Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its like this

"What did you do to Dad?" Ian gave Eric the look over as if Eric would ruin his Dad's chance now with Eric's Mom.

"Nothing." Eric was somber as he pushed back his hair with his hands and stood there a bit like an idiot, or so Ian thought. "I didn't mean to...."

"Eric, don't be so hard on him, all right, he's going through something." Ian winced taking his Dad side. "We're just closer, all right. We always will be. Just stop trying to make him feel bad, he's trying the best he can."

"Well, I'm trying the best I can, too, all right." Eric looked at him a bit soured. "I'm sorry if I hurt his feelings, but he's not considering mine, either." Eric hugged himself as if he was the one all alone in this.

"Why don't you come out for pizza with us," Ian suggested.

Eric just squinted. "All right." He hesitated. He sat down on the sofa then. "You just don't get it, all right. I'm in a situation I don't know how I'm suppose to be."

"Is this about Syd?" Ian asked. "She really likes you."

"I dunno." Eric shook his head. "She hasn't exactly talked to me, lately." He was restless and kind of sad.

"Why is that?" Ian questioned.

"Not exactly sure, we had fun. We had a great time, really. And now, I'm not so sure." Eric looked at him as if he needed to talk about her. "Then Dad brings up what Mom said about her drug problem. She's OK. You know, she really is."

"Or, maybe she's really good at covering up." Ian stared at Eric.

"Or dealing with it. Look, I know I love her, and I want her to be a part of my life. I do." Eric glared back at him as if no one wanted to understand this.

"You just met her, Eric." Ian reminded him.

"So," Eric said. "You just met Cami."

"And, she makes it really easy." Ian nodded. "She's like a girlfriend I always wanted, but never had."

"Syd's that way." Eric told him.

"I see. I just wish we'd had more time together." Eric sighed.

"You think you made the most of the time you had with her?" Ian wondered.

"I hope, but I don't know, anymore." Eric looked at Ian as if he might cry.

Ian went to get something to drink then. He knew it was going to be pretty tricky keeping a balance between his Dad and Eric. Possibly, Eric was too much like his Dad, Ian was beginning to think.


the oaks said...

I think Ian might be right.

mazzie may said...

I liked the opening line.

Jules said...

Poor Eric. :(

- Jules -
The Brown Mestizo

past the point said...

Hopefully, Ian can keep them in a good mood.

a jacob black tale said...

Eric needs understanding.

Meg said...

I hope Ian can handle this!