Sunday, September 13, 2009

just breakfast

"I wonder how Nick's doing?" Olivia asked at breakfast while they were waiting for Eric and Ian. She sipped her coffee as if that alone would help her through the day.

"He's fine, he's got Ravi." Roger held her hand as if she might get away.

"Ravi?" She'd almost forgotten about Nick's friend. "Look, Eric is fine with us. He's just fine, all right."

"I suppose," Roger sighed. "Its hard to say. He's a bit evasive."

"He's with his little brother. He's a good big brother." Olivia nodded.

"I guess."

Just then they arrived and Ian set across from her. She smiled at him as the waitress came over to fill their cups with coffee.

"So are you excited about school?" She asked feeling so old now. He was so mature. He just wasn't the Ian she remembered.

"I guess." He nodded. There was something formal about him. As if Eric had demanded it from him. Eric looked at his menu, ignoring her. It hurt. Thinking she was just a stranger now. He was to her. She held on to Roger's hand tighter hoping he'd never become that to her. Not after as much as they'd been through together. Even if things with Roger's mom hadn't turned out that great. It was a start. He'd figure out a way to be the son he should be. The brother he could be. She had hope in that.

Naturally, Roger just thought she was happy to see him. He was all snugly and perhaps silly. Olivia could hardly keep from bursting in laughter.

"What's the matter?" Eric looked at her seriously. Honestly, she hadn't meant to taunt him.

"Nothing," She looked at him seriously. "So where you headed next?"

"Home." He nodded. "I enrolled at your University." He then smiled.

Olivia gulped. She didn't think he would. Didn't he always stay really close to home?

"Now that is news, Eric." Roger shrugged. "Have you found a place?"

Olivia's eyes lit. Roger better not suggest he move in with them. She kicked him ever so cleverly. Roger winced slightly as if he got the point.

"Its a studio place. My mother knew of someone. The rent was cheap and well, I guess this girl has a drug problem so she moved away to Boston to be with her sister. I still have her cat, hopefully, we'll get along."

They ordered breakfast then. Olivia didn't give Eric another look. It was a big University. Didn't mean she'd run into him.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-lets hope Eric doesn't confuse Olivia's feelings for Roger.

elda said...

hey E

how are you
you've been writing to my post lately
and i haven't got a chance to read yours

its my little shop =D
i still can't find my morning shift person *sigh* so i have to do it my own..and the internet connection is hard to find

hope you are okay and enjoy the day..


the oaks said...

I think Olivia is good for Roger. There is a strength between them that she wouldn't have if she were with Eric.

Cait said...

Olivia and Roger. That was great about her worrying about Nick...and what she doesn't know. Nice.

I dunno about Eric.

simon n josh said...

roger has a way of over doing it sometimes..but I like him anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's weird havign Eric back, I am happy, but a little weirded out. Will he stay in long? I liked the conversation they held. Also this is random but I like how you went back to this color for the background:)

Winnie said...

Haha, Eric will definitely be around more often then!

Meg said...

You always fun into the people you're not so eager to see!