Sunday, September 6, 2009

after the show

Roger was done once Christopher Drew did his set at the concert.

"Do we have to stay," he was feeling so drained. "Lets go before we get in a traffic jam." He thought he might be coming down with something. Maybe it was mental. Finally, seeing his Mom after all this time. The last time he'd seen her she was pregnant and then to see her with the baby who was a toddler now, well it just blew him away. He just wasn't good at this sort of thing. He thought he could get used to it, but it wasn't easy.

Naturally, they got lost on their way out and just went in to the nearest diner close to a bar. Roger was famished. He just couldn't eat at Applebees.

"OK, lets get you burger or something," Olivia said.

"That sounds good, and a strawberry shake, too." He smirked.

"You are hungry." She smiled.

"You should be too, as much as you went crazy over that guy." Roger glared about her little dance number. "If you'd worn a bra you would have tossed it to him."

"Ha ha ha," she smirked back.

Roger looked up then and saw Eric out of the corner of his eye. He had to stare then to make sure it was him. It was. He was with some cool scene kind of guy. What was that about he wondered?

"What in the world is he doing in St. Louis?" He whispered in to Olivia's ear. He snuggled next to Olivia in the booth then. He hoped Eric saw them. He hoped he got the picture.


simon n josh said...

some interesting developements. Eric.

Sharon Rose said...

Wow, Erics back-Roger better hope he's still not interested in Olivia!!

cait said...

Lovely, just lovely, the pot thickens!

billy and elliot said...

What will Eric think?

the oaks said...

Eric??? exciting.

Raigan said...

Eric? in St.Louis? hm i'm interested to see where this goes.

I actually just got back from St.Louis! haha

I hope school is going well, enjoy your last couple of days of Labor Day weekend!