Friday, July 3, 2015

its about time

its about time

Halie tried her best to be in a good mood about meeting... you know who at the airport. Her mother insisted that she go. After all, Gage came all this way to see Alec. Halie needed to be there with Alec.

Of course, Josie was all gloomy. Thus Halie's stomach was topsy-turvy. She hadn't seen Gage since...

Oh..maybe she'd pass out or something. She didn't want Dustin to see her reaction when she saw Gage for the first time since the last time she'd seen him..when she loved him and thought everything he touched was golden.

Now she didn't  know how to feel. Hate. Anger. Hostility.

"What is wrong with you, anyway?" She demanded Josie to take some time and really talk with her. "Are you mental?" She winced.

"I'm sorry..I've been so..awful." Josie looked as if she was on the brink of tears. She'd only came all this way for support. Even Molly and her twin Lucy and Archie showed up too.

"Sorry, we weren't all here when you arrived. I really hate traveling so long with Alec." As it was Alec was drooling all over Halie and taking in everything the big world had to offer. Her arm was wet, and she could hardly feel her hands after holding him so long.

Finally, Gage arrived..but not with Macy.

It was actually a relief. Halie did not want to meet Gage's girlfriend in person.

But naturally, she plopped Alec in Gage's arms without saying a word.

And Alec just looked up at him and put a wad of Gage's hair in his mouth.

"Hey, little man." Gage just smiled as if kids did that to him all the time, but then Dustin said something to him and Gage handed him over and put his thick hair in a man bun and went back to holding the baby.

And there was Henry. Who took to Josie right away like he had a secret to share.

 Again, Halie felt left out.

Gage talked about the weather with Dustin. Told him how hot and muggy it was back home. "Probably a chance of a tornado, somewhere." He sounded like he was happy to be here. And darn if there wasn't a whimper out of Alec.

She plodded along with Gage and Dustin, Halie looked back at Henry and Josie, wondering if they were even coming.


Obviously, he knew.

 Josie guessed Vada told Henry everything. Even if he kept talking about the flight and how amazing the trip was.

"And not once did I get sick, or anything else."

But he took her hand before she could actually turn from him, to see where Halie and the others were going.

He kissed her as if this was really what he'd came for.

And for the first time she felt as if she was truly glad to be here. She'd felt lost without him. She kissed him back as if she needed to make this up to him. It was best not to think.

"What the hell?" Halie marched right up to them, forcing them apart.

"I dunno, we thought we just might go on to Paris." Henry grinned.

Josie bit her bottom lip with a smile.

"Just kidding." He then promised. Finally they caught up with the others.

that family time of year

Well, Cooper was going to make an effort. Even if it were just the four of them. No Carly.

He'd never cooked out before, but Rita's grill was top of the line. How could any of it go wrong?

But he hadn't a clue what he was doing. Actually, he hadn't for sometime. He kind of liked it, that way. Rita knew what to do. So she could tell him what to do. And he was really fine with it... because... after all..she was looking out for his best interest.

And she was...

It made him smile when he thought of her. He couldn't look back. After all, life was good. He had Bella and a real family.

Well, one on the way. Still, they hadn't said anything to Jen. They hadn't even told her they got married. With Carly up and leaving, they  hadn't gotten around to telling anyone.

God knows, if his own father knew, he might have a heart failure. Of course, he never accept Bella. According to him, that could be anybody's kid. So Cooper hadn't been back with any troubles. It was best just to find his own way. Besides, his family were farmers and  they thought he'd sold out.

A real man would live on the land. No matter what.

Cooper supposed he would never be the son he was expected to be. But now, here he was about to grill a T-bone.

"I think the heats too high." An unfamiliar voice said from behind him.

 Cooper hadn't caught the commotion inside. He was trying to figure out how to do the chore at hand. After all, Rita had the meat seasoned. All he had to do was to put it on the grill and...

"You, might scorch it."  His hands looked able, and his hair was cropped short. He looked like the perfect all American solider. "Hey, I'm Roy." He smiled and offered Cooper a handshake. Roy was Rita's oldest son who was here with his little brother.

what time is it???

"Well..I just didn't know what you were doing for the 4th." Gavin thought he might look like an idiot now, as he stood on Maggie's doorstep. She had company and it was getting dark. He supposed he'd interrupted something, but Sophie was still up.

"Oh." She didn't say 'you should have called.' At least, she let him in. Sophie, on her waist. Honestly, he thought the little girl was too big to hold.

Maggie introduced him to Rhys. Soon enough, he found out they had a history. They'd gone on a missionary trip or two together.

Gavin had never been put in this sort of position before. Competing for someone's affection. He couldn't help to think that Rhys was better looking than him. Rhys always knew what to say, and her parents obviously loved Rhys. They'd invited him to the 4th.


"But I need to get back to St. Joe's." He smiled with a shrug. Gavin could see he hadn't ruffled his feathers.

"So, come to the cookout, if you want." Maggie didn't seem to care, one way or another.

"Sure." Gavin sighed, but he couldn't let either them know that he was happy that Rhys was leaving.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

where the spring starts

Where the spring starts

Slater couldn't see this happening. He didn't want to see it happen. Before he could have his say in anything, he was already in handcuffs on his way to jail.

Of course, once he was there, he could hear the cops talk among themselves.

"He's that kid, who was left at that National Park, wasn't he?"

Slater winced. It was a headline even in PEOPLE magazine. But he was a kid then. And he'd been brought along, against his will. He was only five with baby teeth. His uncle strangled his mother to death at home.

He'd seen the horror with his own eyes, but never talked about it. And then he'd been left on his own, pushed from a traveling car.

Blood. It still made him squirm to think of it. Slater bit his bottom lip in thought.

He remembered how it didn't hurt until he saw it dripping over his eye. And he'd wondered around, what seemed like weeks on end, just to find out later it was only three days.

He'd never wanted to be a victim. He would not be a victim, but he thought he might lose his senses in the all white shoe box cell they sent him too.

He started hyperventilating, and nobody seemed to noticed.

"Did you know your girlfriend was pregnant?" The man asked who was pulling his eyelids back and checking his pulse.

"What?" Slater felt his insides shake, like he might have low blood sugar. He guess he knew, but they hadn't exactly talked about it. "What are you talking about?" He struggled to get up(thinking it was no concern of there's about Jess), but they pushed him back down like he might be Frankenstein, and he might turn into a killing machine.

Slater took a deep breath.

"Look.." The cop up above blinded him and they would not let him up. He felt as if someone was sitting on his chest.

"I..I was only that guy who Jess works with..he wouldn't leave her alone. I..I only meant to push her out of the way."

He didn't know why he needed to be tortured so.

Of course, he remembered how the local sheriff treated the neighbor, one time when he was walking home without a shirt on. Anybody else, they wouldn't have stopped. But his neighbor was Sioux, and the local law enforcement always treated them as if they were renegades.

"I'm thirsty." Slater managed to say.

"Are you now?"

"I haven't eaten anything, all day." He didn't even know if Jess was all right.

"Did..Did Jess call the cops?" Slater wanted to know.

He knew she didn't.

"Let him up!" Someone said, but they were behind the bars, and Slater couldn't see who it was.

It was someone who worked on the Reservation. Slater couldn't imagine why anyone would send someone from the Reservation. But they let him go.

He was no longer shackled.

It wasn't long until Slater got in the white pickup truck.

His choice was to sit in Juvie or they could take him back to the Reservation.

"Who? Who sent you?" Slater asked, long after he drank the best soda of his life that came from a paper cup at the convenient Quick Shop.

"Your grandmother sent me." The Native American was a lawyer by the name of Blackie, and he lived on the reservation. "She seems to think you'll be safe there, instead of here."

"Safe?" Slater didn't get it. He didn't even know if Jess was OK or not. And what if she did have a miscarriage? Would he ever know?

"You've got some cousins you can stay with."

"But I don't know them?" Slater winced hard. This was news to him. He was a city boy, at heart. He didn't want to go where the streets weren't paved.

"Look, they were going to send you to ..maybe...if you were lucky..Boystown, or lock you up."

Just listening to his words made Slater's ears hurt. This was going to be the worst summer ever.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Leaving on an airplane

Leaving on an airplane

Gage figured he would be alone on this flight to England, but he wasn't.

He was sitting next to Henry. Of course, Gage didn't know what to say. He didn't want to talk to him. He figured Henry didn't want to talk to him, either.


"I can do this. I can very well do this." Henry might as well be talking to himself. "I have to do this."

"OK." Gage barely breathed. "Just..just shut up, dude."

"I know Mom thinks this is all wrong. I mean, I can't just sit around and DO nothing, you know?" Henry informed Gage he was physically fine. They'd reset what ever it was, that was in him and tweeked his meds. Good as new. Now if Gage could just find the switch to turn him off.

Perhaps, it was Gage who felt bad about leaving his actual mother. He didn't want to feel the pain, but he was afraid she wouldn't be here when he got back. It was hard for him to explain that she was important to him, even if Ren was just as important and so was his Dad. And of course, Alec.

He kept studying the baby's photo on his phone.

"I've never been on a airplane before." Henry finally confessed.

"Me, either." Gage sighed. He guessed a part of him thought it was fun, but not nearly as much as it would have been.. if Macy was here with him.

Henry looked out of the passenger window as clouds covered up the ground below and a certain sleepiness set in. Gage could already feel it. He sank back in his seat.

"I figured you'd have been more places." Gage shrugged.

"No, my dad always went places. Like, California, D.C." Henry's voice was calmer now. "I always stayed home. I hoped one day it would be my turn."

"Well...I guess its your lucky day." Gage was so ever straight lipped, not even wanting to imagine the reception he might get when they landed.

"Guess." Henry's voice cracked.

Gage looked at Henry and saw that he was crying.

"Hey, whats wrong?" Gage winced, not sure if he should have asked, but this was going to be a very long flight with a cousin he hardly knew.

"I just don't want to lose my best friend." Henry could barely breathe.

is it all wrong

Honestly, Henry had no one he could exactly explain this too. But it was like a sign of some kind when Gage's dad mentioned to his mother about the ticket. His mother was explaining to Gage's Dad that Henry was worried about Josie. Then Gage's Dad reminded Henry's Mom, they were family. They could help each other out.

Honestly, Henry didn't know he would even get the clear to go. At the moment, he wasn't even worried if he had a job or not.

No, this revelation about Josie being his best friend, stuck in his head. It was as if anything was possible. He just didn't know he could feel this kind of joy with a best friend. Deep down, he hoped it was true. He wanted a family with Josie.

"Does that sound lame to you?" Henry wanted to know from Gage now. It was like having a captivated  audience. He guessed. Of course, it felt as if they were scrunched up in a cattle car, being shuttled to a destination across the pond as Ian liked to put it.

Ian was OK with Gage and Henry staying at his house.

"No. Not at all." Gage shook his head. He was so much more understanding than Henry ever imagined. It was good to confide, in someone.

He looked at his cousin, wondering why he'd ever hated him, in the first place. He didn't even know him. Of course, it was fading fast in is head that Vada ever had bad dealings with Gage. It was the past, which felt so fleeting now. Henry just needed to see Josie.

Gage spoke of his mother then. He'd met her. She was actually in town. Something about Carson getting married.

"Huh." Henry didn't know this stuff. He wondered if his mother knew. They were family. "What did she say?" He wanted to know about Gage's mother.

"I think she's sorry. About everything." Gage was straight lipped. Henry thought maybe Gage was sorry about a lot things, too.

"I hope it goes all right, you know, about Alec." Henry found himself saying, not even sure if he could actually hear himself think.

Gage offered him some gum.

Henry didn't want it. What if he swallowed it, during a seizure?

It haunted him. The thought of his body thrashing in the isle of the plane. Instead, sleep set in. He listened to Gage talk a while about how he was going to work at the Black Cat.

"But you want to see Alec, don't you?" Henry thought he asked. Gage needed to see Alec. Not work at a pub.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So it goes

Why can't I

Jade never ever thought of herself as evil, but maybe if she'd kept her mouth shut none of them would be right here. Now, waiting in the emergency room lobby.

There was Slater as mute, as he ever was. Clive looked as if he lost the baby already. Of course, Jess didn't want anyone with her when she went to the exam room. All she worried about was the cost.

"What was she going to do? Go the whole nine months as if nothing ever happened, and then she just so happens to find a baby in the bathroom?" Jade couldn't help to bring this up as she held on to Clive.

Really, she did like the weight of him next to her. She just couldn't help herself, to not be there for him.

Of course, her brother Wayon said she deserved a lot better. "What in the world did YOU see in that weasel?" Wayon's word rang through her like an alarm, but she didn't go there with Clive, who looked so blue.

Well, Clive had potential, Jade reminded herself. All she was doing was standing up for him because nobody else would.

But Clive was crying now.

It hurt to watch, yet she found it gave him so much character. She'd never been this close to any boy in her life. She felt sure stuff like this was going to make him a man.

Unfortunately, the night just got longer, but he wouldn't sit. She couldn't help to lean on him. Besides, he and Slater might get into it, again.

That's what truly started all this mess. Slater would have to be a pit bull of some kind, who could only solve everything with his fist. After all, he was the one who'd pushed Jess down when she tried to calm him.

"I really think he should be arrested." Jade winced hard. If the baby didn't pull through this, Jade knew the exact thing to do.

You can't sit with us

Syreeta couldn't help..but to love summer. It had been the best, so far. The campus was so unique and everyone was so creative at the summer music program she was attending in Iowa. It was like a vacation for the senses. Especially, when it came to the beat, the rhythm and even the voices.

It was a vibrant feeling of happiness that she hoped she could take home with her. Honestly, a part of her didn't even want to go home. She knew exactly where she wanted to go to college, now.

But she hadn't heard from Clive today. She usually got at least one text from him. It was never much, but he was good at sticking to some quote that was positive or assuring.

She looked at her messages, as a bad feeling came to her, like a slight headache.

She sent a text. "Hey, I haven't heard from you. How's it going?"

He usually would text right back, but nothing.

She was waiting for Kenny. Usually, they ate dinner together at the cafeteria every evening. Then back to more practice in the private music rooms at the music hall. It was a schedule she couldn't get enough of. Syreeta honestly felt to be the top of her game.

She looked off in the distance of the campus path. Someone very familiar was coming this way. Truly, the last person she ever expected to see.


And he smiled at her. She wasn't sure to smile back or not.

"What are you doing here?" She was in shock.

"What are you doing here?" He smiled right back. Before she knew it, he gave her a hug that lifted her off the ground.

He was going to college here. A full scholarship.

"Wow." She kept smiling, but managed to tell him about the summer program she was in. He told her he'd taken it last year.

"I bet you get a full scholarship here." He informed her.

She only nodded, wondering if he would just be a distraction. Syreeta knew she couldn't let that happen.