Monday, January 23, 2017

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Omaha blew a breath. He didn't know what to say about Emily, but then he found he had plenty to say.

"I actually..met her at the library." He told Minnie.

"She must really love the library. She found herself a librarian." Minnie chuckled.

Omaha couldn't see how Minnie couldn't have a jealous bone in her body, and she was so easy to talk too.

"I don't even think she remembers me." Omaha then said. "And..and well I did some things with her." He didn't really want to tell Minnie he'd lost his virginity, but Minnie guessed it, anyway.

Damn, if before he knew it, he was talking about Carmen.

Omaha blinked tears. He wasn't sure if he was sweating or what. He hadn't meant for this to all be about Carmen. It was just all the things he'd ever wanted to do with Carmen, he'd done with Emily.

He felt like a fool now. But maybe this was the way it was suppose to be. People made mistakes. People learned from mistakes. Finally he got off the phone with Minnie.

While he was washing his face at the kitchen counter, Taylor showed up.

"You know, Sara doesn't like it when you do that." Taylor told him.

Omaha heaved a sigh and dried his face on a dish towel, anyway.

"Oh, and she hates that too."

Omaha swelled a frown and looked around the spotless kitchen.

"She won't even know, I'm here." Omaha snapped.

"Yeah, don't you and I both wish that." Taylor half laughed. He went to get a beer and got one for Omaha too.

"So you really have been acting freaking weird since Minnie's been around." Taylor told him.

"Huh?" Omaha winced hard.

"You..didn't know..Minnie .. from before..did you?" Now Taylor made him feel he was some sort of Casanova.

"God..NO." Omaha winced even harder, that's when he mentioned the Emily sighting.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

its in the voice

its in the voice

"Its too cold to be out." Minnie informed Omaha over the phone. Besides, if she got off base, she might not be able to get back on. As it was, she supposed she was in hiding, but what did Blackie care. "He hasn't called, right?"

"No. But-" Omaha sounded worried. "I talked to him, while he was out deer hunting...and I..I thought he'd call back, but he didn't."

"Don't worry so much." She told him he liked the outdoors, especially with his Dad.

"Maybe, you should call his parents." Omaha sounded, it was the right thing to do.

"Its kind of a forbidden subject." Blackie didn't like her talking to his family. Evidently, they didn't like her much, either. He always made it sound as if he was protecting her from them. Still, she knew he didn't want her saying bad things about him. And she didn't.

"God, what am I suppose to do?" He sounded as if he needed to clear this up.

"Sorry, I don't even have their phone number." She felt a bit useless to Blackie. She knew she should have a plan, but she didn't. Still, she felt that being at Josh's was the right place to be. It felt genuine to be helping out with the baby.

Besides, she did all those things she needed a lot of practice doing. Reading. Holding. Talking. Playing with the baby.

It even felt good to keep the house clean and the laundry done. Of course, she carried the baby on her back when she was doing chores. And yes, maybe it was tiring, but it was a good kind of tired.

This much she could handle.

But maybe Omaha didn't call about Blackie, Minnie decided. It was as if this conversation was on repeat.

"Did anything happen, when Mitch was over?" She remembered Omaha mumbling something about the blond Mitch was with.

"What?" There went that shock and dismay sound in Omaha's voice.

"Just tell me..what's really wrong?" It was easy to see he needed to talk, but it wasn't about that silly cousin of his that worked at the zoo. "You, don't like Mitch's fiancee?"

"Emily." Even when he said her name, Minnie could tell Omaha must remember her from somewhere.

"Is that her name?" Minnie asked.

"Yeah." Still he sounded as if he was lost in thought.

"Is she an old girlfriend of yours?" Minnie couldn't help but grin as if she wasn't all that bad at math, after all.

"How-" Oh, she'd caught Omaha and she couldn't help but laugh. "How know?"

"Its in your voice." She sighed. "You, can tell me about her, if you want too."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

What Have I done to deserve this?

What have I done to deserve this?

It was a little too late.

Xander knew it then and he knew it now. About his feelings for Joey.

He did his best not to give Joey a second thought. Yes, he'd pushed him away. Still, it troubled him, even if he didn't want it too.

Maybe, he really did hate Joey, after all.

A part of him felt he'd gone out of his way to help this lost soul. And when he'd found out Joey had a child, it tugged at his heart. He wanted to do the right thing.

But now, he felt as if Joey had taken advantage of the whole situation. And he didn't want to be in the same room with him.

Even at breakfast, he wouldn't look at him. He wanted to forget that kiss. At least, he could assure himself that he hadn't kissed him back.

He wouldn't dare bring it up. Especially, to Ducky. It was just foolish. He was still mad at his uncle, too.

What if...

It gave him a headache, wondering what those two might have done if he hadn't have caught them, when he did.

This was not the life he wanted.

He wanted the good life for his family. Was he expecting too much? He loved Ducky whole hardheartedly, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him.

Still, the aftermath stung him deep.

"Are you OK, man?" Josh asked as they were getting ready for their shift.

Xander only nodded, knowing he wouldn't bring up Joey. He sighed as if it was time to not think about home, just his job as a medic.

"So, did you have a good new year's?" Xander looked at Josh who wasn't red-eyed, from lack of sleep.

"Never better." Josh's smile was sharp. "I feel better, knowing the baby will be OK." He said he trusted the new babysitter. "She's really good with her."

"How did that happen?" Xander gave him a pat on the back just as a call came in.

"Some things, you're just better off, not asking." Josh's smile was open. The two of them were on the run, as if this was a race they enjoyed, every moment of.

Friday, January 20, 2017

out of her element

out of her element

Gabby knew it was a one time deal, but she was happy to have Howie's help, after the party.

He was so nice, but that wasn't her thoughts of him... when he wasn't around. It was a certain comfort he gave her, like a boost of confidence.

Not like when she was with Will.

She was certain of it now. Will had changed.

"I have not." His voice was ever so dull, and she felt he might be right on one level. He seemed destined to exist only in his man cave, who occasionally came out in the daylight if she pulled him out into the world.

Of course, give Will an hour or two and they were right back where they started. His world.

It was not working these days. Was it just cabin fever? No way, would he have ever stayed to help clean up.

When Howie called and asked her if she wanted to go to the museum exhibit, she said yes.

It felt like a real date, too. They spent hours walking through the different exhibits. Afterwards they had lunch at the cafe in the museum. It was as if her world lit up and he talked about so many things. History. The movies. Even TV shows.

But he didn't hold her hand. He grabbed her wrist once, to keep her from bumping into some woman who wasn't looking where she was going.

And now, when she thought of the gesture, she wished he'd held her hand. Could he possibly hold her hand, the next time they went out?