Wednesday, July 29, 2009

post card

Olivia wondered when this came. Everything was beginning to become this sobering realization that it was over.
Really, she had thought she might never hear from Eric again, and then she did. The post card was in her things she was going through. She guessed she forgot to look. It had been in her room back at her Aunt's days ago. She wondered if she'd found the post card sooner if it would have stopped her from...from this. This where she was standing right now in Roger's room.
Did he really miss me, Olivia wondered. Really, she didn't care because she hadn't thought of him at all. She tossed the postcard in the trash by her computer.
"What's this?" Roger came home from work and picked it out of the trash a few minutes later.
"Nothing." She shrugged.
"Aw, you should keep it." He smiled as he looked it over.
"Why?" She looked at him as if he had to be a little bit crazy.
"Because, he thought about you enough to send it to you," Roger said. "And its from Italy."
"Its OK." He chuckled. "Or we could burn it. Would your rather burn it?"
"Olivia, that sounds so final, are you sure?" He jerked out a fat ash tray from his underwear drawer.
She was puzzled. She didn't expect him to have an ashtray, but there were matches in the drawer, too. Was there even any room for underwear?
"Shall we?" He struck the match and handed it to her. He held up the post card while she lit it.
Roger smiled so deviously, and Olivia couldn't help but laugh.
After the post card burned practically in half over the ashtray, Roger let it go to burn then on the green glass, and he Frenched kissed her then as if the celebration really hadn't quite taken off the ground until then.


Sharon Rose said...

Best place for the postcard, she needs to get on with her own life now!!

fan fic said...

Now we find the post card..a little toooo late now.

Cait said...

Oh..this was bitter sweet. I have mixed feelings about what Roger asks of her, but then again..the post card was in the trash.

simon n josh said...

burning it up. humm...I wonder if there is anything else on Olivia's mind?

Anonymous said...

Roger always knows how to make Olivia feel better, but somehow I still feel Olivia misses Eric a little.

elda said...

thank you for nice comments =D
so, what's after book 2?
i tried to read your new post but i feel like i'm missing too much..
PS:sorry for the bad english