Sunday, May 25, 2008


Ellie thought she knew who Eric really liked. They have become good friends at school and even after school.

Since the thing with Rex ended badly, and things haven't gone well with Kyle, either in the fallout, Eric is more than a confidant. Perhaps he's just what she's needed for her confidence too.

Maybe they are more than friends. Eric is seriously wanting to change the friend factor. And he has.

Ellie feels definitely close to Eric as if he's all she'll ever need as she goes into her Junior year of high school. Eric is definitely Ellie's boyfriend.

Just recently, after a bad incident at Eric's New Year's Eve party, Ellie decided she had to break up with Eric after a night with Elliot.

She dated Elliot for a while, but still felt she was missing something. She hooked up with Eric once while he was still or in the process of dating Olivia. That ended the relationship. For good. But then she called him when she was stranded after a very bad night with Ryan. Since then, they have both moved on to other people.


molly said...

well thats exciting

keep us posted
im glad you liked the adam sevani!

One BIG Mesh said...

Whoa, there's a guy at my school who looks just like this, though he's a little hotter. But me and my friend emma have the biggest crush on him, he's like some sort of obssive complusion disorder we know everything about him.And his locker right by mine!!!! But anyways likin eric