Thursday, November 6, 2008


She's Derrick's big sister who Kyle met at a concert.
Since then she's Kyle's better half. She and Kyle have a baby. Rosie.
She's friends with Ellie, yet she got mixed up with Ellie's ex Eric. They have a baby together, Evan, but she's married to Elliot. Another one of Ellie's ex. Although, its been kind of a rocky time for them. She's friends with his cousin, Asa.

Amanda has been a character I've enjoyed for quite a while, writing about. I could see a lot of myself in some of her stories. She's a complex character. I think she was at her happiest with Asa.

I wanted to write about someone who everyone looked at as being younger than she really was. Yet, there were a lot things that happened to her that made her mature faster. And I think she's a character that hopefully, one could relate to.

I have to admit it was hard to write about the tragic end of her character.