and her family to know, they had a crazy person living with them.

Its gonna happen!

"Yes!" Carson was happy about their decision. He could hardly wait to spill it to his mother. He didn't even care if his Dad knew. "We're getting married!"

"On Valentines Day?" Gage looked at him puzzled. He'd set the table for a family dinner, one of their Mom's one pot wonder meals.

"No." Carson did have to admit. Maybe he'd said it all wrong. There was no justice of the peace who would do it. Especially, on a Sunday. "We, do have our license. and..well, we met this guy, down in Old Town. He said he'd do it. Right in his shop. We thought we'd do it Monday morning. Then..then we can all go to Oliver's."

"Oh." Gage was a bit perplexed. He then said, he'd miss his first class, but that was OK, and Halie didn't go to work til the afternoon. "I just..I..I never thought of having a wedding, in the morning."

"I know. We..we just wanted it small." Carson told his brother, but Gage looked as if this couldn't be true. "It was Brittany's idea. Seriously." Carson looked wide-eye at Gage.

"What's going on?" His mother finally got off her laptop then.

Carson hugged himself. He'd have to start from the beginning, again. Why didn't people listen to this house?

making plans

Garvin seriously, wasn't planning on making his photo studio a wedding chapel. But on a whim he'd gotten certified on the Internet to officitate weddings. He didn't know it would happen so quickly. He'd done it so he could work at the Berry Farm this summer. Just one more gig to prepare for.

Of course, his mind was on making a bench. But he needed other kind of benches. Especially, for a wedding.

Was it proper to have a wedding behind the glassed in front? That was the only place to do it. He sighed..thinking of a little stage. Maybe. Standing room only. Yeah, that might be better. His thoughts raced.

His cell rang. It was Tess, who wanted to know if he needed any help.

"Oh, do you have any Christmas lights?" He thought  some bright white ones might be pretty, scattered about. Hopefully.

It was cold still. Some days the snow thawed. Then it turned to ice.

"I'll bring them." Tess told him.

Garvin knew for sure, it would be a mess if he didn't have Tessa's help.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

one step at a time

one step at a time

Scott could sense it, already. Essie was on edge, even if she said she was just out of practice. Making costumes.

"I should have never said yes." She'd poked her finger with a needle, ever so gently, while hemming on some outfit her friend Vada would wear for the play.

"I don't think, that's it." He went to make tea. Katherine was safely tucked away in her crib. All was so calm. They should be sleeping too. She'd avoided telling him what was up with this visit from Brittany.

"Why won't you tell me, what happened?" He'd been patient. Letting her sort it all out.

"It was nothing." She was in the dance with the needle and thread. She had to do it quickly. There was no time. He felt her sigh, too.

" me exactly..what did she say." He brought the herbal tea over to her. She'd been rather mute the night he'd brought it up before.

Essie cleared her throat.

"She's..she is with Carson." Essie was practically on autopilot.

Scott nodded. At least, Carson wasn't with Charlie. It was pretty clear Charlie and Barry were making plans for a future. Barry wanted Charlie to go to the University. Perhaps, they'd get married first.

Essie looked at the costume. The skirt was practically an ocean of fabric. It looked endless to hem.

"I don't think it'll..come to much." She finally said, "But it seems, he's starting to think..well, maybe its just her...that..that Katherine is his."

She looked as if she might burst into tears.  She put down the dress and needle and thread.

Scott went to her. He hugged her tight.

"I know, you've been much..already.." Scott hated to tell her this, one more time. "But..but maybe it'll be a good thing..if..if Carson is Katherine's father."

She cried more into his shoulder. He knew it would take some time to let it set in.

"What we should do, is..I dunno..get to know them, better. I mean, I know him..but you don't know him now. And..and things could be different." He looked her, with his hands on her shoulders. "I'd hate for there to be this court order," He sighed.

"It wouldn't come to that." She shook her head.

"Lets..lets invite them to dinner." He'd prefer if they met in a public place, but he'd have to take his chances, hoping it could be civil here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016



Nobody knew his real name. Ducky wanted to keep it that way. Of course, that was the last thing he'd ever bring up. Especially, with introduction.

Actually, he was pretty much out of practice, in that sort of thing.

But something funny actually happened in the emergency room. And immediately, he found himself wanting to make the most of it. Even if he were the doctor on call. Thank God, it was a very slow night. So many things to be grateful for. He supposed.

And he thought it was sweet that this neighbor brought the pregnant girl in. Ducky already noticed this was her second pregnancy. He was going to reprimand her badly, but he didn't..because, he kept gravitating toward someone else in the room.

Ducky, knew he shouldn't have come back, but he thought he could help. Perhaps linger. Make things a little more calm. And yet, he felt himself laughing softly, when this fellow was trying to explain himself.

After while, it was taking care of the little things. And Ducky knew it would be all over, in a matter of minutes. The girl needed to relax. Rest. Go home. And he'd be ready for the next blunder to come through the doors.

When he noticed Josie was alone, he wanted to ask where he went.

"I think he's in the hallway." She read his mind. Ducky winced, slightly. What was she?

"Were you, going to leave her, here?" Ducky found a question to ask. Although, he guessed it sounded harsh.

"No. I..I thought she might rest better." He was on his Android, texting.

"What was your name, again?" Ducky hugged himself, straight lipped, as if he was the hard ass he was suppose to be.

"Uh, Xander. Xander Sanchez."

"Oh." Ducky cleared his throat, with a slight wince as if he must be confused, like maybe Xander was wanted for something. Maybe not in this country. "Well, most call me, Ducky."

Xander nodded.

"So, who'll stay with her tonight?" Ducky wanted to know.

"I text her mom. She's on her way." He sighed as if his shift was over.

"Good." Ducky couldn't think of a way to get passed this. "I..I don't see many neighbors, like you." He couldn't help but smile.

"Her fiance  would be here, if it wasn't for that sleep study." Xander assured him. "They are good neighbors." Xander smiled, as if they both looked out for each other.

Ducky nodded, feeling it was all floundering fast. What was he suppose to say? Hoping for a moment to go where he wanted it to go, instead of reacting with a plan to help someone get better.

"Are you hungry?" Ducky wanted to know.

"I guess..I did miss dinner." Xander shrugged as if he could possible eat something.

"The cafeteria does have a salad bar." Ducky told him.

Before he knew it, they were both walking that way. Ducky couldn't help but smile.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

its only a test

its only a test

How did he get himself talked into these things? Henry wanted to go home. But he was confined here.

As if they'd know what was going on with him.

According to the doctor, maybe this had nothing to do with epilepsy. Maybe he stopped breathing at night.

Of course, he felt a bit shell shocked. Obviously, freaked. It was enough to give him a headache. Oh, he had one of those, already.

His teeth clenched.

He just knew Josie was furious with him. He'd just let her drop him off. He wouldn't even  let her come with him to the floor of the sleep study. They were serious about this. And he was afraid she'd stay the night, in the hallway, waiting for him.

"Now, go get something good to eat, and rest." He told her. "I promise I'll call tomorrow morning."

They'd said their goodbye at the hospital drive through. Naturally, they'd hugged each other so, you would have thought he was off to the North Pole.

It was only one night. He kept reminding himself. But the thought of not breathing, made him panic.

They were ready to hook him up to all those monitors. He felt as if he might become a cyborg.

Henry paced. He couldn't sit still.

"I have to go to the bathroom." He hurried as if he would not be a bother. But then he couldn't pee when he got there. He sighed as if this was the worst possible night ever. Finally, he decided he  needed to get it over with. He was at the hospital, after all.

at the emergency room

Josie didn't think this was necessary, but Xander didn't take no for an answer. He ushered her into the emergency room, and asked for a wheel chair, right away.

She promised the nurse she could stand on her own two feet, but she thought her lower back might buckle.

This couldn't be happening. It couldn't be. She made a face of distress. Next thing she knew they had her in a room and were taking her vitals.

No one was here tonight. It felt weird to be in the emergency room. Of course, the nurse, went right away to get a doctor.

She looked at Xander.

Xander looked at her.

However, the doctor arrived way to pretty and young to know anything about emergencies. But he was wearing a white coat and checked her chart.

"What have YOU been eating?" He wanted to know.

"I dunno. I just eat..when..when I'm hungry." She looked at him as if he wasn't suppose to question her eating habits.

"You're blood pressure is high. Not extremely, but you know what you have to do, right?" His smile was quick. He looked to Xander. "Don't let her have fast food, OK?"

" can't..I'm..I'm just her neighbor." Xander started.

Josie only smirked. She'd never seen Xander ramble so, about how he wasn't the father of the baby. He was only a friend. Xander could hardly put a sentence together.

The doctor left.

"OH. MY. GOD, I hope he doesn't deliver the baby." She shuddered to think of him actually seeing her pregnant stomach.

"What! You're  having the baby! You can't have the baby..not yet." Xander looked as if he might be in tears. His face was full of anguish.

"I'm not gonna have the baby.Not yet." She rose up on her elbows. Xander, came closer, because she was barely whispering. She grabbed  his jacket and brought him, even closer. "That guy! Isn't he cute?"

"What?" He winced hard, as if this was no time to be making remarks about the doctor.

"I think he likes you." She smiled as if she wasn't having any pains, what so ever.

Xander winced with a sigh. He shook his head, no.

The doctor was back with someone and a machine. Josie and the baby needed a stress test.