Saturday, December 12, 2009

the awkwardness

Eric brought over groceries as soon as heard what happened to Elliot.

Of course, it was a little awkward. He was expecting to see Elliot in bandages or braces on his feet, but he was fine even if he was laying there on the couch like someone had amputated his feet. Eric thought it best not to question him. At least Amanda was putting away the groceries in the kitchen.

"You know, its all in his head." She said as if Eric would know what she was talking about.

"I'm not sure I'm following." He winced.

"The accident." She scowled. "He swears I was out to get him." She turned away and put stuff in the fridge. "I googled it and everything, and nothing is wrong with him. They even said so at the emergency room."

"Well, I really wouldn't want to try it, myself." Eric told her. "You know, getting my feet ran over." It made his feet hurt thinking about it.

She rolled her eyes at that.

"He's just being a baby. A baby about everything." She gave him a soured look.

Eric's eyes lit. Maybe it was best if she'd shut up with the word, baby. Eric sighed and went to the living room.

"So how are you feeling, Elliot?" He'd just hit it head on. Stay positive. Talk to him as if he would any of the residents where he worked. Just go on with things.

"How do you think I feel?" Elliot gave him a mad look with his arms crossed. Eric knew they weren't talking about feet now.

"Can you go to school? Are you teaching?" Eric asked.

"Why, wouldn't I?" Elliot was in a pisser mood.

"Good." Eric faked a smiled. "That's good news, isn't it? You didn't break anything?"

"So." Elliot fumed.

"And you and Amanda are good, right?" Eric stared at Elliot hoping he'd come around and say something nice.

Just silence.

Eric looked back at Amanda standing in the kitchen doorway.

"I'm sorry. I really....Really, I am. Its just I really want us to work this out. I hope, you two could, but maybe..Maybe you two shouldn't get married." Eric sighed staring so seriously at Elliot who wouldn't even look at him.

"We are getting married." They both said together.

Eric almost laughed. Seriously, he had a feeling they enjoyed arguing. He supposed his work was done here.


Lon and Ellie said...

Maybe Eric is more help than he knows.

SR@MyStyle said...

LOL, what a great way for Eric to get them back on track!!

a degrassi moment said...

Eric's so sly. Maybe he doesn't even know it.

the oaks said...

Aw, Eric may help them after all.