Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Joey and Corina

"Oh..Corina." Joey didn't want to start in. No way, could he go with her to a frat party. "I just can't.. I can't."

She was excited. Practically jumping for joy in Young Adult area of the library.

He grabbed both of her shoulders, brought her back to reality. "Stop." He looked her in the eye.

Why was he so worried about her? They weren't actually dating.

She of course, looked devastated.

"Its not possible." It was best to be closed lip about it. He wouldn't dare want to cause trouble at Xander's.

He let go.

"Besides, I've got to make dinner tonight." He shrugged.

"What are you going to make?" She wanted to know.

"I have no idea." And he didn't. He knew he had to be home. It would be good to see Dakota. Maybe she could help.

"What if I make dinner?"

So much hope in Corina's eyes. Joey didn't want to bring her down a second time.

"Sure." It wasn't a real YES, but it was just as good. "Why not?" He plastered on a happy smile. Hopefully, Xander and Ducky wouldn't be too mad about this.

Monday, October 24, 2016

about that Homecoming date

about the homecoming date

Cho didn't think his mother knew. Maybe she was dense that way. Or, she didn't want to talk about it.

But going with Rosco to homecoming was a date.

Yes, they decided on it. Wasn't anyone's business, but their own.
Still, Rosco was down with it a lot more, than maybe Cho.

But it was Cho who had the driver's license.

Funny, when he thought about it now. Maybe..maybe Rosco was too young for him. After all, Cho was a senior and Rosco was barely a sophomore.

It didn't make him nervous then, but it did now.

Of course, Rosco told Cho, he needed to loosen up.

It wasn't until the Homecoming dance that Cho realized Rosco knew a whole lot more about physical relationships than he did. And it scared him.

1. Cho only danced to the fast songs. Even so, Rosco was a show stopper on the floor. It was so unnerving. Cho stood on the gym floor, barely moving while Rosco took the rest of it to show off his sliding and get down moves. After all, people were watching.
2. Rosco was hugger, a feeler, and a kisser too. Cho didn't know.
3. His sister wanted to know what was going on. She was at the dance with her boyfriend. Of course, they hardly danced. Perhaps, she was spying on Rosco and Cho.

Oh, the humiliation. Cho felt as if he was walking on thin ice. He didn't know if he was strong enough to handle Rosco.

"Well..maybe..maybe we ..should..should just be friends." Cho decided a week later. It was enough stress, keeping his sister underwraps, on the whole Rosco thing.

"What?" Rosco was shocked. Maybe full of dismay. "You, said you wanted too!"

"I..want to..but.." Now Cho was a ball of nerves. "Its just..its..its all a little scary." Cho nursed his bottom lip. But he couldn't help to imagine Rosco's lips on his. They cut liked a knife. In fact, he thought he'd busted his lip that night.

"Scary!" He would have to screech so, in the hall at school. Rosco looked as if he was going to use his fist on Cho's angelic face.

Cho closed his eyes tight. Where had it went so wrong? He thought he could spend a life time with his best friend. But it was all going so fast. He didn't mean to hurt Rosco's feelings.

When Rosco kissed him this time, it was a gentle surprise. Maybe he wasn't a tiger in a cage, after all.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

trading places

trading places

Was it true? Raspberries in October? Betty could never remember that happening in her back yard before. Of course, she wasn't here over the summer. She'd been living in her daughter's apartment while Brit and her family moved into her house. It looked permanent, but she was ready to come back home. After all, the house was paid off and it was about time for that husband of Brit's to find a house for them.

Although, she hadn't the heart to bring it up. She was busy fighting bees to get to the red raspberries. It was like a miracle.

"Well, I don't remember seeing any, this summer." Brit remembered as she lugged Theo like she did when he was barely a year old. He was practically bigger than she was now.

"Put him down." She pointed to the ground. "You'll have back trouble just like me." She knew it was her own fault. She'd carried them all far too long when they were little too. Of course, the older two carried the younger ones more than she had.

Brit did as her mother said. She sighed and put her hands on her lower back.

"Are you pregnant?" Betty then asked her daughter, as she gave a handful of raspberries to the baby, who took to them like candy.

Brit shot her a look that gave way the obvious.

"How? How..do you know?" Brit asked.

Betty sighed.

"Hows that Carson taking it?" Betty wanted to know as she patted Theo on the head.

By the look on Brit's little frown, she knew she hadn't told him.

Betty shook her head.

"Does this mean, I won't ever get my house back now?" She reminded Brit about the agreement. They were going to save up, find themselves their own house.

"I know." Brit crossed her arms. "We've been looking." It sounded like they were planning to move nearby, like on the block.

Betty looked at her blankly. She hadn't thought they'd want to be so close to her.

"There's something I want to tell you." Brit pressed her lips tight.

"The baby news isn't enough?" Betty chuckled.

"I think Tiffany is seeing your boyfriend." Brit stared at her mother as if she'd be against this fellow from the get go.

"What boyfriend?" Betty winced.

"That guy." Brit winced hard. "From the theater. Gordon..somebody." She got out her phone and showed her the picture that Tiffany sent her from the zoo.

Betty only smiled.

"I'm feeling more sorry for him, by the minute." Betty shook her head. "Hope he knows what he's doing."

"So you're not dating him?" Brit wanted to know.

"You, think a boy like that? Would want somebody like me?" She laughed. "Oh, I'm a fan all right. But I don't think I'd want somebody younger than me. Not that young, anyway."

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Minnie and Blackie

Minnie & Blackie

Sheena looked at the time on her phone. How long were they going to be at Blackie and Minnie's place? It wasn't far from the zoo. Actually, it was on the premise.

How had this happened? She had to ask, three hours later while they were still at the old house and Minnie was chopping away with a meat clever. How long did it take to make a stirfry?

Blackie would talk a little about the animals he tended too. He was on staff as an animal doctor. Then he'd walk away, as if he had something to check on the bedroom.

Ever so often Minnie would speak in a language that didn't make any sense to Sheena.

"Is..is she Native American?" Sheena mouthed to Omaha, who shot her a look that he didn't know and he wasn't going to dare ask.

When the food arrived it was hot, or was it the flavor that was so hot? Sheena couldn't decide. But it was so spicy.

Minnie asked if Sheena worked. She nodded. Still, Minnie sounded as if she was on something, maybe drunk, but they hadn't offered them anything alcoholic. Yet, Minnie was so expressive. Sheena was afraid to laugh. What if Minnie took it all the wrong way?

"Isn't she cute? So cute?" Minnie pinched Sheena's cheek while she ate.  Sheena tried to go on with her meal. Omaha looked at his cousin's wife, as if she better not touch him. Still, Omaha ate like he hadn't had anything quite so tasty in his life.

Finally, Minnie put a slice of meat in a leafy green and fed her husband before he could say, no. She smiled as if she alone could only take care of this man. No way, could Sheena learn this in one night, to do for Omaha. Minnie pushed a leaf, full of meat into Omaha's mouth.

He looked at Sheena, as if he couldn't help it.