Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the plan

There were only two things Olivia really wanted to do before classes started up again. Meet Roger's mother and of course, go to a NeverShoutNever! concert. They could do both of these things in St. Louis.

She mentioned Christopher Drew to Roger.

"Who is he? Should I be jealous? Is he an old boyfriend of yours?" Roger teased.

"You wish," she teased right back. "So you could beat him up, I guess." Of course, she knew that wasn't going to happen. It took as much time for his knuckles to heal as it did Nick's nose. She knew he wasn't a fighter.

She told him how talented Christopher was. How he lived for his music. How he even quit school.
"Now that's dedication." She informed him.

"Are you trying to say I don't have that?"

Olivia just smiled and said there was a concert in St. Louis. "Isn't that where your mother lives?" She hinted.

"So." She got a frown out of him.

"I'm sure she'd love to see you." Olivia explained.

"No, she wouldn't." He told her it was his mother that had left him and his Dad.

"Well, she might." Olivia finally laid it out to him. "I have the concert tickets. I have the time and so do you. We're going."

She didn't tell him that she'd already called his mother, and she was waiting patiently to meet them. Olivia had already map-quested. They were going, and he could go kicking and screaming if he liked.


the oaks said...

I know Olivia will get him there. Some how.

Meg said...

It seems like Oliva has this planned out pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Olivia can do both easily I know it. NeverShoutNever, good band.

cass and cady said...

this should be fun..their first trip together on the road.

kelsey said...

haha i love nevershoutnever! the story keeps gettin better :) thnx for the comment


Raigan said...

I FREAKED out when i read this post haha i'm such a nsn fan girl it's not even funny! i'm sure you're aware of this haha

Cannot wait to see how this turns out!


aiLee920 said...

you are most welcome my dear... keep writing good scenes...

the oaks said...

I hope roger won't be a stinker about this.

simon n josh said...

Aw..a road trip. Just what they need.

Cait said...

Olivia's a go getter!