Sunday, June 21, 2009

its never easy

As far as Lon was concerned, Roger was being jack ass. Something along that line. He wasn't going to say anything. After all, he had his bag from Wal-mart with all the essentials. And Roger had the audacity to ask him, "Did you bring me anything?"

As it was, he was all snugly with someone on the couch, anyway. With a girl. Lon didn't know who. But it was odd, especially since Roger was gay, wasn't he? But Lon, didn't say anything. He wanted to go to their room and wished they'd stopped somewhere for food, but he didn't want fast food. He wanted home-cooked food.

Roger introduced him to Olivia who seemed optimistic enough. Although, he got orange Cheetos' powder all over his hand. She was a bit giggly, and he thought for a second that perhaps she didn't speak English.

"What was that about?" Lon asked Ellie once they were in their room.

"He's just trying to get back at me." Ellie shrugged.

"With her?" Lon winced.

"Who knows with Roger. The whole world is against him, these days." Ellie sighed falling back on her pillow on their bed. The heat and the humidity was getting to the both of them.

"Is that so?" Lon yawned and tossed his bag in the floor and laid down next to her.

"He likes to think it." The yawning was contagious. "Nobody has it as bad as Roger."

"Yeah, I'm sure its all my fault," Lon sighed. "I did pay my share of rent so he can't fuss about that. Now I just have to find a job."

"A job?" Ellie sighed, but before he knew it, she was already asleep. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. Really, he needed to see what was in that kitchen to eat. Lon was determined to make a meal out of something.


Cait said...

Roger...what will become of him..I do wonder. Funny, that Ellie went to sleep though.

cady said...

LOL. Roger trying to get under Ellie's skin.
I always like Lon's perspective.

Winnie said...

Yeah I wonder what Roger's up to. Lon's a funny guy.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sounds like Roger needs to accept Lon and Ellie and concentrate on genuine friendship with them both.

simon and josh said...

that's funny Ellie went to sleep so quickly. Lon in the kitchen. That should be good.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what job Lon is going to get.

la llum de l'onze est said...

I tried to write a bit in English,but believe me,I'm not very ood.
I'll read your whole blog someday and find out what's it about.