Monday, January 4, 2010

oh, yes I did

Kyle wished Amanda wouldn't look at Amber that way. But then maybe he was reading too much into it. She was making small talk. And Kyle found himself wanting to will it to Amber not to say anything to her. But Amber was nice and followed her into the kitchen leaving him alone with Elliot, who seemed much more upbeat than usual. Like they were OK. Maybe extended family. He was nice to him. Asked if he was ready for school.

"Are you?" Kyle looked at him.

"I'm suppose to say Of course, I can't wait, but really, I wish I had the whole month off. But then come May I'll be happy to be out for summer." Elliot shrugged with his hands in his jeans. Kyle was surprised not to see him in his slacks. He wasn't sure how great of a teacher he was but he always looked as if he'd jumped out of the band box. His hair was longer now and looked as if he was working on some sort chop sideburns.

"Won't you be teaching summer school?" Kyle smiled.

"I hope not, but just my luck I will." He sighed.

Just then Amanda and Amber brought in cookies and hot tea. Naturally, Rosie wanted a cookie and crawled right in Amber's lap. It startled Kyle. He wasn't sure what Amanda would think, but she just looked at the both of them.

Rosie started jabbering away about 'sis' or something more like 'sister'.

"What are you going on about?" Amanda strained a smile. "That's not your sister."

"No Momma." Crumbs from the sugar cookie shed down Rosie's lips, and she slapped at Amber's hand. "Momma's sissy!" She grinned then and gave Amber a wet kiss on the cheek. "Momma's sissy."

Kyle bit his bottom lip. He had no idea how Rosie came up with that, but maybe she was on to something, and he wasn't sure how he felt about that, or what Rosie was trying to tell him.


the oaks said...

aw..that's kind of sweet that she thought that.

cass and cady said...

kids..never know what they might do.

fan fic said...

Rosie might be more of a character than we know.