Friday, December 2, 2016

within the reason

within the reason

When Xander thought of Omaha's hair, he couldn't help but think of Joey. He smiled as he clicked off his cell. He shook his head and went back to seeing to the dishes.

Yes, it felt like a long Thanksgiving weekend. Somehow they'd managed through, with out a fallout of some kind.

Of course, Jamie was still seeing Effy, but they didn't meet  up, until after noon dinner at Ducky and Jamie's mom's house. It was all rather formal, no unexpected guests. Not like later.

Later, was full of surprises.

Joey invited Patty, who came with someone..who wasn't her husband.

Xander didn't know what Joey was getting himself into.

" had a thing for her?" He mentioned, while it was the two of them in the kitchen. At least, Joey wasn't a beach blond, anymore. Still, Xander wondered just how many romances did Joey have going.

"What thing?" It was definitely a sore subject with him. After all, there was always Corina a few footsteps away.

"Are you just trying to get out of this..with..with Corina?" Xander didn't mean to pick a fight with him.

"Stop." Joey informed him that Corina was only a friend.

"Does she know that?" She was always making over him.

Joey said he owed Patty a lot.

"But..but you're not suppose to be friends with your group counselor." Xander didn't think it was right. Didn't he realize Patty was a professional.

Joey shook his head, no, ever so sleepily.

"Counselors need someone to talk too...too." Joey was even lipped about it. He told Xander about Patty's problem with her cop husband. "They're separated." He shrugged.

Xander wasn't sure they should get so cozy with these people they hardly knew, but Patty was seeing a colleague of Ducky's. All seemed to be right in the world. Corina's smile was always endearing.

Xander guessed it was a Thanskgiving that just kept giving. Patty had already made plans for everyone to come to her place for Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

in the thick of it

in the thick of it

Sheena really wanted to talk to someone, but there were only those generic questions she could ask Xander over the "How was your Thanksgiving?"

Of course, he hardly had time to talk. She should have text. He said it was a full house. They'd had dinner with Ducky's mom, earliter in the day at her place, but later had people over for an evening meal at their place.

"How was yours?" Xander wanted to know.

" Thanksgiving." Sheena bit a grin. There was no one around to keep her from telling the truth. "That cousin of Omaha's." She sighed, wondering where it went all wrong.

For starters, she knew Blackie was peeved with Omaha. Evidently, he gave Omaha an earful... when he saw the makeover she gave Omaha. True, maybe she went a little overboard, but they were seeing her mother that night, and she didn't want her mother thinking she was going out with a savage.

"I..I kind of tweaked, Omaha's look." She winced, trying to explain it to Xander.

"You, did what?" Xander's question really got to Sheena, as if she'd done a terrible thing.

"It's not that big of a deal." After all, they were doing lots of things together, since Sara and Taylor were gone. It just seemed like the natural course of things.. Maybe. "I mean, he's really OK with it." She thought so. "We..we are definitely in ..a relationship now." She didn't know what else to say about it. But it was not the end..just the beginning.

"Oh, really? Just what did you do to him?"

"Um, I cut his hair." She'd put some color in it, too.

"And you, didn't even go to beauty school." She could hear laughter in Xander's voice, already.

"If could do my nails, some time." Sheena said she desperately needed a manicure. No way, could she trust Omaha with her fingernails.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

there she goes

There She Goes

" have to go see if..if Daisy is really all right." Sara's words only gave Omaha a festered wince. Was she serious? He couldn't get a word in edgewise over the phone. Actually, he never expected to hear from her. And of course, she wasn't going to ask how Thanksgiving went.

They'd ended up at Blackie and Minnie's at noon. That woman must have gotten up with the cows. It was seriously a fresh turkey. After a miserable tale of how the turkey came to be..he and Sheena lost their appetites.

And then Minnie's sister June showed up. Needless to say, Omaha found... out the hard way... that Blackie was mixed up, with the both of them. So NO, he hadn't heard about anything bad happening in the neighborhood.

" what am I suppose to do now?" He didn't want to have to physically go to Daisy and Max's. He'd just stop by the diner and let Max fill him in. Of course, he didn't mention this to Sara.

It was good to have some hot coffee. By the time he got to the diner, it was empty. Perhaps a lot were out shopping for deals.

"You, didn't find any deals?" Max smiled when he brought him the special, two sunny side eggs, a biscuit with extra sausage.

Omaha shook his head, no. He didn't believe in Black Friday. Of course, this wasn't the time to elaborate there was no gift giving at his house while growing up.

"Sara sent me." Omaha got around to saying by his second cup of coffee.

"Sara?" Now Max looked alarmed.

Omaha explained Sara and Taylor were out on their honeymoon, somewhere near the Virgin Islands.

"Anyway, didn't Daisy tell you about that call?"

"No." Max sat down with the coffee pot. "What happened?" He made it sound as if Sara and Taylor must have already broken up. He nursed his bottom lip.

"Nothing, that I know of." Omaha shrugged to Max's concern about Sara and Taylor. "She..she's concerned about Daisy. Daisy told her something happened."

"Huh?" Max winced as if he'd really have to think on this one. "Oh..." he finally remembered. "You know, that brought in here..that one time..."

Omaha could only think of one kid that he knew. That was Brick.

"He's in the hospital." Max told him about the Thanksgiving incident then.

Omaha couldn't help but frown. This was a lot closer to home, than he thought.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No footsteps are dragging behind

no footsteps are dragging behind

What were they saying? That couldn't be right. This was just nonsense.

Yes, Terrence was used to orange jump suits down at county. He yawned, not wanting to listen to anymore. It couldn't be true. knew his bed was too cold at night. This much he knew.

He'd thought he'd run down to the old diner for a burger, but it was even closed. Terrence pressed his lips tight, thinking a cigarette might be nice.

He had no memory of Thanksgiving day. He really didn't.

He found himself smiling, sitting handcuffed as if he might turn into a monster, any second. He wanted to eat, but there went his stomach churning, and he couldn't keep his foot from tapping if he tried. Suddenly, the shakes took over. He'd ride it out like a roller coaster. Except his headache was much too thick in the head. Maybe he did feel faint.

"I think I need to see a doctor." He finally explained. After all, this ...well..who ever in the hell he was  talking to.... here at the jail. Didn't they know he wasn't well?

He didn't believe a thing what they were saying. He didn't know nothing about a pickup. Yes, he'd been staying out in the woods in a hunter's cabin.

It was no more than a school bus without the wheels. It was painted green and the bed was no more than a cot.

He sniffed as if he really did have a cold, after all. Or maybe..just maybe he was allergic to this place.

Still, he'd get three meals a day, a place to stay. Even a television room. Well, he'd heard it. They hadn't let him have that privilege yet. But it was coming. The good life, indeed.