Sunday, November 29, 2015

let's talk turkey

what are you talking about?

It was really last minute. In fact, Carson didn't even tell his Dad, they were coming for Thanksgiving.

It got to be too much at Britney's. Actually, her mother's house. Britney's older sister (come to find out was only her step-sister) got in a spat with their Mom.

Carson thought it was best if they left.  After all, baby Theo hated loud voices and kept crying. He could hardly catch his breath. After while, Carson held the biracial baby out in the yard before the weather started freezing rain, while Britney went to get the stuff they came with. This meant a backpack, coats, his favorite toys and a diaper bag.

So they showed up, as everyone was about to sit down at his Dad's house.

"Sorry." Britney was very apologetic. "I'm Britney." She forced everyone to practically shake her hand and there stood  Carson holding the baby.

Carson didn't have much to say. No one imposed on them about showing up without a call.

There was pleasant conversation, plenty to eat and it was a whole lot calmer than where they came from.

Carson wanted to run, first thing while at Briteny's family Thanksgiving. They all questioned him about being a police officer. Wasn't he afraid to be a police officer? Well, he was afraid of her people. And if he could get Britney away from them, he would.

"Don't YOU always do that, though?" His father mentioned later about Carson's maverick romancing. "Come in, sweep the girl off her feet. Save her from her family, then drop her like a hot potato."

Carson winced. At least Britney didn't hear his dad speech while they were having a shot of whiskey in his Dad's study.

Gage was off babysitting and the women were cleaning up, making coffee and making room for pie.

"I'm not like that." Carson didn't believe his father for a minute. "You, don't know me."

"Well, this first had with Essie. I thought you would have been with her in the thick of it. She gets pregnant and you suddenly pick up where you left off with some girl, you knew in high school. Honestly, I really think you need to be alone, for awhile." His Dad poured another shot of whiskey.

Carson barely got down the first one.

"You're... not alone." Carson glared at him.

"I was alone...for many..many..years. Don't go thinking I had a woman in every city I've been too. I don't." His Dad glared back. "Look, don't you think, this Britney looks an awful lot like Charlie?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Now Carson felt like he was having a conversation with Gage, who always connected the dots when there were no dots to connect. Carson just sighed. "We're just friends." Which was a terrible lie. He'd stayed at Britney's last night because he didn't want to sleep alone. Among other things.

"She looks like a sweet girl, but is that all you need, right now? What if it gets serious? You're gonna have to step up." His Dad reminded him. He hadn't stepped up with Charlie and her daughter.

Just a phone call away

Of course, Gage called his mother about the news of Carson's new girlfriend.

"I don't think they're living together yet." But he knew it was only a matter of time. As alone as Carson said he wanted to be, Gage knew that was a lie.

Gage wished they could be friends, but Gage understood now, Carson would always be his big brother, thinking he was the smart one. Gage guessed he'd have to go along with that.

"So, how is everything there?" Gage wanted to know how the holiday went in Texas at Easy's parents.

"Interesting." His mother told him.

"How interesting?" Gage wanted to know.

"Well, Easy sure doesn't have it easy with that mother of his. She drags him down, every chance she gets. No wonder, he never comes home." Clare only chuckled.

"Don't get in a fight with her, " Gage couldn't help but laugh, too.

"But she misses her baby." Clare sighed.


"Will is her only grandchild."

"Huh." Gage didn't know what to say.

"I think she wants to come for Christmas." Clare guessed.

"Come here? For Christmas?" Gage didn't understand. It would be so cold then. It was warm in Texas.

"She seems to think she can get back with Easy's father." Clare hoped that didn't happen.

"She hasn't driven you to drink, has she?" Gage asked.

His mother only laughed. "Its Easy I'm worried about. I hope we won't be back here, for a good long while."

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vada verses Lottie

don't they know....

Vada was so upset, she took over Alo's bed.

He'd left her alone to go talk with Roman. What in the world would they have to talk about? Alo would never talk about her. He better not mention any of the Thanksgiving fiasco to Roman. Especially, about the fight she had with Lottie.

She flopped on her stomach and screamed silently into his pillow. And she began to cry. Her brother was having sex with Lottie. She just knew it.

Lottie wormed her way in. She'd slept with Frankie the night before, at Vada's parents house.

What did they care? They were so shocked about the news about Henry and Josie's baby, those two had a bottle of wine and went off to the den which Vada never went too. That's where her Dad listened to his jazz records and sometimes, played his sexaphone to the songs. Of course, they probably doing IT.

Vada's eyes lit. Everyone was DOING IT but her and Alo.

She sat up and rubbed the tears from her burning eyes. She eased out of her pout and cleared her throat. Vada go up and opened the door.

"Alo, get up here. Right now! We're doing something tonight!"

hey now

"Oh, isn't it fun to sleep together?" Lottie was all grins. She'd held on to Frankie all night. And he didn't move once. Of course, she had on her PJ's he had on a tank and some sleep pants. It wasn't nasty at all.

Of course, she talked so much, Frankie fell asleep listening.

He smelled like chicken and dumplings. She told him too. Then she wanted to know what she smelled like. He said apple pie.

Oh, she did love him. She did love being this close to him.

Frankie's parents hadn't even noticed.

Of course, she hoped they knew where Vada was going. Was she suppose to be spending the night with Alo?

Lottie smiled with mischief. She did have something to share. But she wasn't sharing  Frankie with anyone.

Just the two of us

Truth be told, Frankie would be happy to get his bed back. He doubted he would get any sleep tonight, again.

This time in their make out time, she bit him on the chest. And he almost said ENOUGH. No way was she finding anything else to bite.

Then his cell went off. To his surprise it was Alo. He got up to take the call while Lottie laid in bed in her pink Hello Kitty PJs.

"Could you... just tell your sister that you're not having sex with your girlfriend?" Alo asked.

"What?" Frankie looked wide-eyed. He heard Vada crying on the phone.

"Please don't do anything with her!"

"We're not doing all that much." He kept his voice low. Sometimes, they just bonked each other's noses when they tried to kiss, but then he wouldn't want to do that with anyone else. "She's already in bed. Did you need to talk to her?"

"NO." Vada told him she never wanted to speak to her again, and if he was smart..he would leave, right now.

Frankie listened while he watched Lottie, who was making silly faces at him. A tickle got caught in his throat, and he laughed.

Nobody could make him laugh like Lottie.

"What's so funny?" Vada wanted to know.

"Nothing." He couldn't help but laugh more. "She's..she's acting like a cat, right now."

"A cat?" Vada was really upset.

"You, just have fun with Alo, OK? Everything is fine here." He told his sister and cut her off before she could say anything else.

Frankie did love when Lottie held on to him. And she liked to kiss his eyelids, too. Really, he'd never had anyone care about him, like she did.

Besides, who else was there? Who let him practice so much French kissing. After all, one day they would go to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel Tower.

Friday, November 27, 2015


How did it ever....

Oh, so many things had happened. Alo felt he was watching a good old American drama. He didn't think he was quite part of it, did he?

Yes, there were some very good happy moments at Vada's during Thanksgiving. Her brother Frankie was there with his girlfriend. She'd stayed over the night prior, and it wasn't until later that everyone found out, Lottie hadn't stayed in her room that night, and she wouldn't that night, either. She had obviously taken it to a new level with Frankie.

But there was some really good news. Henry announced Josie and he were having a baby. She would be three months pregnant in a week or two. After that, the meal was very mellow and well, Alo thought they might get to settle down to a game on the TV. Perhaps, he and Vada would snuggle and he'd have a good nap.

Henry's parents were talking quietly about the news while Henry and Josie went on to her parents' house. It was going to be a very low-key Thanksgiving. Well, he thought for a couple of hours, anyway. In spite of Vada and Lottie deadly glares.

They got in the fight in the kitchen.

It was hard to say who was more fierce. Alo and Frankie managed to separate them, in the nick of time. Alo was surprised they didn't scratch each other.

"It could have been a real cat fight." Alo sighed, letting Vada go up first to his room to get her thoughts together. She was staying over, even if they'd talked about Frankie and Lottie far too long in his car in front of her house.

Alo needed to talk to someone.  Roman was eating a cold turkey sandwich. "So how was your Thanksgiving?" Alo asked before he stole a potato chip off Roman's paper plate.

about her

"Oh, the usual." Roman managed a twenty minute dinner with his family at some high end place in the city. Roman talked to Alo at the boarding house about his Thanksgiving. "Then I stopped by the old towne theater. See if I could help with a set or something. Suzanne, this girl I met, who works there, was practicing the Nutcracker with these little girls. Seriously, didn't even know she was a ballet instructor. Didn't know she had a boyfriend, either."

Roman tried not to be upset about it. He drank on his Jack Daniel's Black Coke. In fact, he'd drank the whole six pack. It was a let down to know that Suzanne had an Asian boyfriend. He'd hoped he would have seen her alone. He wanted to ask her out, but he guessed that wouldn't be happening now.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Love is all around you

where the heart is

Taylor almost fell asleep at his grandmother's. It had been a rather long night.

 First, he didn't think they could find the right thread count at Wal-mart, but finally, Sara found some black sheets that would do. Then she thought he needed pajamas. He'd never worn pajamas in his life. Then came a long discussion about what to wear to bed. "How about nothing." He was honest. She thought it was a joke.

 Later, came the laundering. Oh, if only..they'd done some laundry, long before now, they might not be together. He had no idea she could pour in so many things to make the sheets smell fresh.

And the music to set the night in motion. Taylor laughed at her when she put on Depeche Mode. But he got through it. Yes, the deed was done, and he was kind of goofy about it.

She kept looking at him horrified now, that he might make their night of passion.. breakfast talk. But he kept holding on to a coffee mug and asked for more coffee. Really, he wasn't hungry or anything. Honestly, he was anxious to be in bed with Sara again, because what did happen? She was really different when she listened to music during sex.

For the most part, he was a lump on a log at his grandmother's house. Doing what he knew best, being silent. Meanwhile, Sara had to answer fifty questions or so about her job, her family, how long had they been seeing each other, and did she go to church.

"Not as much as when I was younger." She shrugged. "I still go to Christmas Mass." She told his mother and grandmother. That's when Taylor knew it was time to go. Wrong answer.

Its gonna be

Barry really thought the turkey was too big. He'd got a free one from work.

"You know, I could have brought the whole dinner home, from where I work." Charlie looked at him, as if they really didn't need a turkey this size, even with Scott and Essie to feed.

"It was free." He was still wondering what he could do. He couldn't quite read the directions on the bag, even with his glasses on.

Of course, Charlie slid the rack to almost the bottom of the oven.

"It does that?" Barry didn't know. "Seriously?" That went to show how much he used the oven.

She oiled the turkey up with vegetable oil. Of course, it was Charlie that saw he'd left the plastic bag of gravy and gizzards in the bird.

Barry made a face of disgust. But she tended to the turkey and soon enough, it was in the oven. Charlie even put some foil on top so it would start cooking sooner.

"Thank God! You're here." He hugged her with a big smile, planting a kiss on her forehead. He knew now that she didn't really need him, but he needed her.

Love is all around us

Ben couldn't figure out what was in all those shoe boxes. His mom wasn't taking them to the curb. They were still in the hall closet. He noticed the name of the prison on one of the envelopes in a shoebox.

Ben almost choked on laughter as he went to show it to his mother. "You, wrote to somebody in prison?" He asked while she was still nursing the turkey with a fat baster in the kitchen.

"Oh, it was years ago. Decades, in fact." She shrugged. Ben supposed the letters were all there in those shoe boxes. Why hadn't he noticed before? He thought his mother just liked shoes.

"How did that happen?" They told him at group counseling to always ask questions. He finally decided it was about time he did.

"Oh, I dunno. I never really dated." She talked about her parents. How she'd taken care of them. They weren't around, by the time Ben was born. "Somebody, friend from college...asked me to write a prisoner. So we started writing letters. Come to find out, he was letting everyone in his cell block read them. I didn't know until I got a collect phone call from this Fernando, that he was coming to get me." She shook her head. "I'd never been so upset in my life, so I went straight to the prison and had a word with Jeremy, about it..Well, I guess they thought it was a conjugal visit, evidently. I got to meet him face to face..and..." She was stammering, but not saying much. "And then you came along."

Ben stared at her. He didn't believe her. Still, his stomach growled. He didn't want to be hungry at a time like this.

The door bell rang.

"Oh..he's here..he's finally here!" She was so excited. She practically left the oven door open, but it squeaked shut, in time.

It was a man. A lot younger man, than Ben antispated. It just about took the air out of him, as he waited. She hugged him. He kissed her. As if it had been far too long, since the last time.

"Who's that?" Mae came up from behind him and practically made him jump.

"Um, Jeremy." He heard her say his name. "My mom likes to write to men... in prison."