Thursday, October 1, 2009

so unlikely

Olivia didn't know what she was doing carrying around Ian's post card in her purse. It always made her smile when saw it. He was such a romantic. She was sure it wouldn't be long til he was not a romantic. Let him fall in love, she thought, then she'd show this to him some day so he could get a good laugh. That's why she kept it. Or perhaps she kept telling herself this.

She supposed she could e-mail him or send him something by snail mail, but she wouldn't. She thought about this now while at Roger's house. She'd had a good time with his Dad who wanted to show her every baby picture he owned of Roger. She wondered if he thought she was going to have Roger's baby as much trouble as he went too. She hoped not. Really, there were enough babies around.

"So how are your parents?" His father asked while they chilled in front of the TV with him.

"Oh, well, they had this mission they were on, that I forgot completely about," she gritted with a smile. "I thought they would be so upset with me. I hadn't heard from them. They were in the Philippines. I think they want to move there. Help out with an orphanage, or something. I missed them when they stopped by a few weeks ago, but really we're fine." At least at the moment. They had heard good things about Lon, and they accepted the fact that she wanted to live with people her age. She supposed it was good enough for them not to be thinking she was actually sleeping with Roger.

"You must be so proud of them. Do you want to be a missionary?" Roger's father asked.

"No." She couldn't stop herself. "I like what I do and well, I don't feel the need yet to be a missionary."

"But I might actually like that, you know, being a missionary." Roger nodded.

Olivia just glared at Roger. Where in the world did he come up with things like this?

"Roger, I think you need to join a church of some kind and major in religion before you take on something like that," Olivia scowled as if he were the worst joker possible.

"But I could, you know." Roger grinned.

"It is possible." Olivia sighed but she didn't think it would happen.


Sharon Rose said...

Is Roger in a dreamworld, maybe he is serious!!

simon n josh said...

That was a sweet post card. What else is roger going to spring on Olivia? Hahahaaa..

the oaks said...

I hope Roger knows what a great girl Olivia put up with him.

the oaks said...

Olivia is so loyal. I hope Roger knows how lucky he is.