Wednesday, July 18, 2018

we should have known

Winnie didn't know where to begin. She felt as if she and Doyle were a burden to Leila, yet at the same time, she knew they needed to be here. At least, Baby Bella was a distraction for Leila.

"Maybe, if..if I go back to work, you can keep Bella for me, and we can stay here since she loved it so much, and of course, you, too." Winnie had applied places, but no interviews yet since most were on vacation. But she hoped she heard good news soon. Otherwise, she might be twiddling her thumbs. She knew she was no cook. Still, she hoped they weren't making life harder for Leila.

Leila didn't say much, other than a nod. She was so quiet lately. 

"It will get better." Winnie let her know. "You're family and we want to be here for you."

Of course, there was the other matter, Ivy and Brian. She could tell Leila was shook up about it. As if she were the worst mother.

"We'll get used to that too," Winnie told her they needed Brian to do more around the house. After all, if he was going to live here for Ivy, it shouldn't be a free ride.

"Who knows, he might even leave if he can't go by the rules." Winnie knew the boy, already got what he came for. 

She really needed to talk to that cousin of hers, but she doubted it would do any good. They would just have to go on and be a family. At least, she would be there for Leila. Winnie promised she would pay for all that Leila had done for them, but just as she thought, Leila wouldn't take the money.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just you and me

Joon hated to stay gloomy, but it was a low blow to find out how Ivy's family was falling apart because they were his family too. He hated to see Ivy's mother in such anguish, especially when he and Natalie were so happy.

Yes, he and Natalie were finally where they wanted to be, a couple seriously in love. Actually, he couldn't say when it happened, but he knew he was home as long as he was with Natalie.

It bothered him now, to think a couple would go their separate ways after so many decades like Ivy's parents.

"What could have happened?" He knew he didn't really need to know the answer, but it was so devastating.

"Who knows." Natalie shrugged while she was in the kitchen making cold sandwiches. "I had a teacher who didn't even have to teach because her husband was so rich, but she ended up leaving him and having the janitor's baby."

Joon shook his head. He didn't want to hear such nonsense stories. There was Ivy to think about too.

"Why would she hide some guy she hardly knows, in her room, like that?" He sighed thinking he should have known, but he didn't. He'd been living with Natalie and they worked together at the campus coffee shop. It was his life, but he loved it.

"Well, he evidently had what she wanted," Natalie smirked. She handed over the turkey on rye at the kitchen table. "Love is a mysterious thing."

"It was probably lust." Joon was in a pout.

"You can't judge them. We have no idea what either of them has gone through," she said even lipped and then bit into a potato chip.

Joon couldn't help but smile. He couldn't help but think she'd be the best mother who knew all the answers. He guessed he'd have all the questions to put her to the test, but she'd always win whatever she said.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Come on and lets go

Will wasn't sure what he was expecting when Evan invited him over. Sure they were tight when it came to the library, but this was outside of work. And, Evan had a boyfriend.

"Where is he?" At first, Will felt he was doing something wrong, being here when Sawyer, wasn't.

"He had something to do with his Dad. They're out in Colorado visiting some of his Mom's relatives." Evan shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal for him to be here.

After all, there was just something minimalist about Evan's hodgepodge of assortments around his place. He liked comic books. He was impressed with Will's drawings. Thankfully, he didn't talk about Will's problem with Ivy. Evan was definitely insightful about plots and character developments when it came to comics.

"You should really publish something," Evan said Will might not even want to go to the University.

Will sighed a smile, but he didn't quite believe him. After all, he'd already planned his fall at the University. Except now, it wouldn't involve Ivy. And he'd still be at home. Although, he wished he could live in the dorm, someplace away from home. But he'd always been the logical sort and always looking for a way to save money.

At the moment he felt numb, not sure how it would be by September. It wasn't that he yearned to have someone in his life at the moment. Still, it was a bit frightening, wondering if he could figure it all out on his own when it came to college life. He kept telling himself it would be no different than now, and it made him a little sad. It was as if he'd sunk into a deep hole he couldn't get out of. There was no hunger, not even sleep would help.

Maybe he was lost, after all.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I'm not a saint, that's easy to tell

Bree believed Torry was her chance to turn things around.

"But, I haven't been a very good friend," she said he could see that clearly with all the drama going on. "I don't know if its just me, or them."

Torry's smile assured her it wasn't entirely her fault. When he embraced her she felt relieved that she could go on, even if she never heard from Gabby nor Will, again.

They took long walks together while she was home. Maybe, she wanted to avoid who was there. Her father for one. They'd never been that close.

"He..he used to scare me, when..when he would drink." She told Torry.

"Did he ever hurt you?" Torry asked. She shook her head, no.

"I..I stayed away from him." She then mentioned her father had been in prison. That was why her guardian was Uncle Rowdy. "I would have probably never known him..if.." She hated to talk about her father. Still, she was happy where she was now in her life. She was happy to be at Art school with Torry. Her mother's family was nearby.

"I just want to be a good person," Bree finally confessed.

"You are a good person." Torry smiled and his warmth made her happy.

"But, but you don't know me like they do." It was true. She did her best not to be a brat around him, yet he made it so easy. She did feel like a better person, these days. Still, she wasn't sad when Connor left her. Or maybe, she'd left him.

They would always be friends, even if Connor were her first love.