Friday, November 20, 2009

could be that

"We never do anything anymore," Kelsey said to Kyle.

"We just went to Roger's for that thing." Kyle stared at the TV. He had his arm around her as if he was suppose to. True they'd watched the Proposal for the second time, but she said she loved that movie. He took his arm back and crossed his arms. "I knew this day would come." He was solemn about it.

"What day is that?" She looked at him as if there was a holiday they were forgetting.

"That you'd rather not be with me." He shrugged.

"I didn't say that." She grabbed his arm then. "I like being with you. Its just, you know."


"No. I dunno, you seem down about something. Like something awful is about to happen." She clicked off the movie then. "Is it because Amanda is going to marry Elliot?"

"I don't care." He sighed. "It doesn't matter."

"You can't get over her, can you?" She messed with his messy hair a bit which he wasn't so fond of.

"I've accepted the fact, I don't mean a hell of lot to her. Just if one person can fuck things up, well, she's pretty good at it. Its just, I feel Elliot should know everything he's getting into if he's going to get into it with Amanda."

"You mean the baby?" Kelsey hugged his arm as if they were ready to take on the world together.

"Its more than that. You know, Eric. I'm worried about him. I am." Kyle nodded.

"Did he go off with that girl, Liz?" Kelsey winced.

"Afraid so."

"She looked seriously cruel." Kelsey admitted.

"Yeah, maybe she beat him up." Kyle bit the corner of his lip.

"She really could, couldn't she?" Kelsey smiled.

"I just hope he didn't get to know her too well." Kyle turned the movie back on and put his arm around Kelsey.

"You think he would?"

"Of course, this is Eric we're talking about." Kyle just nodded.


Emerald said...

Liz seems like nothing but trouble.
It's worse that there are actually people out there like that.

It's good to hear from you again though E.L.!

SR@MyStyle said...

Lets hope Eric can take care of himself. Have a good weekend too!

Indy said...

Ooo...can't wait to see what happens next!

I also love the cast pictures on the sidebar of your I can really picture the action!

Emerald said...

Thank you for commenting E.L.! :D
You're a wonderful friend!

simon n josh said...

Its fun listening to them talk about Eric and Liz.

the oaks said...

They are cute. Maybe Eric is growing up too.

Jules said...

Liz, i hate her :D

Indy said...

I love your new header! So eye catching!

Robyn said... took me about 4 hours for each mittin, I think? I'd never made them before, so I was making it up as I went along!