Thursday, August 20, 2009

around about way

Roger had decided. It was best this way. He knew what to do now.

He was glad it happened when it did, or no telling how long it might have lasted. He felt a little sad about it, but not that sad because this was important to him. To make decisions like this now, not four years from now when it was too late.

He decided to tell Olivia at breakfast.

Of course, she hadn't exactly been that happy with him, lately. Not in the last week. She'd dumped his dirty clothes on him. She fluttered about like a bird, getting this done and that done. Hardly ever in the same room with him. He knew she was mad. She had a right to be.

His hand still hurt from punching Nick. He thought he might have broken something and still he hadn't been able to apologize to Nick face to face. Nick never answer his door. He was starting to wonder if he was even there.

"I've decided," Roger got to his speech then. Hoping Olivia would understand. He reached out and took her hand. Of course, she hesitated. She wouldn't even look him in the eye.

"Decided what?" She finally squinted as if she didn't really want to hear it. He didn't let go of her hand though.

"I don't want to major in drama." He was serious.

"Really?" She looked surprised.

"Its just stupid. What am I going to do with a degree in drama? You have to really know your shit and on top of that, all they really want you for, is to build those fake sets, you know."

"What are you going to do?" She looked at him as if it might be something shocking.

"I dunno. But I'm not going to be an actor. I'm going to do something that'll help people. Like you do."

"You want to go into sign language?"

He shook his head, no.

"And I won't go to any parties, and I won't make you so worried about, you know, stuff like that." He winced.

"Good. But, but what about Nick?"

"Is he even here?" Roger had been trying to talk to him.

"He hasn't talked to you?" Olivia looked worried. "I've been trying to get him to come out of his room for days."

"He won't say anything to me." He looked at Olivia wondering if he was thinking the same thing she was thinking. He jerked out the keys in his pocket. He thumbed through them. Suddenly, he thought it might be the time to do it. He hoped it wasn't too late.

They ran down to the basement door, beating on it frantically. Roger wiggled the key into the locked door. He and Olivia busted through it together just to find themselves in pitch black.

"Huh." Roger said in the dark. Olivia flipped on the light. The bed was made perfectly. Everything neat as if he were ready for bootcamp. Nobody home.


Sharon Rose said...

Wonder where he's gone? Is Roger making right decisions too?

Raigan said...

I'm way in love with the roger olivia thing, fingers crossed that it works out for those kids!

Hmm nick and a boy? I'm excited to see where this goes :)

Thanks for being so supportive and lovely! Have a great day!


Cait said...

Well..I think its scary and yet funny that they don't know where Nick is and it was interesting how this started because I was afraid Roger was going to tell her that he met someone at the party and not about his major. But its good he figures out what he wants to get a college education in. I hope.

Anonymous said...

I hope Nick hasn't left for good. I wonder what Roger will major in now.

Anonymous said...

And yes that is the person from Labyrinth, the actress's name is Jennifer Connelly. You knew I was going to use Paul Rudd as a father? Haha.

simon n josh said...

I was so afraid he was going to break up with her.

the oaks said...

I hope Nick is ok. I was afraid he'd committed sucide or something.

Winnie said...

I hope he's making the right decisions and chooses something to major in, that he will enjoy! The end is spooky...wonder what happened to Nick?