Thursday, September 20, 2018

don't go asking for favors

Liam didn't know how he'd hit it off so easily with Lizzy, before he knew it they were texting each other and he felt it easy to be with her, even if it was over the phone. While Cody already slept with some girl.

Liam knew. He found out her name was Gloria and he didn't think Cody knew her all that long since he said he didn't really date. Which Liam suppose that was exactly it. He didn't date. He slept with people.

Of course, Cody thought he was being silly with Lizzy.

"I bet either one of you has never been on a date." Cody mocked him.

Liam's frown was a small O while all the while Cody disgusted him more and more.

"You said, not to bring people over," Liam remembered. "I don't think you should..should have sleepovers." When he really wanted to say something else.

"Then, why don't you bring Lizzy over." Cody made it sound like a dare.

Liam winced thinking he was ready for that. They were only talking and texting. Liam sighed.

"Oh, and see if she has a roommate." Cody shrugged. "Maybe we could all hang out."

Liam made a face of disgust. This was not going where he'd hoped. He was sure Lizzy would be furious if she knew about this.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I'll be the one to tell

"What? Will move out?" Ivy was in disbelief when Gabby told her the news, but when Ivy saw him in the grocery store with a girl and toddler, Ivy felt faint.

How could this have happened? Was he just doing this to get back at her? After all, she'd paid all his text with no mind. They were done. It was over. She was with Brian after all. And maybe he was much more spiteful than she ever knew.

Still, maybe it wasn't quite as great as she'd anticipated with Brian. After all, it felt as if their sex life was much more of a chore than she ever imagined. Oh, he might have been a sex god in the beginning, but now she knew all his tricks and it was anything as romantic as she'd imagine.

But then again, maybe it was her, after all. She'd expected a lot out of Will too. But he was so oblivious. She bet he was still that way.

Even so, she missed him. She didn't want too since she did need to be there for Brian, who was a custodian now at the University. She was still at home. Her room hadn't even changed, except for a guy who moved in.

Maybe it would have been best if they had moved out. Still, she didn't know if she had time for adulting at the moment.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

be careful or you'll hurt yourself

Joon had a pretty good idea who sent Liam. Maybe he was a little parnoid, thinking the links Bom would go too. Of course, Liam didn't mention that Joon used to date Bom. However, he did let Natalie know about Joon's step-sister.

"Small world, huh?" Liam was all smiles. It seemed he was showing up, all in the name of Joon's mom. But Joon didn't really think so. "I'm like the little brother, Bom never had."

Natalie found him to be a laugh, but Liam wasn't the only one showing up, unannounced. Natalie's cousin Lizzy was starting at the University. Lizzy was from Chicago and a bit of a stick in the mud for Joon. So maybe he was glad Liam showed up, after all.

Liam wasn't shy, even if he said so. He knew some of the classes Lizzy would be taking. Natalie couldn't stop laughing. And Lizzy actually smiled.

Joon wanted to really talk to Liam but felt now it was best to leave a lot unsaid. Maybe Liam didn't know anything about Bom, after all. Evidently, they talked to each other online while gaming than actually seeing each other in person.

Joon would be cautious. He supposed he needed to treat Bom like a step-sibling instead of an ex-girlfriend. Still, it felt like a very fine line. He didn't want to have much to do with either. He was happy with Natalie

Friday, September 14, 2018


Jools wasn't expecting much for Homecoming. After all, he figured he would be hanging out with Evan for the night. No big deal.

But then some high school senior sent him a note at lunch. It was a little short notice, but how could he pass the opportunity. After all, Joley was definitely a high school beauty. Perhaps, even a little too sophisticated for Jools.

Naturally, he didn't wear the normal attire. It was probably not going anywhere. He didn't have time to find a tux. So he decided to go in comfort. Joley was driving anyway.

He was glad to be there. After all, he didn't know much about Homecoming. And in this little midwest town, it was just the gym and lots of balloons. Oh, and there was a DJ. So that meant lots of fun songs.

And he felt like dancing, so he did.

"I never had a date who liked to dance before," she said, practically laughing at him, but as the night grew he could see she was laughing with him. Maybe they were the best date there, dancing the night away.