Sunday, July 26, 2009

clearing the air

Lon wasn't sure exactly what he was getting by on. It definitely wasn't sleep. Just the idea that he'd see Ellie soon enough, he guessed. But the heat was on and so was he, gliding across those plush fields on campus with the lawnmower. Standing tall on the machine he did his work, so effortlessly. He knew it would be ten times harder if he was out combining grain or back at Ben's animal clinic holding down a stubborn calf so Ben could give it a shot.

When he went on break he noticed Lonnie had called so he called him back.

"Why don't you ever call me, anymore?" Lonnie said when he answered the phone.

"I've been busy." Lon simply said. "Besides, didn't you have plans this summer for camping and then planning your wedding."

"I just haven't heard from you." Lonnie said as if he was a bit indifferent.

"The wedding is still on?"

"Yeah, but its like four years from now, you know." Lonnie didn't sound to thrilled about that.

"You promised Dad you'd finish college first."

"But I want to do it now." Lonnie told him.

"Does Steph know about this?" Lon didn't know what else to ask.

"Yeah, its her idea. She thinks if we just do it, we'll save everyone a lot money. And she's already a nurse's assistant." Lonnie sounded as if he was wiser than ever before, and there was no way of changing his mind.

"Sounds like a plan." Lon knew he wouldn't change Lonnie's mind. "But you don't have to rush into anything. You know, Steph wants a nice wedding. And you want her to have one too."


"How's everything else?"

"The usual." Lonnie told him. "Oh, your Mom called."

"Well, she's got my number. I haven't heard anything." Lon squinted.

"She's just mad that you didn't come to her and tell her you were leaving. So now she says she doesn't ever want to talk to you, again."

"That's just the way I like it," Lon smiled.

After he hung up, Lon felt good about a lot of things. And he knew Lonnie wouldn't rush into anything.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Lons mum sounds harsh, hope she doesn't mean it!!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from Lonnie again in this story.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, I was hoping he'd be talking to Lonnie.

past the point said...

lon and the lawnmowing made me smile.

blue hearts said...

I do wonder how Lon is around his Mom.