Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Does something smell funny to you?" Olivia scrunched a frown as they came into the living-room of the house. She dropped their bags immediately.

"Like what?" Roger shrugged. "It isn't coming from the kitchen." He checked the garbage right away. Nick had left a clean trash bag inside it. Olivia followed and noticed the place was spotless. How was that possible? She looked around. Could something be too clean?

"I smell smoke." She sniffed.

"Like the house on fire?" Roger winced.

"No, someone has been smoking." She walked around the living-room. Everything was in its place. It looked as if someone had cleaned up. Like Nick found a maid and instead of having sex with her he watched her do housework, thought Olivia as she inspected the bathroom next. It was amazing. Sparkling clean.

"Who's been here?" She squinted hard then.

"Just Nick." Roger looked at her.

"Nick!" She yelled down the basement stairs. No answer. Naturally. Her sneakers stomped all the way down the stairs to his door. She beat on the door like a mad woman.

"What is wrong with you!" Roger chased after her.

"What if he's been smoking? Went to sleep in bed and now its on fire!" She looked at Roger then waiting for the key.

"It can't be that bad. He's never smoked as long as I've known him. He's Mr. Squeeky Clean, Livy!" Roger told her. Of course, he couldn't open the door fast enough.

Naturally. It was dark in his room. She turned on the light switch. The bed looked a bit wrinkled, but everything seemed to be in order except for the slight smoke in the room.

"He is smoking." She looked at Roger. "You tell him he has to smoke outside. You're dad can't sell a house that smells like an ashtray. And it does none of us any good."

"All right." He sighed. He looked around one more time and turned off the light and locked the door behind them.


Cait said...

That Olivia knows her smoke. I like how rober calls her livy too.

Winnie said...

I definitely know what Olivia means, it's so easy to smell the smoke when you're a non-smoker!

simon n josh said...

I like how Olivia on top of this.

the oaks said...

This was interesting. I hate when that happens..when you wonder what's up when something smells peculair.

Roger. I think Olivia is good for him and the house.

Meg said...

Its good that Olivia wants him to smoke ouside. 2nd Hand Smoke is bad news!