Sunday, November 22, 2009

never thought

Ellie couldn't get over the pale wood flooring. It reminded her of home. But perhaps better. "This is nice," she smiled as they walked into the living-room. There were no upstairs. And there was no basement.

The kitchen looked new enough too. Perhaps not brand new silver metal appliances, but good enough. The oven was electric which was good enough for her. And the washer and dryer where in the kitchen in a closet with no door. It was big enough. Not huge.

She could see herself in this kitchen. It would be her own kitchen. She couldn't help but smile. And there was the backdoor that lead to the back yard. Plenty of space for Charlie and even a garden. She knew what Lon was thinking about. He love fresh vegetables.

"So what do you think?" Lon smiled putting his arm around her. They walked in the master bedroom. It was big enough. Perhaps the closet could have been more. As it was, it was open.

"I guess we could put curtains over that." She'd find a way to make do. Ellie couldn't believe how her mind was working, thinking all the projects she'd want to do if she where here. "It would be different, you know. Just the three of us."

"It would be great. Just the three of us. But you could see Olivia, anytime. We could have people over. But we could still have the whole place to ourselves." Lon reminded her.

Still Ellie was in the state of shock. This was the last place she expected to be.

"So far so good." She nodded.

"Well, lets check out the bathroom." He shrugged.


the oaks said...

I'm glad the place isn't completely perfect. There are always a few obstacles where ever you live.

simon n josh said...

It would be exciting for them to be out on their own.

Jacob Black fanfic said...

What a way to start the holidays!

Cait said...

I'm glad she likes the place.