Tuesday, July 28, 2015

the story of us

The Story of Us

Gage swelled up with enough anger to be furious at his Dad. Enough, he might get in a pushing match with him, but he did his best to keep it all in.

"LOOK...things have changed." Gage fumed as he glared back. "I promised Halie I'd take care of her and Alec. That means, we need to be together in this." It was simple. Why couldn't she sleep in his room? Be with him? After all he'd been through, with Macy and last year and Halie too..it was down to this. Sharing his room with the mother of his child.

"But..you're in high school." His dad pointed out.."And..and.." His Dad was not going to back down, even if Halie had slept with Gage last night with Alec in a portable crib next to the bed. "It..shouldn't be this way. Its not gonna happen if you're going to live here!"

"FINE..then we won't live here!" Gage yelled back. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. He hated for it to come to this, but the next thing he knew he was getting out his cell.

"What are you doing?" His dad's eyes bulged in a panic.

"What do you think?" Gage direct dialed his Mom.

She'd seen Alec at the airport when Gage got back. She'd been all smiles, yet low-key. As to not start anything.

She'd been working on the house, by herself. She'd painted all the rooms the past month. And she said it was coming together with a little help from this dude named Easy. She looked a little tired, but happy. She mentioned, he'd have to come over with Alec, when he had a chance.

Of course, she picked up on the first ring.

"Mom," Gage said while staring at his Dad.

He could see even then, his Dad hated for him to call her MOM.

it's about time

"Well, of course." Clare smiled when she got the call from Gage. A part of her expected it. Perhaps. Although, she hadn't told him she had a room ready for him and of course, Alec. She had not left him out.

She knew if Gage came, he'd bring Alec's mother, too. It was last minute, but she'd ordered a bigger bed. It was only queen sized, but she thought it would do.

She'd gone cottage style for most of the house. She'd always wanted wicker and something for the beach..even if she was right here in the middle of the country. It wasn't like she went nautical.

Easy helped. Of course, he and Will were already here.

Will had his own room and Easy was with Clare. There would be plenty of room in this old house.

"There coming." She said with delight when she got off the phone.

"You, do know how to play all the right cards, don't you?" Easy grinned and picked her up with a hug.

"I wasn't playing any game." She informed him. "I just wanted to be prepared. That's all." She did her best to be even lipped, but she was thrilled. For the first time, she didn't know she could be this kind of happy. It was almost breath taking.

"You know, Carson and Charlie could have moved in." She could have gone that way, but she knew Carson would never hear of it. Even if he was on his last dime, no way was he ever going to ask her for help.

She hoped everything would go smoothly. This was her chance with Gage and the baby too. She had to remember Halie.

Clare nursed her bottom lip.

"They aren't going to hate it here." Easy promised.

After all, he and Will made themselves at home. She guessed. Well, of course, Easy certainly knew the house. He cooked for the most part, among other things that she hoped Gage figured out. Yes, Easy was her man.

Will was awful quiet. He did play on his hand held video game. She didn't really know him, but he wasn't complaining. He did spend some time, over at his grandfather's. There were a couple of kids he hung out with.

Clare hadn't exactly been introduced to Easy's father. She stayed out of it. Easy didn't say much. He got on at a retirement place, where he drove a bus through out the day. His weekends were off. He liked the schedule with plenty of time for Will.

Clare hoped there wouldn't be any problems, as she imagined how the day might go.

"Oh." She then remembered. "We have to go and pick them up." She looked to Easy.

He held in a laugh, but looked to Will.

"Well, come on." He motioned for Will. "Better get this over and done with. Guess, they better see what they're getting into."

Will winced as if he didn't want to be bothered, but he didn't argue. He put his game away.

Monday, July 27, 2015

for good

for good

Halie didn't know what the fuss was about. But she could hear them in the hall. Gage was arguing with his Dad.

She changed Alec's diaper.

She was so tired, but happy. Happy to know that Gage hadn't had sex with Macy. It was the key to everything.

Actually, it was as if this dark burden had been lifted, and she could go on with things. No way could she even think of Dustin. She didn't want to remember his smile, his voice, the way his fingers moved over her. Yet a shiver ran through her.

It felt as if it were a life time ago.

Here she was at Gage's.

Naturally, there was all this happy talk about Alec. How they couldn't get over how big he was. After all, he was becoming a little man. Everyone found joy in him.

But then came the sleeping arrangements.

His dad didn't like the idea that Gage was sleeping with Halie. Of course, that didn't stop Gage. It was the three of them in his room.

It was just as cramped there, as it had been back home.

Perhaps, not much had changed. Yet, she liked being with Gage.  She felt stronger with him. And Alec was so different.

It was like he knew exactly who Gage was. Everything felt so natural. Why was it so bad.. if she was with Gage?

Of course, his dad told her he'd make a few calls at the University. He was going to help her get into the University. Perhaps she could get on, at the foreign exchange program.

Didn't he realize she was here for good?

Perhaps a part of her felt as if she was drowning. She'd already listened to her mom's sick phone calls. When was she coming home? How could she just leave? What was she thinking? Didn't she want to move to Molly's and start her college education?

A part of her felt quite numb. Maybe she didn't even want to start school.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer gets to me

Summer gets to me

Where had the summer gone?

Alo got on at the rehab place where Joel was staying. He'd visited there often and knew everyone, that someone suggested he hung out there so much, he should get paid.

It was only part-time and it was making sure the kitchen was clean and mainly taking care of the commons. Yes, it was possibly custodial work, but he didn't get into that with his brother who called at least every few weeks.

Naturally, that up scale brother of his had been to Paris, Even the Cann's films festival and lord knows where, but of course he hadn't been home to see their mother.

"Why can't you go home, to see mum?" Alo said into his cell.

"Why can't you, little brother?" His brother informed him that he was just being selfish.

Alo rolled his eyes at that. If only his brother could see how indulgent he was.

At least, he had Jude around who would actually do the dishes at the Boarding House. Alo wished his older brother could be more like Jude. Still, Jude was being rather silent, lately.

"I wonder what's up with him?" He'd asked Vada who shrugged that she didn't have time to find out nor cared, but she was actually happy Alo was working.

He always had time to see her in the late afternoons when she got off work, or right before she went to work.

"Look, I was wondering if you'd like to meet me, mum." He'd meant to ask way before now.

"When?" She winced as if she wasn't sure she could.

"I was thinking of going in August, to Glasgow." It was important to him that Vada have a chance to visit her.

"Oh, I wish I could. It's just.." She winced hard. "August, is next week, you know..and well, School starts soon..and you know, after last year's trip..I don't think my parents would be up for it..."

"Come on, we could just ask..couldn't we?" He did want her to get away from this little town. She deserved it.

"All right." But she didn't make it sound promising.

see it in the stars

"Well, if you are moving out, then I guess you won't be needing your room." Henry's mother glared at Henry.

"What?" Henry winced, thinking there might be a remote possibility of this happening.

"We were thinking Vada's brother needs a permanent place to stay." His mom's bright idea was for him to move in.

"But.." Henry was even lipped. "I have a lot of stuff."

"I know, you really need to clean that room of yours." His mom shrugged.

"I'm not a pack rat." He informed her.

"Of course, not." She smirked.

"But..but you guys..are going to help..with..Josie and me?" He winced trying to get this straight in his mind.

"We don't really like it, but we can't stop you, either..and well, I at least want you to know, you can come back."

"Well..not really..if I have to give Frankie, my room." He shrugged.

"But there is always the room over the garage," His mom reminded him.

Henry nodded.

"OK." He smiled. He reached for his cell, thinking maybe Josie wanted to come over and help.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

about a baby

about a baby

Essie finally had a baby girl. It was huge. Or so Vada thought. It almost weighed ten pounds. Vada gulped when she saw it, in the hospital nursery. No way did she ever want to have baby now. It looked like a one month old, already.

But it was fair with blueberry eyes just like Essie. Its head was so pale and beautifully shaped, yet, it reminded Vada of Elmer Fudd.

Vada frowned with that thought, as she studied it behind the window.

"I knew she'd go for something formal. but I was thinking Emily, not Katherine." Someone said who stood beside her.

Vada looked over to see it was that guy from the library. He was volunteering, lately. She'd shown him around.

"Taylor, right?"

He nodded.

"What are you doing here?"

"My sister had a baby," He said.

"Essie?" Vada winced.

He nodded.

This was news to Vada, who guessed she'd have to be a little nicer to him.

this I know

Taylor couldn't help but smile. Finally, they had something to talk about. Although, the conversation didn't last long. He wished he knew what he could talk about with her.

"I didn't know, you knew her." Taylor finally managed, trying to focus on his sister and the baby and not Vada.

"Well, she never said she had a brother." Vada crossed her arms.

"I didn't actually grow up with her."

Vada nodded. "I know a little bit about that." She seemed  kind of bitter. "I have a twin brother. I just met this summer. Never in my life did I ever feel a part of me was missing. I mean, shouldn't I have had a connection..or something?" She sighed. "Sorry. Didn't mean to rant, but I'm sure Essie is glad you're around."

"Yeah, I guess. But I dunno if I should stick around." He shrugged.

"Yes, you have to stick around," She informed him. "She'll need you, more than ever. You, can help take care of..of the baby."

"Katie?" He looked at her.

"Yeah. Katie." She looked at him as if this was a lifetime opportunity. Taylor didn't know a thing about babies. But he wanted to stick around for Vada.