Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Roger had to get out of the house once Olivia told him everything. And he knew she meant to give him every details about Ian.

At first he wanted to believe she was making too much out of it. That it was an accident. Ian was just a kid. It wasn't that big of a deal. But then the more she talked, maybe Ian was the least of it. It was something else. Maybe she was online too much. But that wasn't just it. It was this capability of inventing such meaningful relationship on devices instead of actually having the person there to converse with. Him.

He told her it wasn't her fault. He told her everything she wanted to hear because he was determined not to let things change. Roger didn't know what to do with himself now. He honestly didn't. And here he was walking the streets really late at night. He ended up at the grocery store and found the one person who'd always listen to him. No matter what. Demetri.

He'd done his damnedest to get his schedule fixed where he hardly had to see Demetri at all anymore. He said it was about classes, but really it had to do with the fact that he knew Demetri was crushing on him. And Roger didn't like it. Maybe because Demetri was fat. Roger was shallow that way. But it was always Demetri who had time for him. He wasn't trying to come on to him now as he was then. Really, he was OK. Roger guessed. He supposed he was a friend. Always telling Roger not to eat that junk or this soda. He guessed he was a good guy. Demetri had mainly been taking care of himself lately with a strict diet and exercise. And it was paying off.

"Woo, what are you doing here?" It was the first thing Demetri asked when he saw Roger grabbing a coffee at his register. "You're not stalking me, now are you? Or just here to stock the cereal isle." He laughed.

Roger tried to smile. He didn't know what to say. Demetri rang him up then.
"What's the matter?" Demetri asked.

"Its nothing."

"Well, it looks like something." Demetri shut off his light. "My time's up here, anyway." He sighed, grabbing his bottle of water. "You want to go back to my place?"

Roger shook his head, no.

"Fine, we can go to the break room. Its always empty this time of night." So they walked back to the breakroom and Roger opened his drink. He sat at a table and slipped his fingers through his hair.

"My girlfriend cheated on me." He finally said.

"Really?" Demetri winced.

"Well, it was mainly texting, and stuff, online, but nothing physical."

"Weird, but its not like she gave you a disease or something. Sounds like you two just have a communication problem." Demetri shrugged.

"No, we don't." Roger winced.

"Yes, you do." He smiled.

"I haven't done anything," Roger said. "I'm always there for her, you know. I am."

"Well, something is missing." Demetri yawned.

Roger shook his head.

"Maybe you need to text her more." Demetri grinned. Then Roger grinned. Maybe he would.


SR@MyStyle said...

Nice for Roger to have someone to talk to.

the oaks said...

Yeah..finally get to meet this guy. I think he's sweet.

cait said...

Hopefully, it'll work out for Roger. Maybe he'll be more of a good boyfriend.

simon n josh said...

maybe roger will know what to do.

Meg said...

It's good that Roger has someone to talk to.

Emily Cato said...

You posted a comment?

Robyn said...

Thanks! It's fun to make ecentric things sometimes~ hehe