Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cold as ice

As Cold as Ice prt.1

Henry made an outfit to show off. Guess who was wearing it?

"Guess?" Henry was all grins, but no one really had an answer for him.

Yes, there were looks, but not too strange.

"Why aren't you with Leo?" Someone asked him.

Henry laughed until he could hardly breath. He was ecstatic. Of course, he did want to explain the dress, but why bother when it was all so over their heads.

He looped his arm around his date's arm and went on with this affair as if he really pulled the fabric and then some over their eyes.

"I dunno..if this was a good idea." Leo squinted. Who was not laughing. He was serious and kept staring down at his high heels. He kept saying the shoes were too big. Weren't people noticing. As it was, he was towering over Henry. All Henry had on his mind was how the gown was stitched and would it hold up.

"Sure it is. You, want to start a modeling career, don't you?" Henry gritted with a smile.

Leo rolled his eyes. Henry just let them keep guessing as he guided the reluctant drag queen.

Cold as Ice prt.2

Leo was not comfortable at all, about this whole ordeal. He hadn't even called that guy about modeling. It was probably not a real deal, anyway. Even so, he was probably too late to make up his mind. Actually, he felt too fat in this shiny gown.

What if he fell in these heels? Oh, he was sure he couldn't breath. Was he a fool or what?

"Stop it." Henry winced. "You, look great."

Leo didn't think so. Henry just didn't get it.

It would be different if this was something he was in love doing. If only he had such a passion like Henry.

But there they were under the glittery disco ball.

Leo couldn't smile. Actually, he was frowning. He hoped Henry was OK. He never talked about auras anymore. He didn't talk about his Eplipsy like he used too. Still, Leo wondered sometimes when Henry would space if something else was going on.

But Henry was quick to say he was fine. Everything was fine. They were fine.

Of course, they were never going to talk about Chandler, again. Had Leo really let that go?

He did want Henry to be happy. So they danced. Only, Leo wasn't certain if Henry was dancing or not.

Cold and ice prt.3

Clive spotted Syreeta with her date. He couldn't take his eyes off her. It hurt that she'd dumped him. But it was more of a slow burn now.

For awhile, he avoided her at all cost. He wasn't sure what might happen if he saw her. As it was he was leaning against the gym wall with Slater. They'd been sort of friends since elementary. But Slater got into karate and well... Clive just wasn't the competitive type. He wasn't so sure why Slater was hanging out with him.

"So are you going to dance?" Slater looked at him.

"Not with you?" Clive gave him the eye after he noticed Chandler and some dude head for the dance floor.

"You're just a real comedian, you know that?" Slater smirked.

"There is nobody to dance with." Clive crossed his arms.

Evidently, Cody got lucky with Ruby or so Clive imagined. Even Jen was here with a girl. He almost made a face. He should have seen that coming.  Clive sighed.

"This blows."

"Totally." Slater agreed, but he didn't drink and he didn't smoke. Where were all the real cool kids when Clive needed them?

"I just want to be in love, man." Clive finally admitted.

Slater only shook his head. "You're worse off than I thought."

They stood in silence and watched the parade go by. Sure there were girls standing on the other side, going solo too. They weren't quite as bedazzled as those who had dates. And yes, there were even the fat girls.

Next thing he knew, there was Slater making his way toward the fattest of all.

"What the..." Clive squinted hard. Just what sort of game was Slater playing?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Even Now

even now prt.1

Vada couldn't quite believe it. Alo was here. He just showed up. No having to pick him up at the airport. He was here.

She didn't have to go to the dance, but he said they must. He wanted to meet all her friends. Well, she wasn't so sure she had any to really speak of. But they went and Cody wasn't quite as moody as he'd been the past week.

Perhaps things were better with him and Ruby. He wasn't exactly talking about her, but she was with him and she was happy.

It was quite a sparkly event. Shiny snowflakes floating from the ceiling. If only it wasn't so frozen outside.

"I still can't believe you drove all the way here from New York City." Vada was serious. If she'd known, she would have worried. "I didn't even know you had a driver's license."

Alo smirked. She didn't ask for his wallet, but if she had, she doubted she would have found what she was looking for. At the moment, he was sleeping on the couch in the basement. A part of her wished he was with her, but this would have to do. She was grateful he was here. And it didn't sound like he was leaving, anytime soon. So they danced.

even now prt.2

Nico just about lost it when Sky told him he was going off his meds, but he'd given him the keys to the old car in their father's garage that had been meant for Sky. He'd checked it out. It was running great. Sky was a little hyper, but not weird. Sky was excited to go to the Winter Formal with Josie. Nico hoped it wasn't a mistake to give the car to Sky.

"He would tell you..if..if anything was wrong. Wouldn't he?" Mitch asked when Nico got to Mitch's and they were going to settle back for another nature show.

"I hope so." Nico did feel he was not as keen on life as he used to be. Sure, life as a nurse always had its ups and downs. But he felt as if he might never get through to his brother Draco. Maybe he was forgetting who was really important to him. Mitch.

That's when he decided to spell it all out to Mitch. About Sky. His family. How his parents still didn't know he was gay.

"I bet they know." Mitch smiled as if he was glad Nico could confide in him.

"Yeah, I guess my Mom knows." Nico doubted he gave any of them anything to worry about. Especially, when Draco was around and all his domestic troubles.

"Draco still didn't go to Denver." Nico sounded as if it might be the only Christmas present he ever wanted.

"Maybe he needs to be home." Mitch told him.

Nico looked at him as if he finally understood. It was time for him to move on. He kissed Mitch. There was no time for nature shows tonight.

even now prt.3

Jen could hardly believe this day finally arrived. An actual date with Carly. And both dressed in their prettiest red and white dresses for the dance. They'd gone shoe shopping.

Yes, it felt like freedom. At last. Jen didn't want to jinx it.

"Its just..I kept thinking..that didn't like me.." Jen finally confessed. "You'd say we'd go out. You know, meet me here. And you'd never show."

"God, you know I always wanted to go out with you." Carly sighed. "Its family." Carly rolled her eyes.

"You, don't want them to know about me?" Jen figured it out.

Carly pressed her pretty lips in a little frown and took Jen's glitter finished fingernails.

"No." Carly shook her head. "That's not it. I could care less what they think. Its sister. She's back..with her little girl. And guess who has to babysit? All the time?" Carly was dead serious. "I'd rather be with you."

Jen couldn't help but smile. After all, she thought they were the best dressed there.

Maybe not. Jen looked over her shoulder.

No. There was someone everyone was looking at.

Henry's date.

even now prt.4

Gage was certain now he must have been hanged in another life. No way could he wear a tie all night. He felt like he was in a monkey suit. But Macy's brother drove them to this so called Christmas shindig, as Gage kept referring to it. He didn't mean too. After all, Macy looked so pretty in her winter dress.

He was happy to be her date. If only the tie just wasn't so tight. But they managed their way to the dance floor. Rico stood by the punch bowl.

Gage guessed he liked the guy. He was pretty down to earth. And Gage was glad he didn't have to call him Dickie. Although, Macy's dad called him that.

He was just Rico. Sort of a fish out of water. Looking at everything brand new. Still, he was sure there was no way they could ditch him. So he took Macy dancing. First the fast ones. Then the slow ones.

He was happy to see her smile. She was his date.

Gage looked over his shoulder, once, to see Vada with someone. He didn't know who. But evidently, Vada knew him well by the way she held his hand and the way he smiled at her.

Gage had loved her once. Or so he thought so. Maybe he didn't know how. With Macy, it was different. Somehow, he wanted to be with her. Every step of the way. For better or for worse. He hugged her close as he closed his eyes. He knew he couldn't go to England this summer without her.

Friday, December 19, 2014

just like this

Just like this

Conner didn't really know how to break this to Bree. Actually, he didn't want too.

It was just one night. The Christmas formal and some girl who was a senior asked him to the dance.

"It was actually decided before..I had anything to do with it." There. It was the truth. "My parents know her parents." He squinted, wishing he could stuff the homemade chocolate chip cookies, that Bree brought him, in his mouth..instead of having this conversation after school.

They'd met up at the library. There was a  movie showing in the YA room. It wasn't a date, but it could be.

She was quiet, as if she might be in coming down with something. He ate a cookie as she went to put the plastic container back in her backpack.

"You're getting really good at making these." He finally said. But their walk was beginning to be slower as they walked down by the baseball field.

"Look, you know, this thing..with my brother." He sighed. "Its just I dunno what my parents are trying to prove. Everything is not OK."

But she said nothing for the longest time as they shuffled through the snow covered sidewalk.

"OK. I get it. You're a Freshman. I'm just an eighth grader." She finally looked up at him. "You're going to go out with somebody in high school."

He wanted another cookie.

"I don't want to go out with anyone who's older than me." He confessed.Conner started thinking of all the ways he could act sick. He doubted it would work. All he had was the "doe in the headlights" look going for him.  He suspected, and of course, being Jared's little brother which was something he wished he didn't have to hear. Ever again.

He liked this with Bree. It was quaint to be at her house. He loved the suppers there, and he'd never been able to talk to anyone like  Bree.

He wanted to look at her, but he kept focused on her pink snowboots. Just as they got to the corner, there was a slick spot, unnoticeable, but he could feel it coming.

Conner grabbed the sleeve of her coat. He landed first into the snowbank and Bree fell next to him. Conner was sure this was going to be better than any Christmas formal. He laughed and so did Bree.

a night like tonight

"I'm so excited for you!" Essie set in the floor of Syreeta's room hemming her shiny dress for the Christmas formal. "Keith sounds..well, like a real Prince Charming."

She'd made time to do this. To be here for Syreeta. After all, she did get her phone back and had sat a couple of hours with her her mother's kitchen, talking about Brother Caleb. But nothing about what she had to do with him.

 A part of her felt she had no time for friends or anyone as of late. But she really didn't want to think about the last few months.

She'd called home, like Scott asked her too... to find out that Caleb ditched the church. Had vanished in fact, with the church savings. Thankfully, her parents were relieved she hadn't ran off with him. A reprieve perhaps, but she hadn't exactly gone home..just yet. And her family was OK with that. It was as if they didn't want her at church right now, anyway.

It was a strange tale that she really didn't want to go into detail with anyone. Her whereabouts. She told them not to worry. She was staying with a friend. She just didn't mention Scott.

 Essie wasn't sure she could go back to her parents. She told them she was looking for a job. It was time for her to be on her own. Except, she wasn't. She still needed time to think this through. She didn't know what to tell them about her pregnancy. She didn't mention it to Syreeta, either.

No, this was Syreeta's night and it felt golden. Possibly, a moment Essie would never quite know, but she could at least find some joy in it when she watched Syreeta get ready for her big date.

"He must really be amazing." Essie sighed. Of course, she was thinking of Scott. She slightly teared up. Damn, if everything didn't make her emotional these days. She knew she should not be thinking of him. He was only a friend.

"I dunno..about that." Syreeta seemed to be on pins and needles as if she, herself, was moving very carefully through this fly by night romance that happened only a few weeks ago. "I mean, he calls. Keith shows up at school. He has this..this irresistible smile."

"Yeah, I can see that. I can see he makes you happy." Essie told her. Wasn't that what everyone was searching for? Someone who could make you smile just at the thought of them.

Essie didn't want to think of Caleb. Especially, since he had taken all the church's money with him. A part of her hoped no one would ever know who her baby's father was.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

breaking free

Breaking Free prt.1

Sky hated to think what he heard on Thanksgiving night after everyone left. The walls were thin in his grandfather's house. Well..father's house. It was hard to get used,too. Especially, when he had to still call him Gramps.

Draco and his mother got in argument over Charlie.

"YOU LIED TO ME!" The words echoed through Sky as he did his best not to have another seething headache. But he was in a thin coat now walking in the falling snow.

It was the meds. He guessed. The headaches. He wanted to be off this stuff. He didn't want it. He never wanted it. He didn't feel like himself around Josie, and she meant everything to him.

He thought of how Draco fought back with angry words. After his mother pointed out that it was his own family that Draco had put in this predicament. How could he let the mother of his child go to jail for him? Draco had no intentions of ever really taking care of Lily.

Was it possible Sky could be that guy? Just like Draco?

But he hadn't let go of the meds Thanksgiving night. Not like he wanted too.

Now he carried the prescription drug with him as he walked through the snow, feeling nothing. Actually, he didn't even know where he was going, until he reached Josie's street.

It was twilight out. Maybe she wasn't even home. He couldn't even feel the cold. Honestly, he wasn't sure he felt anything anymore. But he rang the doorbell and luckily, Josie answered.

"How did you get here?" She asked.

"I walked." He finally confessed. "I need to talk to you."

breaking free prt.2

Josie didn't like the sound of that.

"All right." She let him in. She was taking care of Carrie, who had pulled her toddler body up to the coffee table. Josie looked back to make certain Carrie was still there. "What's wrong?"

"I dunno." He winced. "Nothing feels right. I mean, I've tried this stuff for a long time now. I'm thinking I'm.."

"What?" Josie hoped he didn't freak her out. She went to her sister and plopped down on the rug. If Carrie squatted, Josie would catch her. But Carrie was steady and determined with her pacifier in her mouth to get on the coffee table.

"I'm getting fat."

Josie didn't mean to laugh.

"You, are kidding, right?" She looked at him as he sat down on the couch.

"Remember that trip?" He made their roadtrip sound like years ago, not a couple of months. "We..we should have just gone for it. You know." He looked at her, as if he regretted not having intercourse with her.

"But.." She didn't know how to explain it. "Its..its not that big of a deal." She did love being with him. They were close. Cuddling was comforting and  genuine."You said you wanted to wait. As in... marriage."

He nodded. She knew he still felt that way. Deep down.

"I don't want to take these, anymore. I should have never got them. In the first place." He got up with the bottle of pills and went to the kitchen.

Josie picked up Carrie, who really was working hard to get up on the coffee table.

Before Josie knew it, the trash compacter was on and Sky rinsed the pills down the drain.

"Can I stay with you, you know, see if..if I'll be all right?" He asked then.

"Of course." She winced taking the bottle from him. She looked for phone numbers. Just in case she needed to call the hospital.