Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rolling with the flow

"What are you doing here?" Amanda hadn't expected to see Olivia. She so wished Elliot had came with her, but she knew it was best to get Rosie by herself.

"Just, in the neighborhood." Olivia said so calmly. "Picking up something for Roger at his Dad's. He's set on having a big Halloween, and well, he left his wolfman mask at home. Had it since he was twelve."

Amanda didn't believe her, but there she went on with a novel of a lie, just the same.

"So, how you been? Feeling OK?"

"I'm fine." She was closed lip. Really, all she needed to do was take Rosie and get out of here.

"Great," Olivia smiled. "You look great. Really, you do." But her sweetness made Amanda scowl more. Really, she was beginning to hate Olivia quite nicely.

"You're still as skinny as you ever were." Amanda looked at her so unnerving.

"Do you know who I heard from?" Olivia's eyes lit. Amanda really didn't want to know. "Ian," Olivia gave her an open smile. "Eric's little brother. Do you remember him?"

"Not really." And she didn't. Why was she bringing up Eric in such a subtle way?

"He's coming for Thanksgiving." Olivia shrugged. "I guess Eric knows. Don't know if I'll see him or not."

"Well, I don't know him," Amanda wished she'd just shut up.

"I think we just might spend Thanksgiving at Roger's, you know. Isn't it a holiday for friends, anyway?" Olivia hit a nerve. She knew Thanksgiving was all about family. Why did she have to bring this up? "How are the wedding plans coming, Amanda? Thats what is really keeping you so busy, isn't it?"

"A little." Really, it was going to be quite simple. Just a small ceremony with Elliot's folks in the church parlor. Very quaint. She hoped.

"Can we come?" Olivia winced as Amanda edged her way around Rosie, getting her jacket on, ready to go.

"Its not like that. Just for his family." Amanda remained straight lipped.

"You have to let us give you shower, or something?"

Amanda just nodded. She really didn't want to ask anything of anybody.


Ladyulia said...

thx for visiting my blog

about ur pot
what is that actually???
a story?

SR@MyStyle said...

Its a shame Amanda feels so alone, she should let Olivia in.

Meg said...

I wish Amanda was happier!

Winnie said...

I hope she opens up more, seems like she's shutting everyone out.

Aoife said...

Are your posts like stories? Wow, thats so cool.

cass and cady said...

Maybe Amanda will give Olivia chance. Maybe.

the oaks said...

Amanda needs more girlfriends.

fan fic said...

She needs her friends more than ever.

Aoife said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Will definitely be reading this.

E said...

"Really, she was beginning to hate Olivia quite nicely." - I like that line a lot :-)

Cait said...

Poor Amanda, but you just miserable sometimes .. when you're pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Poor Olivia and Amanda.
She seems so bitter.