Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's that little souvenir of a terrible year

It's that little souvenir of a terrible year

"Has he talked about her?" Funny, that Sheena would bring it up. And she was asking Minnie about Josh and his wife.

"Oh," Minnie felt a little light headed. She nodded. She'd spent several nights with Josh, but he really didn't talk about her much.

"I bet you pried it out of him." Sheena, looked at Minnie as if she had a certain magic about people.

"Only a little." Minnie slightly shrugged as she played around with the cookie dough in Sheena's little kitchen. Finally, Minnie rolled the handful of dough around with both hands making it into a little ball. She pressed it into the cinnamon and sugar.

Minnie knew he missed Tina very much. "They grew up together."

Sheena attempted to make a ball of dough, but it wasn't nearly as perfectly  round. Minnie handed her more dough to make balls. Of course, Minnie could make two or three while Sheena was stuck on one.

"Maybe, they know each other too...well." Sheena then told her about a boy in her high school freshman class. "He was so funny..he loved puns.. but after awhile, we spent so much time together..and when he asked me out on a date, I just couldn't. It would be like, going out with my brother."

"Do you have a brother?" Minnie wanted to know. Sheena shook her head, no. Minnie said she only had one sister.

"I used to dream I would have a house-full of boys. Their names.. all started with M." She chuckled then.

Sheena only smiled.

"I really never thought about having kids." Sheena just said.

"I thought you would say that." Minnie smiled, trying not to think how Valentines day really was.. for Josh.

Yes, it was a terribly sad day, even if she'd made a heart shaped chocolate cake with coconut icing.

Josh got divorce papers. Of course, he ran upstairs to the bedroom and shut the door tight, so he could talk to Tina on the phone.

After awhile, she knew he wasn't coming down. Minnie remembered how she grabbed a handful of the cake and ate it. Something, she'd been waiting to savor had no flavor.

She'd had a good long cry too. Finally, she chucked the cake out the backdoor. The frigid wind gave her a headache. She knew then the snow was coming back.

Yes, she thought she was bad luck, but the baby cried and she went to it. After while they cried together. But it was soft tears. Perhaps, she'd cried enough. She wanted to think she'd cried for everything.

Sheena went to put the cookies in the hot oven.

"Be careful-" Minnie started, but Sheena already burned herself. Sheena put her thumb to her mouth.

Minnie smiled weakly and finally sighed. "I think those cookies will be like a truth serum." Maybe Omaha would tell Sheena everything she wanted to know. Minnie cleared her throat then. Josh told her everything about Tina.

As she thought about it, Tina was a girl...he used to know.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Everyday is like Sunday

Everyday is like Sunday

Gordy kept thinking about what Irwin said, "Don't you want to know how it'll be with Tiffany?"

Irwin was happy now, finding Julia. Gordy could see it in Irwin's smile that he felt as if he'd found the right one. They were adorable together, and everything was with such an ease. They made falling in love so easy.

He'd practiced most his life to keep in step with everything. Still, there was something missing. Was he trying to be too perfect? Maybe, it was time to play this by ear.

"It would be so much easier, if you lived here." Betty told him he could move in, anytime.

Her words were a comfort now as he ate the leftover plate of food, waiting for him at her kitchen table.

He'd been in such a rush, wanting to make a house a home, but maybe he wasn't going about it in the right way.

The mac and cheese was perfectly messy, and he liked her meatloaf. He drank the cold milk, as well. He hadn't remembered food like this in decades.

Of course, Tiffany was helping Brick with some homework. He heard them fussing in Brick's room.

"Just think of the money, you'll save." Betty told him.

Gordy nodded. He guessed she was right. Why couldn't he take it one day at a time? Still, there was a goal in mind.

In his head, he was just trying to look out for a hopeful family. He wanted everything to be proper and laid out with doors that opened and closed and a life tidied up, before it ever started.

"Well..." He was so tired. He was certain he could sit here in a sleep, if he let himself. "Do you think..she would want that?"

"Of course," Betty smiled. "We all want you here."

"Huh." He guessed he knew. Why was it so hard to say yes? It was true, he'd been alone. It was all he knew.  Perhaps, it was time to figure this out before it was too, late.

Monday, February 20, 2017

six long years

six long years

Geo couldn't get back to sleep. He hadn't thought about Dora in ages. How long had it been?

All he had was a second pillow to hug for comfort, but it didn't do much good.

The harsh fact remained, he could never get that night back. And it took him a very long time to realize she didn't remember him. And yet he knew her, so well.

Dora was his sister's best friend. She was always finding trouble. It was crazy. They were even friends. But Alma did Dora's math homework, and she was always there when Dora needed a shoulder to cry on. And Dora did have tendencies to be a drama queen.

But wasn't he over that life now? He thought he had forgot about her. God knows, he'd never ever tell his big sister that he'd had s e x with her best friend.

Still, the past was like a lump in his throat that left him a little sick. He wondered now,  who he felt the sadness for.

Was it really for Dora, who had no memory of it...

Or for himself? It wasn't exactly a night in heaven.

It was just crazy. He wanted to tell himself now. How did it get that far? Like a scar that bruised easily, he covered it up the best he could.

After all, did he ever make mistakes?

So much of himself was a mystery. He wasn't Alma's biological brother, and his mother was lonely.

She'd told him once, she needed them to make her happy. But sometimes, he imagined now he would have been better off... if he'd been a stuffed animal left on a shelf.

He was too lifely for her. He did get a lot of punishments. Still bad attention was better than no attention, at all.  If only they'd stayed in Ontario, but she went off with a stranger and they ended up in the mid-west.

Yet he'd always been an outsider. He always would be.

Geo knew his sister would always think he was a taker. Maybe he was, but he'd given up something to Dora, and he hated her more than he wanted to admit.

Still, he thought it was normal. This he was used too.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh, but only if - you're really interested

Oh, but only if - you're really interested

There went Alma's Android. After midnight.

It woke Geo who came to Alma's bedroom door.

"What's going on?" He yelled.

Alma sighed. She picked up the phone.

"I LOVE YOU." The words were female and slurred. "I love you so much, Alma girl." Then came a hiccup.

"I know." Alma didn't really want to play into her friend's conversation. "I love you, too." She managed, thinking this would last at the most 10 minutes.

Dora briefly told Alma that she was saving the elephants. "Its a working..vacation." Dora's voice was high strung, but she was passionate about how much she wanted to help the elephants in India.

"We..should..go..together." Dora told her, then yawned. "Look, I gotta go to sleep."

Alma thought Dora hung up, but she screeched one last time. "I LOVE YOU."

 Alama ended the call, hoping to drift off to sleep, but she doubted she could.

"What does she want now?" Of course, Geo was wide awake and sitting on the edge of her bed in his gray sweat pants and dingy tank.

"Does it matter? Go to bed." Puppies behaved better than he did.

"Did she ask about me?" Naturally, he wanted to know.

"No." Dora never asked about him. "Why would she?"

"I dunno." He sounded as if it there was a reason, but it was a secret.

She stared at him, thinking he wouldn't..he couldn't..not with her best friend Dora. Even if it did happen, Dora would have been drunk and probably blacked out.

"She loves me. Not you." Not that it was anything romantic. Her friend got around, but Alma wasn't part of that world. Alma stayed at home, read books, watched TV alone. It was a very uneventful world.

"Do you think she's OK?" Geo wanted to know, as if he really cared.

Alma was a little shocked. "Who really knows?" Alma yawned. She didn't hear from Dora very often. Actually, she didn't even know where her friend was these days.