Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Happy Thanksgiving to you too

a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too prt.1

Rossie took another deep breath and waited. Was she really going to do this? Right now?

If he saw her. He would know.

She nursed her bottom lip, thinking it was taking too long. The group home knew she was coming. It was weeks ago when her boss scheduled the privilage.

"Maybe..this will make him see what the future holds." Zane's words still sounded like a pledge she wasn't sure would work.

Derrick was taking classes now. In computers. As in taking them apart and putting them back together.

It made her sad to think it had come to this. He'd always been so promising when it came to music. Did he ever play the guitar, anymore?

She thought she was going to be sick or just in tears. The waiting was God awful long. Then she felt the baby move. The door opened and it was Derrick.

He was in some brown cheap suit with a gold plaid shirt underneath.

"What happened to you?" He winced as if this were a cruel joke.

She didn't have a comeback. Why did she ever think she could take him anywhere on Thanksgiving?

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too prt.2

Camille knew it was last minute. What was she thinking? They had strict rules where they were keeping Derrick. All she wanted to give him was a pecan pie. She knew he loved it over pumpkin, especially on Thanksgiving.

She'd came alone. Didn't even tell anyone before dinner that she was hoping to see Derrick. But he wasn't here.

"He didn't escape, did he?" Surly, they would have called her, but then again, she wasn't keeping up with him, lately. She knew he was in a group home of sorts.

She got a chuckle at the lady at the desk.

"I think he's seeing family." The woman smiled.

"Really?" This was news to Camille. She gave the pie to the woman. Told her it wasn't just for Derrick. Camille was thanked.

On the way out, Camille noticed Derrick across the parking lot. The freezing wind chilled Camille to the bone. She couldn't stand to watch for too long. He was with someone Camille had never seen  before. They were getting into an old car and the pregnant girl was driving.

Camille sighed, wondering what other life was Derrick leading.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oh, like a new winter's tale

Oh, like a new winter's tale

Was it almost Thanksgiving? Ruby didn't care.

She thought of how awful she felt when she fled to the Girl's restroom at the high school during the craft show and had a good cry over Cody's harsh words. She knew he was too good to be true.

They didn't care about her at home. No. No one said much when she was there. In fact, she never spoke at home, and it would be another empty holiday where no one did a thing.

It felt good to cry about it, again. In bed. At home. Alone.

She didn't really mind the tears. When her head stopped up, she panicked. She could hardly breathe. But she'd ran home that cold day and took refuge in her room with her favorite CARE BEAR. She hugged him tight.

And then it came back to her, she'd hugged Cody tight that day, too.

He'd came over. He knocked on the door, profusely. Finally, she stomped down the stairs. Cause nobody was home, and she was really going to say some evil things to him. But he looked sad. And then it happened.

It was kind of fuzzy where it happened. She kissed him hard. Like he would, when he wanted her to shut up. She never said a word to him. After awhile, they wore each other's lips out. And then she almost bit him on the neck and that was an invitation for something else.

It was only a love mark. He gave her one, right back, and she stuck her tongue in his ear, but he was squeamish. They kissed back to how they started. Like a heavy duty scene from a sexy soap opera,

They made it upstairs to her room. The final destination. Oh, she didn't want to think about how clumsy he was, nor how she bumped him on the forehead, and him panting, like maybe he was not of this world, after all.

Vampire. Werewolf. Merman. Oh, he wasn't sparkling, but if felt absolutely magical. But it was no video game.

Just what sort of tricks did she have up her sleeve? He liked her better in her underwear.

Oh, she drew a  frown now. She was suppose to be sad. Mad. Angry with her parents.

She hugged her CARE BEAR. She ignored their voices from downstairs. The place could be on fire. And she wasn't going anywhere. She was still in the middle of her misery, even if it had subsided for about an hour. Maybe.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doubtfully so

doubtfully so prt.1

"So do you like the new place?" Syreeta wanted to know.

It caught Bree off guard. Or maybe it was the snow. Winter finally arrived.

Bree was surprised to see Syreeta show up at the house. Of course, they weren't alone. It was after school and Conner was microwaving s'mores.

"Uh, yeah..its good." She smiled as she showed her to the kitchen. There was a boiling teapot. Bree got out the tea-bags and got the tea party started. She introduced her to Conner who was more of a lump than anything as he stood there waiting for the marshmellow to melt on the chocolate. After all, he had been out shoveling the driveway for Uncle Rowdy.

"How have you been?" Bree noticed something different about her, but she didn't think Clive had anything to do with it.

"There was the craft show." She grinned.

"Did I miss that?" Bree hated that she'd been a no show. Instead, she'd watched Conner play his video game here and later they watched a marthon of Dance Academy and finally that Saturday afternoon when the last of the leaves were golden..Uncle Rowdy made them ride their bikes around the block. It was getting cold, even then, too cold for bike riding.

She let Syreeta gush about who she'd met.

"God, I must have talked to Keith..for hours. I mean, I didn't go home until it was almost dark. He had this old guitar in the trunk of his car and well, we...Yeah, I sang with him. We were out by the soccer field far from the library. Hopefully, no one heard us."

"Well, that's great." Bree asked if they'd dated long.

"No. I just met him. Is it weird? Am I weird?" Syreeta winced as if she didn't do things like this.

"No." Bree slightly laughed as she looked over her shoulder and saw Conner was messy with s'mores. She sighed. Oh, they'd never do anything romantic like that in a million years. He was just hiding here. She had come to that conclusion. No way, would he ever break her heart.

Doubtfully so prt. 2

Martha couldn't help but smile when she got the phone call from Abel. Her cell never rang. She almost didn't know how to answer it.

"Did it snow?" He wanted to know.

"Uh-huh." She looked out the front window. It was a winter wonderland. Of course, it was Effy out front shoveling the drive.

"We did too!" He told her about the snowball fight he had with both his Dads and and how they were building him a snow fort. "You, have to come and see it, before it melts."

"I doubt it will melt anytime soon." It was all of 6 degrees outside.

He talked about Thanksgiving. "You, should come. You, could bring your boyfriend."

"Oh, I..I think I better stay here." She thought of Garvin. Did Abe think they were still seeing each other? "Beside, I don't think your Uncle Garvin would want to see me." She did feel bad for saying no to his plan, but she knew if she said yes it would be like going to a horribly long movie that went no where. Then she'd be claustrophobia, a panic attack might set in. It was best if she stayed right here.

"I'm not talking about Uncle Garvin," Abel said, "That other guy. You know, Brice."

"Brice?" She didn't think Abel knew his name. "Oh, he's busy. He's so busy." She didn't know if that were true. She didn't care to know. Besides, they worked together and she saw him enough.

"But can't you just ask him? Ask him to our house for Thanksgiving?" Abel practically begged.

"Oh, Abel." She loved the sweetness in his voice, but she'd never given in to that sort of thing. She felt certain she was just a little too old for any sort of romance. Besides, she needed to be here for Effy. They'd manage through Thanksgiving, somehow.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just another cold sunny day

Just another cold sunny day prt.1

"I think I'm OK." Sky wasn't sure who he was saying it for. His counselor or just for himself or maybe..maybe it was for Josie. He had to be OK. Things were not that bad.

"I mean, I just had to ride it out." He winced as if maybe he was fully recovered. "I mean..its not like I was suicidal or anything." He wanted to clarify. They had his records. They knew what happened when his little sister died and the disaster with a so called girlfriend that didn't turn out to be much of  a friend.

"I just like to be in control." He sighed. "I guess that's it. And can't be in control..of everything." He sat there on the white clinical couch. He wondered how they kept the place so clean. It didn't feel real. It was like he was asleep and when he'd wake up, he'd find it was all a dream. This could be a dream.

Yes, he took his med. He forged on. Everything was tasteless and numb and what if he was worse off now, than before?

" long do you think I'll be on ..this stuff?" He asked.

"Why? What wrong?' The counselor wanted to know. She wasn't even the doctor he was seeing. She was helping him out because of his large work load. She'd get back to him on that. With a nod she scratched down his question.

"Nothing." Sky looked up blankly at the thin woman in heavy glasses. Everything had to be all right. It had to be. There were a lot worse off people. He was just being silly. That's what this was. Yes. Stupid. An idiot.

Oh, didn't they know..he didn't want to trouble the world with much of anything. But he wasn't sure he could be the boyfriend that Josie wanted him to be. Not at the moment. Anyway.

Just another cold sunny day prt.2

It was Willow's idea that Josie go to the craft store with her. She didn't feel that comfortable going out into the cold with her new baby Lizzy. She knew, winter was coming. And as cold as it was out, it would get in snow, ice and frigid temps.

"I dunno." Josie didn't sound too excited about chunky yarns.

"What's wrong with you? You, love to crochet." Willow still  had the slouchy hat that Josie made for Jules, oh so long ago.

"Maybe..maybe I'm growing up." Josie was so solemn.

"Don't say that. You, need to keep this gift, you, are so good at." That's when Willow suggest they sale some of her circular scarves and hats at the coffee shop. "Christmas will be here before you know it, and you're an artist."

So off they went to the craft store, Josie didn't think she would care for any of it, but once she could touch the textures and oogle over the colors, her imagination popped with ideas. Oh, the things she could do. Yes, Willow was getting her excited about making warm items with yarn. Perhaps, it was nice to take a break from worrying about Sky.