Wednesday, November 25, 2009

its time

It was last minute but Heath felt obligated to stay behind. He would stay at the home and have Thanksgiving with the boys who had no place to go.

"But this was so important to your parents. You were going home for Thanksgiving." Nick said as he was getting ready to go home himself.

"Yeah, I know, but I'm kind of afraid, too. You won't be there." Heath told him. "Anyway, they're coming here. Mom and Dad both said they wanted to help out with the Thanksgiving so it'll be OK."

"Amber, too?" Nick smiled.

"Yeah, Amber too." Heath shrugged.

"I wish I were staying." Nick felt so sad, but he knew he had to go home. "I'm going to come home right after dinner."

"Are you going to tell them about us?" Heath asked.

Nick just nodded thinking that would be the last thing he did before he left. It would be the right thing to do. With that Heath gave him a good-bye kiss and a hug and was on his way home.

He'd sorted it all in his head on the drive home. The weather was so mild. It hardly felt like fall at all, and he had DEVO tunes to keep him company. But all the while, Nick was sure it was best not to bring up Heath until the very end.

"Well, where's Heath?" His Dad asked the moment he walked through the door.

Nick just stared at him as if maybe he already knew. It was a comfort to think that his parents had asked about him. He so wanted to smile.

"His parents are coming, and-" He could hardly hear himself think. "I-I want to tell you something, because Heath's parents already know, and-and I don't want to keep it from you any longer..." Nick blinked wondering if he could even drop his over night bag. Suddenly, he realised his Mom was there too. No, Rex. It was just the two of them. And they were staring at him. Waiting.

"You see," Nick felt his nose wet, wondering if it were sweat or tears. "I'm in love. Really. Seriously."

"Its Heath, isn't it?" His Mom asked.

"Yes." He felt shaky. His Dad put his arm around him and they sat down on the couch. He didn't want to ask how they knew, but his mother said, "Well, someone told me. I was just waiting to hear it from you."


Cait said...

wow..that must have been a shock to Nick.

cass and cady said...

yeah..that would have been a shock.

Liz said...

Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :) It's starting to get cold here, I wish it would hurry up and snow. I can't stand the cold, but all the snow makes it worth it.

Meg said...

Nick must be really surprised that his parents already knew!