Friday, July 31, 2009

the exception

"So what are we doing for your birthday?" It was a minute past midnight when Lon whispered in Ellie's ear.

She smiled. They were in the dark but she felt Lon's fingers coming around her waist. She wasn't completely asleep even if she said she was turning in early when they got back from the BBQ where Lon spent the entire time helping his boss' four year old learn to ride a bike.

It was then that Ellie really knew what sort of Dad he'd be. A very happy one, full of encouragement and a very good listener.

"I don't care." She sighed, thinking of her birthday now.

"Yes, you do. You must." And he kissed her cheek then as well her neck and then when she rolled into him they kissed as if this was the beginning of a birthday celebration right now. "I'll bake you cake."


"Yeah. Of course."

"My Mom will probably come." Ellie closed her eyes not really looking forward to that.

"Well, yeah, I expected she would." His touch made her forget how awkward that might be. "And don't be surprised if your brother doesn't show up, either."

Now Ellie was really awake, but somehow Lon was going on as if this was really her day and no one elses as he kissed her sweetly. This was definitely not the time to start worrying what her mother nor her brother might think.

Ellie looked to the bedroom curtains lit from the street light as Lon kissed her belly. Honestly, she didn't want to think about her mother nor her brother at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Ellie meant about the whole dad thing.

simon n josh said...

I think she likes that quality in him. & more.

blue hearts said...

Sweet moment..I think Lon has some treats and etc. in store for her.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty good site but I like blogger better.

Jared said...

I really like the Ellie & Lon relationship. I like it a lot, can't wait for more. =)

On a side not: Would you consider being fierce with words a good thing ooc?

cait said...

hmm..what is Lon doing at the moment..just..OK..I'll use my imagination.

e.l. said...

Yeah, fierce is great jared! & thanks for the note. Maybe you'll like Nick's story too. Hopefully.

Sharon Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie!! Hope she has a great day!