Monday, May 30, 2016

in a locked room

in a locked room

"We, really don't have a lot to go on." The doctor's words made Joey all the more numb. "I mean, you're in good health. Even if you're mother said... you were small for your age, and you got stitches under your chin on the first day of school."

It sounded as if that happened to someone else, not him. He'd have to look at his chin, to see.

"So, do you feel safe, Joey? That's the real question."

Joey slightly nodded as he sat on the hospital bed in the mess of sheets.

"I'm not sure I'm sleeping." He didn't feel like himself. He didn't feel anything, actually. His finger touched his face. He guessed he knew what he was doing. "Why are you doing this, to me?"

"You, don't know?" The doctor's question stung him.

Joey looked at him with a wince. He was beginning to wonder who was actually crazy here.

"Do you want to talk about anything, that you..thought you forgot." Another question that Joey didn't get the jest of.

"What? What are you talking about?" Joey's frown was bitter.

"Maybe, if we get to the root of the problem, we can figure out what to do next." The doctor told him he needed to talk about the past.

Joey took a deep breath, as if he might be getting ready to jump into the deep end of the ocean. As if it would swallow him whole and he would remember nothing. He wanted to remember nothing. What was wrong about thinking of nothing?

But a lump lodged in his throat. He couldn't say a word.

He knew how much her brothers hated him, back home. He'd let them all have a swing at him. They'd even broken a couple of ribs.

But he knew he deserved it.

Still, he could hardly hear himself think. Did he have too?

He wanted to remember Sophia's dark intense eyes. He wanted to think of her at her sewing table zipping up a new project. She liked to make pockets. She'd made him a vest full of pockets.

She said once, they could have their own shop. He could make roses out of metal and she'd design clothes and handbags.

Yes, they were both artists. He probably was an unlikely bohemian. But he was good in metal shop. And he'd made mailboxes and even furniture. Perhaps a little too industrious style. Still, he liked working with metal. didn't matter. He hadn't thought of metal since Sophie died in childbirth.

He didn't want to think about that. He wouldn't talk about it. He would never talk about Sophie and the baby.

He looked over to see Chelsea looking at him. She was smiling. Finally, she showed up.

"Is she here?" The doctor asked.

"Who?" Joey tried his best to be serious.

"She's here, isn't she?" The doctor asked.

"What if she is?" Joey swelled a friend.

The doctor nodded as if he'd take care of that, but he didn't at the moment. He went to talk to the nurse.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dustin and Macy

I can't find your silver lining

Dustin supposed there is this thing called time. Sure, he felt he'd been in a rut for a good long while. And then he got a letter in the mail. He'd been accepted to come to the states.

Honestly, he'd given up on the idea of it happening, so long ago. Actually, when he first heard from Macy(while he was with Halie)..he'd actually signed up, not even really thinking it was a good idea.

Yet, he longed to be somewhere else than stuck in the dorm he was in, and with the worst roommate ever.

Yeah, he should have gotten out of that situation long ago. He was sure his studies had suffered. There was also the Macy situation that had left him raw and beat, too. Not sure what would be next.

Then came the letter of acceptance. Naturally, he went to Macy. Surly, it was too late. Still he begged her to come with him.

Didn't she want to go home?

Still full of guilt, he didn't want to leave her behind. Even if Molly and Archie promised to keep in touch with her. It didn't seem enough.

"You know, I'm going to Nebraska." He'd told Macy weeks ago. "We could go together." But it didn't perk her up, any.  Maybe it would have been different if Maxie hadn't been there at the bakery, Although,  she didn't look that happy, to Dustin.

But then again, Dusty could be wrong. Evidently, he was wrong about a lot of things in his life. However, his mom was happy with her new husband and new baby. It was time for him to go. And he guessed he would go alone.

There were no ties to really keep him here. And he didn't really yearn to see Halie, either. Although, he couldn't say the same about Alec. Yes, he'd missed holding that baby. Watching him grow.

He still fondly remembered those days of holding and caring for him when Alec was an infant. Now he was certain Alec wouldn't know him. But he wouldn't bother with them. Dustin needed to be on his own.

Yet, even when he got to the airport, he felt something was missing. And he couldn't help to feel sad.

Dustin thought he might break down before he ever got through the check point. But then Macy showed up, it was the best surprise. She was going with him. Dustin only smiled. He didn't dare question it. Moving forward was the only thing on his mind. It was time to leave the past behind.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

just baby me

just baby me

Josie cried with happiness. That had never happened to her before. She didn't think.

But all these people were together and they'd brought so many gifts. Still the noise alone made her a little shaky. As if..if  her water did break, nobody would probably notice. Henry was at her side, and she kept smiling and saying thank you.

Her mom was somewhere in the crowd. And then Xander showed up with a girl.

It was true, she felt a little jealous. After all, a part of her felt she was the only female who was his true friend. Obviously, not.

"Do you work together?" She asked.

"No." He just smiled. "We talk when she has her nails done."

"Oh." The introductions were short. Soon, Sheena found somebody else she knew.

"Who's that?" Josie winced, wondering why HE was even here. Josie didn't know him, did she?

"That's somebody she likes," Xander said. "I think his name is Omaha."

"Omaha?" She winced. Where had she heard that name? Well, they were only a few miles out of the city limits. She couldn't think of anyone with that name.  Immediately, she thought of drugs, for some strange reason.

And then she remembered, her mom's friend Alma had a son named Omaha. She barely remembered them being over at their house. She was probably four then. He was older, but not much older.

She wouldn't bring it up now. No, there were presents to open. Ice cream to get, too. Yeah, he would have never remembered her.

Besides, Henry took her hand. It was time to see who won the prize for the length they thought how big her belly was, with toilet paper.

Friday, May 27, 2016

what goes around comes around

what goes around comes around

Omaha felt misplaced. What were they trying to do to him? It was Taylor who dragged him along to this thing. It was Gage who told them to come to his house.

"Just bring pampers." Gage made it sound so simple.

Omaha took a deep breath. He didn't know these people.

It was kind of like one of those school dances where the males were on one side of the room and the females on the other. He was hoping the guys would move it outside. But everyone seemed to be gathering about the soon to be father at this shindig, and he wasn't leaving the baby-momma's side.

Omaha looked around, thinking he really needed something in this drink. Not that he was an alcoholic. Although, he came from a long line of alcoholics. Most had died at a young age. It was the feds who got his Dad for drugs, but his Uncle got ran over by a Mac truck in the dead of night on the interstate when he was drunk. And his grandfather croaked at a bar. Needless to say, Omaha did not drink. But on this occasion, he wished he maybe he could fit in.

Taylor mentioned something about how he could hardly wait to be a father. Omaha, wasn't going to listen. But there was Taylor  with that goofy grin of his. Next thing Omaha knew, were some cold fingers coming across his eyes. He almost spilled his punch.

It was Sheena.

It shook him up a bit. She really knew how to surprise him. AND..she was with a date. Obviously.

Omaha looked him over. He didn't like this thin, well dressed guy, one bit. He probably made clothes for her, he thought. Who wouldn't want a guy like that?

He winced at the thought.

"Xander, didn't want to come by himself. His boyfriend is working tonight." She then pointed out.

"Oh." Omaha said ever so dull.

"Josie and Henry are Xander's neighbors." Sheena went on to say.

Xander shook Omaha's hand before he could think not too.

"I've heard quite a lot..about you." Xander smiled.

Omaha's eyes lit, as he looked at Sheena. Omaha faked a smile. Oh, how he wanted to get her in a corner and argue, but it was too late. Her arm was looped around his, as if they were here together, after all.