Thursday, December 17, 2009

what will it be

Lon couldn't decide which was worse for Ellie. Getting sick at his parents and them questioning her ever few minutes, wondering if she were going to have a baby. Or the fact that Irma was at the wedding.

That was the last person Lon expected to see at the wedding. It was really quite pretty. Such a small affair. Well, the little church was packed. Mostly, people that Lon's Dad knew that neither Lonnie nor Steph knew. But she looked like an angel. And Lonnie was all in white too. It was really picture perfect. Almost too picture perfect for Lon.

They didn't really have any time to talk. He and Lonnie. Lonnie and Charlie. For a split second it seemed that Lonnie had for Charlie.

 It was going so fast. The festives and the wedding. Lon barely had anytime to talk to his brother like he wanted too. It was all so different than he expected. Nothing much was said about Charlie. Of course, he took care of him mostly, and Ellie too who kept insisting this migraine and the sickness was due to her allergies.

He guessed she was right, but he wasn't really sure, either.

And then there was Irma who was all happy to see him until she saw Ellie with Charlie. Lon suddenly found himself saying, "This is my son and my fiancee, Ellie."

Of course, Ellie just looked at him as if he couldn't be talking to her.

"Why did you do that?" Ellie looked at him puzzled, after Irma walked off into the crowd.

"Because its true." He smiled as if he knew exactly what was going to happen. He knew what he wanted.

There were too many people for them to discuss this further. Plus, he guessed he'd burst Irma's bubble that they hadn't a chance getting back together.

"I think we should get married this summer." He told her, but he would have done it right this minute if he could. He didn't like all this waiting. He really wanted this to come true.

She just nodded.

"You know, what we could do, is just go to the justice of peace, you know, like tomorrow, and just do it. But we could come back here in May and you know, have...this." He looked around at all these pink roses and ribbons.

Ellie sucked in a breath. She didn't say anything. Lon wasn't sure what that meant.