Saturday, August 22, 2009

what got inside his soul

Heath neglected to mention he had a boyfriend.

Nick supposed this was not to surprise him, but it did. Especially, when he thought back about the intensity of the time he'd spent with him. How could he neglect something like that?

Nick wasn't sure if he understood.

"He's back in town," Heath acted as if he took his cue from his boyfriend who had been rather invisible until now.

Nick wasn't sure he could even see straight as he kept coming back to Heath's phone call. It was so over. Wasn't it?

He couldn't even remember what he'd said to Heath now. It was a complicated secret. Nick was pretty sure Heath forgot him. Instantly. All the while it was like carrying a piece of fire in his chest that felt like ice.

His eyes were red rimmed now, and Nick felt more unsure of everything than he thought possible. There were things he knew about himself now that he wished he didn't know. It felt like a burden he didn't wish to claim, but it was true, even if it had came so quick and ended just as fast. Just when he thought he understood what Heath was all about. It was done. Like a trick of some kind that left him so deceived. He supposed.

Now was the monotonous task of getting around the campus with his schedule. He stood there like an imbecile waiting in line for lunch.

"Are you OK?" Someone accidentally lunged into him.

"Oh." It didn't even dawn on him that someone was behind him and that maybe he should take a tray and grab a salad, then bread, and some sickening food like Salisbury's steak.

"Hey, you're new too, right?" The guy said holding his hand out to shake Nick's. "I'm Ravi. Do you like the school-"

"Oh," Nick pointed to his silly name tag that no one could make out other than nananaaa, "I'm Nick."

"Which dorm are you in?" Ravi wanted to know as they forged on through the line.

"I'm not."

"You have you're own place?' Ravi sounded excited about that.

"Not, exactly." Nick cleared his throat. He wasn't sure if he wanted to talk to Ravi, but Ravi kept talking about how worried his mother was and how he couldn't wait to get away from his siblings, and now he didn't know what to do. Nick got his food. His card swiped. Ravi followed behind him as if he was his new best friend.

Nick observed Ravi's enthusiasm. He was so innocent and fresh, and Nick didn't want to spoil it for him. Ravi took a picture of his food.

"What are you going to do with a picture of that?" Nick winced.

"I love food." Ravi smiled. Nick would have never known as skinny as the dude was. "Its just something I like to take pictures of."


Ravi nodded as he watched Nick eat. Nick was sure Ravi was going to take a picture of him eating. He did.


Emerald said...

Sorry I haven't commented for a long time.
Things have been pretty crazy.

simon n josh said...

Ravi just might be the friend Nick needs.

aiLee920 said...

hello there... this is a really nice post...

the oaks said... bad about Heath. But glad he met Ravi.

cass and cady said...

Ravi definitely looks interesting.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

hmmm, Ravi sounds very interesting.

Raigan said...

woah this ravi kid is really great so far! I'm very much loving the picture :)

um i got new hair! haha i'm not so sure how i feel but hey it is what it is, have a great weekend!