Monday, July 13, 2009

like you used too

Ellie tried her best to get Kyle to go with her, but he was rather frank about the matter. Hell no. He would not go.

"Why would I want to see someone who thought I was freak," Kyle looked at her as if she could go to hell too. Ellie had a feeling he already knew about the Amanda and Eric situation. She supposed it would have to wait to discuss it with him. She had to see Leia.

And when she did get to the QL facility, Ellie had a melt down. She thought she could face Leia, but there Leia was in a wheel chair and her eyes were all a flutter. Leia couldn't see. Her voice slurred, as well. All Ellie could do was hold her hand and try not to think how vibrant she once was.

Leia grinned.

"I know who this is," Leia laughed. She was excited to see her.

"You do?" Ellie couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, girl, you are still working those hands. Crocheting. Right?"

"Yes, of course." Only Ellie hadn't done any crocheting in a while. Not since Lon. She didn't know why. It wasn't something he would have forbidded her to do.

"Can you- can you make me a hat?" Leia smiled.

"I'd love to." Ellie told her.

"My hairs all nappy since they shaved it. God, I must look awful," She kept looking at something else, not Ellie, but she kept her smile.

"You don't look awful." Ellie did her best not to start crying. There was this huge feeling of emotion that she was thankful that Leia looked as wonderful as she did. "What? What color would you want me to make your hat?"

"Purple," Leia held on to Ellie's hand tightly. "And I want a pink flower on it. Like the ones you used to make. Do you remember how?"

"I think so." Ellie then promised Leia a hat. It was the least she could do.


simon n josh said...

So sad, but I'm glad she saw her and I'm sure their friendship will be better now.

the oaks said...

That'll be great that she makes her a hat.

Anonymous said...

Aw a sweet reunion. So is Leia forever blind?

fan fic said...

I hope she gets better.

past the point said...

Man, I hope Leia gets better.

dapper kid said...

Aww this was so sad. Hope things get better for Leia and Ellie doesn't take it too hard.

Livie23 said...

poor Leia... that's sweet, about the hat. =)