Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Lily and Gram Doris

Lily & Gram Doris

"You're not moving here, are you?" Lily liked having her grandmother Doris around. She'd missed their tea-parties and dressing up alike. Her gram had such a great fashion sense. She couldn't say that about her mother.

"I'm sure I'll be back," Gram Doris told her.

Still, Lily thought she looked frail. She'd lost weight. Lily wanted to ask her if she was sick, Yet she knew it was best to stay positive.

"But I miss you," Lily said.

"How's your Dad?" Gram Doris changed the subject.

"Fine." Lily shrugged.

"Do you still see him?" Her gram looked worried as if her father had fallen back to his old ways of being distant.

"Yeah, a lot. He and Macy were sick for a while. But they are OK," Lily said while she drank real Mango tea with her gram and nibbled at the shortbread cookies. "Mom thought it was best if I stayed away a few weeks since she didn't want to get any more sick than she was."

"Is..is your mom better now?" Gram asked.

"Yeah, I suppose." Lily didn't really know.

"Oh, how I wished I had brought her home when she was pregnant with you. I don't think I thought much about it then." Gram Doris made it sound as if she were not the best grandmother, after all. "I didn't want to have put up with a new family, I guess."

"But, you're so good," Lily promised. "I don't think Mom ever expected you to take care of her."

"I know, but she's really done so much for me." Her grandmother was in tears.

"We love you, Gram." Lily reached to hug her grandmother. If only Gram knew how much they missed her.

Monday, March 19, 2018

I think I'm alone now

I think I'm alone now

Angie applied at the grocery store in the bakery department. She guessed she needed a job before school was out. She needed to keep busy.

Honestly, she didn't know where her life was going, but she knew it had to go forward. It felt stagnated for the longest time. Yet, it took all her will to fill out the application online and then to show up for the interview. Which only lasted a good twenty minutes.

She did her best to gush with happiness about her history of baking and farmer's markets. Now, she felt an all-time low as she walked the isles of the mega grocery store. When she looked up at the bread aisle, there he was. Sawyer.

She couldn't move. She had to be seeing things. Actually, she couldn't quite remember what he looked like. It was so long ago. How could she forget her first boyfriend, so easily?

Maybe it was the fact that she didn't feel they were in the perfect relationship. She doubted now, he'd ever gotten over his first love, Syretta who was now in college at some music place in Iowa.

Sawyer moved back to live with his moms and they'd stopped texting so long ago, she didn't even have his current phone number. Neither were much for social media. Now, she supposed they should act as strangers, but then he caught her eye and smiled.

Instantly, he hugged her for quite a few minutes.

"It's so good to see you," Sawyer said, who wasn't letting go. "I moved back a couple of weeks ago. I'm living with my brother, Roger." He was taking a semester off.

"Oh." Angie tried to pull away, but Sawyer continued to hug her. Before she knew it, he was buying her lunch. He was full of questions about the old classmates.

"I dunno." She shrugged. All were at the University or joined the military. "I..I haven't kept up." She looked at him blankly.

"Are you seeing anyone?" He wanted to know.

She shook her head, no.

"Seriously?" He didn't understand. "Why not."

Angie did her best with a quick smile. "I..well, I broke up recently." It felt odd to tell him this.

"Me, too." He started talking about long distance relationships and how they didn't work. "But, that wasn't exactly, it." Sawyer had been dating some guy named Evan.

Angie couldn't help but look stunned at her old boyfriend. That was the last thing she expected.

"I mean, I..I just wanted to at least, try it..once." He shrugged.

"Once?" Angie winced hard, not wanting to think of Sawyer with a boyfriend.

"You know, what I mean." He was serious. Actually, she didn't. She mustered up a smile.

"We should hang out." He grinned. He wanted to know if she still lived where she used too. She nodded.

"You still babysitting, Abel?" He remembered.

She shook her head, no. Those days of being a babysitter were long gone. She needed to find a grownup job and get ready for the fall at the University.

Sunday, March 18, 2018



Will wasn't nearly excited about having a baby around as much as Ivy was. She was far too giddy for him. Didn't she realize they should be going out, during spring break?

"What's the matter with you?" He asked while he watched her with the baby Bella.

"She's so cute." Ivy lifted Bella up in the air and played with her. Finally, after the cheerful play, she put her on the blanket in the floor on her tummy so Bella could do a workout of learning to crawl.

Will sighed, but not too heavily. He didn't want to irritate her.

"But..but I got those tickets to the exhibit you wanted to go too, Fashion through the ages in France." Not that he wanted to go, but he knew she wanted too. He planned to treat her to the French Cafe, afterward. Possibly, not as exciting as going to Paris, but perfect for a student's budget.

"I know, and Winnie or Mom should be back, really soon." She turned to Will.

He hoped so because five minutes with the baby was making him a little nervous.

After Bella rolled over she looked a little unhappy, or maybe she'd startled herself. Ivy picked her up.

"Here, you hold her," Ivy told him he should try it.

"What?" He winced. It wasn't that he hadn't been around babies. It was just not his cup of tea. "Me?"

"I've never seen you hold a baby," Ivy remembered how he didn't hold any of the babies at his house. "You might like it."

"I don't think so." He shook his head, no, but Ivy handed the baby over, anyway. He had no choice but to take her.

The baby instantly smiled.

Will stared at her, thinking didn't she know he was scared of her. Yes, he was afraid he might drop her or she would wiggle out of his grasp, but instead she cuddled up to him.

Will sat down on the couch with her and in a matter of minutes, she was asleep. No pacifier necessary.

"I've been trying all morning to get her to go to sleep." Ivy shrugged as if she didn't understand babies any more than he did.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I had to get away

I had to get away

Betty knew they were not like other travelers, but the five of them made it to their destination, the beach.

The boys, Brick, and Dewey would be staying in a pop-up camper in the backyard while Lily would sleep with her grandmother Doris and Betty and Ed got the guestroom.

"Are you sure the boys won't be cold?" Doris said it had been down in the 30's lately. It was too cold for spring break, according to her.

"They'll be fine. They're from Nebraska." Betty assured her those two wore shorts when it was that warm. Naturally, she made Doris shiver.

But she had an ample supply of snacks and treats, even take out from the deli at Sam's Club.

Betty told her not to go to so much trouble. After all, her friend was on a simple budget.

"I missed you guys," Doris told them.

"Then, why don't you come home?" Betty was beginning to think Doris was using this Florida gig as a way of not having to face the reality of her husband deterioration. He'd forgotten her completely and now thought he was part of the cast of Hawaii Five-O.

She didn't want to discuss it. They were here to have fun.

Betty knew she was right. She was happy to see her old friend, who looked really good.

And for the first time, she could actually walk down the beach with someone to watch the ocean with and his name was Ed.