Saturday, August 30, 2014

hopelessly devoted

hopelessly devoted

"So, what do I owe you?' Sky could tell Josie's mind was else where. She helped him clean up after dinner. He washed and rinsed and she sort of dried dishes.

"What?" She was all serious, pale and maybe even sad. It was hard to tell sometimes. Perhaps she had that thing down like Kristen Stewart where she always looked pissed about the world and everything in it. Still, he didn't hold it, against her.

"He's in jail. You, should be happy." Sky was referring to Derrick. Yes, he knew of her history with Derrick. They had a son together. Henry told him all about it one afternoon at the library. For about 15 minutes he was certain Josie was terribly crazy, but then he got over it and was glad he knew her now and not then. He thought they were friends.

"I guess." She sighed as if he was way off.

Sky scrubbed on a pan. Suddenly, it hit him. Dean.

"Did you hear from Dean?" He wanted to know.

"No." She sounded as if that would have been tragic.

"I thought you were going to write to him." Sky shrugged and went back to the soapy suds and pots and pans.

"I did." And it sounded like the worst thing she could have possibly done.

"Look," Sky didn't know where to start. He knew Dean meant well, but he was definitely lousy with long distance stuff. "He went into the Army. I mean, that keeps you crazy busy, you know."

She nodded as if she knew he was right.

"I was thinking about going to Oklahoma, you know, to his graduation." She finally announced.

"His graduation?" He squinted then. "Alone?"

She nodded as if it wouldn't be any trouble.

"Have you ever gone on a trip that far before, alone?" He festered a concerned look.

"I can do it." She got out her iPhone as if that was all she would need.

"What if..your car breaks down?" He rinsed another pot.

She only shrugged as if she'd figure it out.

"What if I go with you?" He said before he meant too. He'd never been that far from home in a decade or so.

She looked at him as if he might be defeating the purpose. He stared at her for a moment longer. It was time. He could feel the moment consuming him before it ever arrived. And when he kissed, he wanted her to know that he was ready to be there for her.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Just a little dinner

Just a Little Dinner

"He could get up to 10 years." It sounded more like the final Jeopardy answer to Mitch when he listened to Nico and  Sky talk in the kitchen about Derrick.

Nico was whipping up some of his famous spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and black olives. Sky was making a salad and watching the spaghetti boil.

"I doubt he gets that long." Nico summed it up. "It'll probably be tried in juvie and he'll get detention and some probation."

"Well, nobody in Josie's family is bailing him out." Sky informed his so called uncle, who looked more like an older brother to Mitch. "He'll probably have done his time before they ever get around to what ever it is they do sentence him."

Naturally, Sky sounded as if there was no justice. There would never be enough. But Sky changed his tune when he saw Mitch at the dining table.

"Hey, how you holding up?" He wanted to know as he sat down the big salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. Mitch only nodded with a sigh. Yes, his ribs still hurt and his right eye still felt rather tender, but he knew he could be worse.

About then, someone was at the door. Sky went to get it.

Josie stood there as if she wasn't so sure she should be here, but Sky showed her to the dining table and she took a seat across from Mitch.

Sky brought in warm bread.

"Make sure to save room for cake." Nico smiled as he grabbed Mitch's plate first to dish out the meal.

"He means cheese cake." Sky told them with a sigh. "When this guy gets in the kitchen, he just goes wild."

Soon enough everyone was enjoying the meal with meatballs.  Naturally, Sky joked with Nico about Gramp's meatballs.

Mitch looked at Josie wondering if she got their humor anymore than he did. Evidently, it was a private joke and Josie looked as if she really didn't want to know. Perhaps, it was a little naughty.

Mitch was glad Nico was here, but he knew he was Sky's family, and Mitch was pretty sure he shouldn't even consider Nico might be flirting with him. After all, Mitch wasn't sure if he'd ever want to date, again. Perhaps, it was best to keep to himself and hope he never had to face Derrick.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the last of summer

The Last Of Summer

There was all this laughter with Henry and his parents. Hugs all around. It was like a big reunion. A big fake reunion, Vada was thinking now.

But they saw the sights of New York City. Henry was all smiles with Aloe. Vada just stood back and took pictures. She was afraid to be in any, but naturally, in the end, there she was in thick of it with her new parents.

"Just what ever got into you to take off to Paris?" Myra caught her off guard as they were finally on some downtime at Central park, eating ice cream.

"What do you mean?" Vada winced as she felt she might keel over from the threat of her life changing.

"Was it really all Joel's doing?" Myra stared at Vada as if an invisable dagger could rupture her emotional happiness in a split second.

"Yeah." She could barely get out.

"Oh, Vada, I know you were running from something." Myra touched her arm.

"I'm not..running from anything." She wanted to scream but it was barely a screech. She couldn't look at Myra now. As it was she could barely taste the strawberry ice cream in her mouth.

"You, were with Dean, after prom." Myra knew her secret.

A shiver went through Vada who kept staring at her melting ice cream cone.

"If..if you knew.." Now she was angry with Mrya, "Why? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I dunno." She looked sad. "I just didn't want to make you anymore angry than you might have felt about yourself. I mean, there are choices we make and..and some we regret. I want you to make healthy decisions, I do. And a part of me thinks I know why..but..still, we might hurt ourselves more than other people."

Vada looked away. She knew Myra was talking about Josie.

"I can't tell her."  Vada wanted to avoid Josie at all cost. "I don't want her to know. Besides, if Dean wants to tell her, its his choice." She nursed her bottom lip. Did this mean she had to talk to Alo about this, too?

It was a mistake. She knew it, but she didn't want to make any mistakes with Alo, either. Besides, she didn't even know if she'd ever see him, again.  She was certain she'd never see Dean. It was obvious he would never come looking for her.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

not exactly a day at the park

Not Exactly A Day At The Park

The last 24 hours were beginning to take a toll on Ren who couldn't remember ever being this exhausted.

She'd gone to the hospital with Mary and when she found out Mary needed rehab, she finally called Jaime, her ex-husband. Of course, he blamed her for everything. It was the usual speech. She could be foster mother but not even take care of her own.

Maybe it was her fault. She'd never had time to wallow in her own pity. After all, Mary wasn't even Jamie's child. She just couldn't raise her on her own.. then. Mary's real father died of an overdose. Still Ren felt she'd been the selfish one in her own little world. Thinking everything would be fine with Jamie. never was.

 She kept busy. It was what she knew. She'd came from a rather large family and she'd always wanted a large one of her own. But it sounded like a silly fairytale now. Maybe she was as dumb as Jamie always told her. But... This was serious with Mary. Couldn't Jamie take this seriously?

Of course, Ren lost her train of thought when she saw Chevy (Gage's father) waiting to take her home from the hospital.

 He was such a hugger. Even the first time she met him. Yes, she'd fallen into something with him. He did remind her of her first and last love.

Maybe it was luck. To find Chevy now.

Still she was teary eyed. Wondering how bad it would get.

"Is Mary even your daughter?" Chevy asked out of the blue on the drive home. It was cloudy about. Thunderstorms brewing.

"Yes." Ren squinted. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm sorry." Chevy kept his eye on the road. "Gage, must have misunderstood, but he said Mary told him you weren't her mother."

Ren looked out the window as they passed by the manicured homes near the university.

"So thats how she feels about me." She felt so grim to learn her own daughter was such a liar.

"Well, she came back to you." Chevy's smile was ever so endearing.

"Yeah, she did." Ren nodded as if it were a good sign. Maybe Mary loved her, after all.