Tuesday, June 2, 2009

no dogs allowed

"I met someone." Ellie didn't even say, hello.

"No, you didn't." Roger shot right back over his cell.

"But I did."

"You go see your brother and you found someone. Just like that?"

"Just like that." She smiled not wanting to give too much away.

"I hate you." Roger put it bluntly.

"Sure you do." She didn't believe him for a minute. "Maybe I should hang up now."

"Wait!" Roger yelled.

Ellie pulled the phone away from her face then and grimaced a bit.


"When are you coming home?"

"So now you're calling it, home?" She almost laughed. Really, it was still a shock that she'd moved out right after graduation. Things were a bit tight at home. After all, Amanda lived there now with baby Rose, and the timing was just perfect. So was Roger's place that was just six blocks from campus. Luckily, she'd gotten a job with a professor who's office was within walking distance. She needed an assistant. She wasn't exactly sure what she was assisting, but at least it was an afternoon job and no weekends. Ellie would start soon.

"Are you coming home?" Roger then sounded desperate.


"We can go grocery shopping then?" Roger sounded as if it were a date.

"As long as we can add one more for the ride."

"Like who? You didn't get a dog, did you?" Roger had his cat. TI did rule the roost.

"I didn't." She told him as she was getting a couple Arizona energy teas from the convenience store fridge. She paid for them then and slid down her shades over her nose and walked out toward her car. "Look I'll be home in an hour or so."

"An hour or so?"

"Yeah, just got into Missouri." She told him.

"Missouri!" Roger sounded as if that might be too soon.

She clicked off her phone then and looked at Lon who was washing up the front window on her car. "You don't have anything against, cats, do you?"


the oaks said...

I like their conversation. Roger..thinking about a dog. Ha!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-great to see Lonny back!

blue hearts said...

I gotta wonder how Roger will take Lon's arrival.

simon n josh said...

his conversation with her. He's so Roger.

Anonymous said...

Ooo looks like there is a surprise for Roger:)