Sunday, April 11, 2010

all in the family

Ellie had caught up with her sister, Lisa after the funeral to ask her if she was going to meet their mother's parents for the first time. Ellie had spotted her long lost relatives at her Great Aunt's service at the church. There had been a community dinner afterwards where Lonnie and Steph had had their wedding reception. It was a somber potluck. But there were plenty of southern fried chicken legs and deviled eggs waiting to be devoured along with sweet tea to mend any-one's soul.

"What would Mom think?" Lisa gave her a harsh look as she was tending to her twin red-heads. They had somehow found the chocolate cupcakes, and were a mess.

"I don't really care at the moment." Ellie glared back. Perhaps she was mad at her mother, but she wasn't much happier with Lisa, seeing her with Rex. "What's he doing here?" She looked over her shoulder at him talking to Lon.

"Its nothing, he-he just dropped by." She sighed while she was cleaning a chocolate coated face with a wash cloth.

"And?" Ellie couldn't take her eyes off Lisa. "What about Geo?"

"He's in Afghanistan." She said so matter of fact.

"And you can just do this, to him?" Ellie squinted. Ellie shook her head. Really, not much had changed, had it? Her sister was her sour self.

"Its not like that." Lisa promised.

"Funny, how Mom can never ever be mad at you." Ellie looked at her mother then who was far far away from her own mother. Ellie felt like doing the same thing to her. She wanted to meet her grandmother now.


meg said...

interesting how sisters get along, but I'm not sure Lisa should have brought her ex to the funeral when she's married to someone else who's overseas.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Bringing an ex to a funeral just seems uncouth to me. Especially when you're married to someone else. :/

Holly said...

Oh, if anyone can do it. Lisa can. Interesting family situation.

fan fic said...

that sister is something.

Meg said...

I can't say I like Lisa.

the oaks said...

I'm kind of glad her kids aren't angels.

past the point said...

What a strange situation.