Monday, January 11, 2010

just a girl

Eric was beginning to wonder about himself. Did he have a problem? Did he need to join some group to discuss this? Were all his friends going to avoid him now? Did he even have any friends?

He hated the idea of going home to an empty place after work, so he stopped by Roger's, thinking he'd talk to Nick perhaps. Only he wasn't there. He'd forgot he'd moved. He got another surprise instead. Liz.

"Fuck." He said under his breath. It wasn't like she'd bothered him or anything since that night. She hadn't. It was just freaky wondering why she was here. And he felt even worse that he'd said the F word since he'd avoided it at all cost at work, but it was so simple to say when he saw Liz.

"Wow, I didn't expect to see you, again." She was all smiles as if she could bring it just like last time if he had a few minutes.

"Oh, uh, Roger around?" Eric was about to crumble here.

"He's already in bed, you know." She looked him over as if she thought he was here to see her.


"Is that all you can say?"

"I was having a problem...." He had to think. "With my car."

"I could take a look at it." She shrugged as if the cold nor the dark would bother her.

"It'll be fine. It will. I have to go." He said quickly. He wasn't about to give her an inch. He didn't want to spend time with Liz.


"No. No. I can't stay." He was fidgeting. He was definitely going to stay away from Liz.

"I could come over." Liz smiled.

Eric shook his head, no. He felt more like a basket case than he'd ever felt before. He was so tired of being foolish. Maybe, Amanda was right, he had to find Syd, but he wasn't exactly sure how.


SR@MyStyle said...

Sounds like Eric wants to do the right thing, hope he finds Syd.

the oaks said...

at least he's wise of Liz.

fan fic said...

Eric should stay away from her if knows what's good for him.