Friday, October 31, 2014


exactment prt.1

It was happening and Henry was as dapper and dandy as could be. He was all proper as if he might be going to an opera. On the other hand, the garage had been cleared and now appeared to be a disco with silver ball included, spinning and sparkling as the electronic bliss kicked in. All because of Leo... who was in charge of music and lighting.

There were two things Leo clearly enjoyed as a hobby, although, he never let the two take over his life, until now. Yes, he was the master of his domain while Henry made little cucumber sandwiches and lots of dips for chips. Oh, and there were drinks. Even bottled water. He'd made little labels, inscribed Leo and Henry's Halloween Bash 2014, as if there might be more to come.

"What if we can make a business out of this?" Henry beamed. Oh, the dreams he had of making a fortune over party planning. He looked around now. Not anyone had showed. The trick-or-treating hour was coming to a close. What if no one came to their party?

exactment prt.2

Vada was staying clear. She would not go to Henry's party. She was not in the most festive mood even is she did handout candy to the little ones dressed as witches and a few who glammed up like Miley Cyrus. She felt so old and restless. If only Alo were here, but he was studying. They couldn't even have any facetime. It would be an awful Halloween. But then she guessed she deserved it.

After all, she was still grounded. She might be grounded until the end of time, or so Vada decided. She was glad that Cody hit it off with Ruby. A part of her wondered if maybe Ruby was a little  much. She did talk nonstop. Cody probably hated Ruby and Vada too. Seriously, Vada couldn't say it was all her fault. After all, Ruby was in the hallway at school. Ruby would have chatted up anyone.

Vada went back to the kitchen to see how many bags of candy were left. She refilled the bowl. No use in keeping any. The candy would hang about until at least Christmas. No one was really a sweet tooth in this family. And she wasn't actually up to it. No way did she want to get sick on candy when all she really wanted was to be with Alo, like they were over the summer. Oh, if only she could get a premium hug from her cuddle bear.

Just as she was about to go back to the livingroom, a tap came to the back door. It was locked. Henry probably needed something. Probably, another invite, or maybe even beg her to come to his lonesome party. She knew no one was there. She'd hate to tell  him that she told him so.

But when she opened the door, it wasn't Henry. Besides it was dark now. The moon glistened,  out on a clear cold night. There was Roman. and he looked far too under-dressed to be out on this fall evening.

exactment prt.3

Gage didn't know why he showed up at the party, but it looked as if the place was hopping. The motion lights were going and so was the foreign electronic music that he was lost in. Why did he think Macy would be here?

Just the night before, he'd found her house. But she wasn't there. In fact, the old woman had never heard of her, and yet there were scads of pictures of Macy on the wall. He saw what an adorable little girl she'd been. She still looked that innocent.

Sadness crept into his veins of knowing what she was living in. The place was stashed with newspapers, dirty dishes and cats. Lots of cats.

He hated this dead end. Gage was on a mission now. He really needed to find Macy. Somehow, he was going to find her.

exactment prt.4

Macy told Chandler this was not a good idea. She checked her watch. It was straight up 10 p.m. Maybe not the bewitching hour, but she'd rather be watching something stupid on NetFlix than being here. So what if it were a Friday night, she really hated parties.

She looked around and saw some people she knew. Some were dressed up as vampires and witches. There was even someone poising as the lead singer from the Black Veil Brides. Macy just sighed. She felt left out.

Chandler wasn't even listening to her. He wouldn't even hold her hand. He was looking for Henry, naturally.

"OK, if ..if ..lets do find him..what will you say to him?" She hated to be a downer, but Chandler was so shy. Besides, must she remind him again, Henry had a boyfriend.

Of course, he wouldn't answer her. The music was loud and Macy felt as if she was already tripping with the lighting and the music. She winced hard as someone touched her shoulder. It was Gage.

"Want to dance?" She thought he asked.

Unfortunately, she lost Chandler in the massive people coming in. Naturally, Gage wouldn't let go. She looked up at him as if it were a terrible idea, but she followed him through the slow movement of dance, as the lights flashed about, making them much more surreal than they actually were.

He moved with the music and they swayed.

"Can we talk?" His words were trying to be loud, but they couldn't talk here. She wrinkled her forehead as if that would not happen. Again, he took her hand. She took a deep breath, and they made their way through the dizzy mess.

"Look, can you just forgive me?" He said once they were on the lawn.

Before she knew it, .they were laying in the damp sweet grass. She kept her eye on the moon. She didn't want to let him in. He looked at her for a moment but rested next to her and looked back into the open space above. "I..I..know..what ..its be you."

Macy raised herself up on her elbows in her Levi jacket.

"You, don't know a thing about me." She squinted hard.

"You, shouldn't have to live like that. I mean, your grandma's sick. You, need help." He turned to her then. She saw his rippled locks of hair. It was so misleading. He looked like an angel of some kind. She had to hate him. She wanted too.

"Look, nobody sees you do." He rested his hand on her stomach, as if it would only take him a second or two to go places that might take them both to another world, even if they were right here under the stars.

Macy drew a breath as she nursed her bottom lip.

"I can't be mean to you, anymore. I just can't." There were tears in his eyes. It was so unexpected. This wasn't at all, like the Gage she remembered.

exactment prt.5

Henry was on cloud nine. Yes, the party was a success. And..people were upstairs in his sewing room. It was all.. so... electric. And kind of dark. Henry winced. Wondering what was going on. Some kind of game.

Well, Henry didn't think any hanky panky was going on. Of course, they were all a bunch of nerds. Someone was playing WereWolf. Yes, those kind of games. Naturally, there was some kissing. No one was smoking. Thank God.

But... were they spinning the bottle?

Henry winced hard. This was the last thing he was expecting. God knows, how he hated to police his own party. But that's what came with the territory? Didn't it?

"What's going on?" Henry would pull the plug on this. He didn't even clean out his closet. Some of his finest clothes he'd made were in there. Of course, he was in a huff as he made a straight line to the closet. Just his luck, what if somebody was doing the deed? Naked no less.

He jerked the door open. To his surprise. there was only one person in the closet and his hands came around Henry's neck, in an embrace. His lips took in Henry's and the door closed.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

its going down

Its Going Down prt.1

As soon as Jared found out about Henry's Halloween party, he was all grins.

"And to think, I was sure I'd have to tip over cows or something on Halloween." His sly grin bothered Jen. Why did she keep hanging out with him?

OK, she was still a cheerleader. He was on the football team. Icing on the cake, she supposed. But that really wasn't true. She swelled a frown, as she stood in the school hallway with her books. She was not in her protocol uniform. Maybe she should have been, but it wasn't mandatory this year. There was no Caitlin to enforce it.

"What are you talking about?" She finally asked. Oh, he did like to be seen with her, but really she had as little to do with him as possibly. Prom had been more of a wrestling match with him than anything, last year. Yes, he did have grabby hands, but she had somehow not let him crush her that night. Thank God, he'd drank too much and passed out.

She hated to see him high because the stuff he took always made him feel like a super-villain of some kind. Maybe that was why this weasel of a guy was a fear to be reckon with on the football field. She had a bad feeling about the Halloween party. No way was she going to it with him.

It's going down prt.2

"Hey, little are coming tonight, right?" Jared asked later when he was home and cornered Connor in the kitchen who was making himself a snack out of a block of cheddar and apples. Jared snatched a thin apple slice and cheese sandwich from him.

"Where?" Those innocent eyes always made him laugh, somehow. His Freshman brother was destined to walk in his steps in athletics. After all, Connor was on the JV football team and in wrestling, too. Jared had to be nice to him.

Of course, Jared always wasn't. He couldn't help but ruffle his feathers ever so often to keep him in line. Like now, Jared messed with Connor's hair which only made him bristle up like a little mad dog. Jared ate another one of his baby brother's sandwiches.

"Its Halloween, bro." There went Jared's impish smile, again. "There's a party at this super-gay dude's house. And we're gonna crash it." He snickered.

"Crash it?" Connor scrunched his nose up with distaste.

"Yeah, pump it up a notch." Jared wanted chaos. Connor only squinted as if he knew very well what his brother meant. First it started with a few little pills and then he could ramrod himself into any situation and make it spectacular.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It was you

It Was You prt.1

Gage wasn't sure he could fix anything in his life. Oh, that thing with baby Alec was pretty much on paper now. Yeah, he'd be working for the rest of his life, to support an infant he probably would never see.

Naturally, his dad had an answer for that, too.

"We'll get you passport in order and maybe by summer we can take a visit." No way was his Dad going to stress that Halie and the baby come here. After all, it was just a baby. They would have to visit.

Unfortunately, Gage wasn't looking forward to any of it. Wasn't it just one big long headache?

"You know, I've been thinking." He told Holden while they were in the lunch-line at school. "What if I really am having headaches? But I don't know it?"

"What are, you, talking about?" Holden winced who was still re-reading a text from his girlfriend.

"Like..I dunno. I might be dying..or I'm sick..or..something." He looked pretty disgruntled just thinking about it. "What if I have an aneurysm or something?"

"Just stop thinking about crap like that." Now Holden made a disgusting face.

"Oh..yeah..I forgot about, you, being in a coma." Gage said more to himself than Holden who wasn't paying him any mind, anyway.

Suddenly, his eyes went straight to Macy who was with Chandler. Gage couldn't help but stare.

"What are you now, a stalker?" Holden nudged him on in the line.

"Kind of," He said above a whisper. Gage couldn't take his eyes off of her. Of course, she was talking to Chandler. She never looked his way. "I gotta find a way to talk to her. I'm going to find out where she lives..and..just go to her house and talk to her." It pained him that she wouldn't talk to him. It was like he was invisible.

He nursed the corner of his lip. He needed to change this. He wanted to change this. Yeah, maybe he was giving himself a headache.

It Was You prt. 2

This had never happened to him before. Well, not in a long time. But here was a girl stuck to Cody like glue. She told him she liked to cook. Yes, she was with him at lunch. Give her and inch, she could take a mile of your time, he thought.

He sighed, hoping she didn't notice, but he sort of wanted her too. He bit into a fry as she went on talking about brownies and cookies she loved to bake.

"Have you ever had Mississippi Mud Pie?" She asked ever so bright. Of course, she wasn't eating any of her sandwich nor chips she'd brought with her.

He shook his head, no. He really didn't have the energy to talk, lately. There was Bree, but usually he didn't have to talk that much with her. As it was she was a candy stripper now and they only hung out at the hospital.

"Well, I should come over and make it for you. All I need is a brownie mix, some marshmallows and some chocolate icing." She smiled as if she knew how to get to his heart..through his stomach.

"I..I dunno." His mom didn't really cook anymore. Actually, no one did too much of anything. He wasn't sure if having Ruby over was a good  idea. There were dishes that needed to be washed. God knows, when anyone last vacuumed. He hated to tell her his home was a sad place. His mom didn't even open the curtains. No one watched TV. It was the sound of silence. They all stayed to themselves. Emotions swept through him. He pushed his plate away.

"Oh, it'll be fun. I could teach you." Her hand slipped on top of his. He felt her warmth. And he knew, he'd been waiting for a chance like this. How could he not want her attention?

"Well, we can't come to my place." She cleared her throat. "I don't cook as much as I say I do. And..and when I one will even eat it." She sighed then as she tried to eat her tuna sandwich, but she only barely took a nibble. "Its all my sisters fault." She looked so bitter.

"Your sister?" Cody winced and for a moment he wished her hand was still on top of his. He hadn't meant to upset her.

"Yes, she keeps running away. They can't even keep her locked up in rehab." She swelled a small frown as if there wasn't much anyone could do about it, but it left her family with an open wound that kept getting infected over time.

"Um.." Cody hoped he didn't regret this. "Why don't you come over." He nodded. "Its just, the place is a mess." He told her what happened to his older brother over the summer. "Its just..well, nothing is the same."

"Its OK." She looked at him as if she understood. "I could clean up the kitchen." Her smile was genuine.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time for a party

Time for a Party prt.1

"Its going to be fantastic." Henry looked practically like a hyania ready to pounce. He'd pushed all the furniture in his sewing room to the side. There was space. A lot of space.

There was the garage too. Oh, he was imaging it all now. His Halloween party would be something like a scene out of Breakfast at Tiffany's except more hipster.

He looked back at Leo, standing ever so close with his hands in the back pockets of his skinny jeans, as if he was ready to be the muscle to get this party going.

"I can use motion lights." Leo grinned as if this was his chance to actually be the DJ he always wanted to be.

"Use your techno pop genius, OK?" Henry tried to figure out where he'd have drinks stationed in the room. The dancing would be downstairs in the garage. "Lets make it a little French, you know." He smiled back at Leo, thinking it would be the coolest party ever.

"I can do that." Leo smiled back. He mentioned an electronic French band that Henry never heard of.

"I still can't believe my parents are letting me do this." He was laughing all over, about it. They really trusted him. "Oh, and we won't be inviting anyone who's popular.  I don't want anyone popular at this thing." He sighed.

Time For a Party prt.2

Vada thought it was a bad idea. Henry having a Halloween party. It would just be so wrong, but she had a few post cards to handout at school. She said she would. But she couldn't think of anyone to give one too. Of course, the first person she saw was Cody in the hall. He was about to kick the coke machine, but finally a canned lemonade made it to the bottom pocket for him to pick up.

"I..I don't guess you'd be interested." Vada wished she hadn't showed him the invitation. Immediately, she remembered his brother who was killed at a houseparty. She closed her eyes for a mega second, hoping nothing like that happened at Henry's party.

"A Halloween party?" Cody winced.

"Yeah, Henry is having one. You, don't have to dress up, or anything." She was almost frowning, thinking she would not go.

"Doubt I'll do anything for Halloween." He shrugged as if he wouldn't even hand out candy. She imagined him in a dark room, perhaps playing a video game.

"Maybe..maybe we should hang out. We could just stay in, at my house. Make pizza." They used to watch TV together, all the time. She thought of Star Wars and how they liked to roleplay when they were in middle school.

"That's OK."

"Did somebody say pizza!" Ruby had to be the most animated person Vada ever met. She was a Freshman and they were in Health class together.

Vada introduced Ruby to Cody.

"My brother's having a party, but I don't think either one of us feel like going." Vada shrugged as the post card dropped to the ground. They walked together down the hall. Naturally, Ruby was chatty and neither Cody nor Vada had to say much of anything.

Time for a Party prt.3

Chandler noticed the invitation on the floor. It had been stepped on a couple of times, but it didn't matter.

"Hey, I think I know what we're doing on Halloween." He smiled to Macy.

They were inseparable, lately. This boyfriend girlfriend thing was the best idea ever, Chandler decided. Sure, he had made room for his best friend in his bed. His Dad didn't care. He was hardly home since he was a truckdriver. He was glad Chandler wasn't alone. Or the relief that his son was straight, after all..thought Chandler.

"Chandler?" Macy sighed noticing all the foot track marks on it. She rolled her eyes.

"No. I'm serious. Its that dude from the library." He grinned more.

"The one you have a crush on." Macy glared as she pressed her lips.

"Don't say that." He winced, but it was true. He'd swooned over Henry all summer. He always wanted Henry to stamp his reading journal during the summer reading program. Now, he was volunteering there. Yes, this would be one step closer to his crush.

Actually, he thought he hid it pretty well until Macy brought it up. He couldn't help but to grin, all over.