Saturday, October 25, 2014

One thing for sure

One Thing For Sure

Gage did his best to keep steady. He let a smile slip, but it wasn't because of his son he could see on the screen, but how his Dad handled Halie's Mom. Oh, he was a smooth talker.

Of course, they wanted to help.

Gage had a savings account. He'd send what he could each month. The minimum of three hundred dollars. True, that wasn't enough to feed the pigeons, according to Halie's Mom, but due to his youth and lack of would have to do.

Still, Gage's mind was elsewhere. And it wasn't about sex. Nor pot. Just Macy. He couldn't help himself.

First he thought, maybe she was just a good distraction. But she wasn't talking to him. Even at work she snubbed him. Told him to keep quiet. He wanted to keep his job, didn't he? Macy was so cold. And it hurt. It really made him feel so low.

She hated him. And it felt as if she grabbed his heart a squeezed it until he was really sick of himself.

Why did he have to be stuck staring at Halie with his baby. Tears gradually pooled in the bottom of his eyes. He wouldn't dare let them slip. He kept telling himself it was sweat.

Finally, after all the technicalities were in place, his Dad and her Mom said their goodbyes. His dad even had the finesse to say they should do this again, soon. Gage only blew a breath. He didn't think it wise.

So here they were left alone for screen time, Gage thought there was something wrong with the laptop. He couldn't hear her.

"What?" Gage finally managed.

"I said, you aren't important to me." Halie looked through him as if he wasn't really there. He noticed the hate in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He winced and he had to wipe the hot tears then. "Are? Are you met someone?"

"No." She was sullen. "Not really." She wasn't going to tell him anything. But he could see how she tensed and the baby slight flinched.

"Don't..don't make the baby cry." Gage shook his head.

"Why? I have to listen to him..all the time." She was bitter.

"I really like the name for him." Gage told her, as if to keep this upbeat and not bring each other down. "Alex."

"Its Alec." She clarified.

"Yeah, that's what I mean." Gage sniffed with a slight cough. "Look, I know I'm no good at this. I can't be.."

"What are you trying to tell me? You're with someone." She was harsh. It hurt his ears to listen to her.

"Not exactly." He shook his head.  He cleared his throat. "What I'm saying..if..if there is know..that..that can be there for you and..and Alec too..I'm ..I'm OK with that. Because..I hate seeing you this way...because of me. I never meant to do that to you. I didn't. Its just I'm not sure ..about anything anymore. Sometimes, I'm not even sure who I am."

"What are you going on, about Gage?" She looked as if he was playing her for a fool while tears dripped down his face.

"Can least be friends..for Alec's sake." He stared at the baby then, knowing he had to be there for his son even if this were the only way he'd see him. Evidently.

But she cut him off. She was no longer on the screen. It was just dead air.

Friday, October 24, 2014

steady as you go

Steady as you Go

As if Jules didn't have his hands full at home with Willow and their baby girl Lizzie, he was now suppose to fix this with Halie and Gage, over the computer.

"Mum, just listen, we're not taking anyone to court." He whisper shouted. Gage and his Dad were waiting to start a conversation on SKYPE, but he needed to talk to his mother first before she went off the deep end, about how Gage's family needed to take some responsibility in this too.

"Why didn't we do this months ago?" She was angry. Still the doctor bills weren't exactly out of hand. After all, she helped young and single mothers everyday where she worked. Liz knew the system. Now it was keeping a steady schedule of child support.

"Because, his father didn't know, and Halie wasn't exactly on top of this, either." Jules sighed. "Mum, please behave yourself. Will, you now?"

Her smug look didn't give Jules any hope.

Finally, Gage and his Dad gathered around the laptop. Jules could see his mother finally ease into a smile. Then, she let Halie in with the baby, who was sleeping.

"Isn't this nice." Gage's Dad beamed, all smiles. "Getting us all together."

Of course, Gage was even lipped and stiff. He wasn't saying anything. Jules supposed the grandparents would do all the talking. Halie wouldn't even look at Gage, she kept her eye on the sleeping baby.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly...Last Summer

"Practically, everyone thinks I'm a Senior." Vada didn't look all that happy about it as she stared at Alo on FACE TIME.

She was home from school, but didn't feel like doing homework yet.  Still, she didn't have much to tell him about her boring day. However, she longed for these moments to see his face and hear his voice. She missed him so much. Although, she tried not to show it.

"You, don't look that old." He promised.

She wanted to talk about something in Paris, but she knew that was just the past, not the present. Besides, the modeling gig hadn't really panned out. It probably was just a hoax. She now thought. She didn't really get anything out of. Supposedly, she was on some flyer that Marco gave to some buyers about his day dresses. It was best not to bring that up. It would only make her wish she'd tried harder or maybe try to find a way to model here, but she was pretty much grounded for life.

"I dunno." She shook her head, thinking the friends she had just weren't all that close to her this year. Josie was a mute subject. She rarely crossed her path and Essie graduated. Luna really wasn't herself either.

"I..I haven't really talked to this ..well, old friend of mine." She didn't know why she brought up Cody. "His brother was killed in a houseparty shooting. I never knew Van. I mean, he really never was around. He was this jock and all, and he was kind of jerk around Cody." She remembered. "Anyway, this friend of his stopped me in the hall today. Asked me if I'd seen Cody, lately. He's worried about him. He's afraid..he's fallen in with the wrong crowd." She sort of laughed. "I mean, what can I do about that?"

"It does sound like troubling." There was Alo's impish grin. He talked of Benji then. Benji was in jail in Barcelona on drug charges. "Now that's trouble. I'm not even sure how my Dad's going to get him out." He mentioned how his older brother offered for him to come to the States.

This suddenly sparked Vada's interest.

"It might not be until next year." He shrugged as if not to get her hopes up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Can't have this

Can't Have This

Sawyer just about got in shoving match with Cody when he saw him with that middle schooler at the bookstore, but Angie practically tripped him and caught him before he could fall while they were in the graphic novel section.

"Who is that girl?" Sawyer squinted hard.

"Well, we certainly aren't going to find out." Angie was practically in his face. "You, haven't talked to him..since.." She really didn't want to finish the sentence.

"OK, I know I..I should have talked to him." He never felt like going to the funeral. He knew he should have. Cody was his friend. "But..but he's with a little girl." He whisper shouted now, giving Angie a helpless look that he had to do something.

Angie rolled her eyes and went back to a Fruit Baskets book.

"Hey." Sawyer was suddenly all grins as he approached the coffee date in progress. "Whatcha doing?" He gritted a hard smile.

Naturally, Cody introduced Bree to him. Sawyer kept staring, wondering just how these two met. Instantly, he turned and motioned for Angie's help. It wasn't long until they were sitting together. Actually, everyone nursed smoothies instead of coffee.

Angie kept watching Sawyer as if she was part of his audience for a monologue. Sawyer didn't think he could break this date up. By the looks of Cody, Sawyer knew Cody wouldn't listen to a word he had to say.

What's Stopping You

Martha didn't know how this happened, but she invited Dorian and Ruben along with Abel to a Haunted House. Actually, she'd called to ask about Garvin but somehow never got around to it.

She guessed it worked out OK, because Brice showed up last minute when she mentioned the Haunted House to him at work.

"How did this happen?" Effy tagged along too and got Martha in the restroom to have a sisterly talk with her.

"Nothing's happened." Martha shrugged.

"God, they aren't even family." Effy reminded her.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Martha swelled a frown. She'd never gotten this many people together since high school. Even then it might have been all of two people, and it was never to a Haunted House. "Besides..I wanted to do something for Abel."

"But he's too little for a Haunted House." Effy frowned back.

"He's having fun with the games and the petting zoo." Martha looked at her as if she was really thinking of Abel, when maybe she wasn't.

Why did she have to compare Garvin to Brice?

"And Brice is here?" Her sister reminded her while they were in the stalls, going to the restroom.

"Yeah, I know." Martha was in a huff. She went to wash her hands so did her sister.

"You never said how your date went." Effy looked at Martha.

"It didn't feel like a date." Martha nursed her bottom lip then. It was just so easy with Brice. She didn't even have to try. "Maybe it wasn't really a date." Martha then said trying to tell herself he wasn't what she wanted. However, there was Brice, all grins, when she got back to her new circle of friends.