Saturday, February 6, 2010

out there somewhere

Going to the drugstore took at least a bit of the stress off of Syd. Actually, she forgot the main reason they were there. Eric tossed in cheap flannel pants along with sleeveless undershirts and socks. He hadn't brought anything with him on the trip. Not even a tooth brush. His smile was contagious too, and before she knew, she was laughing as if they might be somewhere else instead of a few blocks away from where she lived. Of course, things went silent when he grabbed the pregnancy test.

"You think this'll do?" He looked at her.

"I dunno." Suddenly, she was uncomfortable, but here he was making it this fun event to get through, together.

"Well, you don't need the one to see if your ovulating." He made light of it. She finally smiled. "Lets get these three. Just in case." They all varied in price.

"I don't want you to spend a fortune on this." She winced.

"Its all right." He grabbed the sparkling cider then. "Better safe than sorry, you know."

It was possibly a little late to say that, but she agreed on whatever it was they were agreeing on. Perhaps it was the no alcohol. After that, he paid for it, and they found a descent place to stay for the night. She was certain, they'd do all the testing right away, but instead he thought a shower was in order.

"We might as well get comfortable." He told her. "You don't look comfortable at all." And he unraveled the scarf and took off her glasses as well as her soggy hat. Then came the rain boots and the socks. Layer after layer peeled away, and she felt as if it might be a dream. She wasn't sure if she wanted to know if there was a problem or not. But the shock of reality set in, she threw up in the bathroom, and Eric helped her into the shower. He washed her hair. It was if nothing was going to change how he felt. He wanted to be here.


simon and josh said...

That Eric sure is getting into the situations. Wooooo...

the oaks said...

I had no idea. But I think he really cares.

Meg said...

Eric is sure being supportive!

a degrassi moment said...

wow, I'm glad he's there for her.

Holly said...

sounds like he wants to be there for all of it.