Tuesday, April 13, 2010

its still a mystery

Cory was worried about Roger. What would he do next? Would he be dating a guy or a girl?

"Maybe this was all so fast, you know, you and Olivia. I mean, you could take it slow." Rushing into living with someone was risky business as far as he was concerned. He'd dated Demetri close to a year before they moved in together.

"Slow?" Roger looked at him as if he didn't have time for that.

"Well, it was like you were saving Olivia from something, weren't you?" Cory thought of himself more of a sounding board or at least more logical about this.

"What? That I was the first guy she ever had sex with?" Roger was stern about it. As if he had some sort of job to do.

Cory rolled his eyes.

"You don't ever think about guys, anymore?" Cory asked him point blank. After all, they had been more than just friends, hadn't they? Even if that was quite a while ago.

"Never." Roger said so coldly.

Cory didn't want to believe him. He shook his head.

"I can't believe I burned you that bad." Cory looked at him as if they could talk about this now. True, it was high school when they broke up. But now Roger acted as if it were something he'd completely faded out of his memory. "You know, I broke up with you because I loved you."

"And you're full of shit." Roger just shrugged. He laughed. Cory wasn't quite sure if it were real or not.

"I don't know what to tell you, I can't. Its just I knew we-we were going to have to do some things alone." Cory hugged himself. "I didn't want you to miss out."

Roger only nodded.

"I don't guess you did." Roger glared at him.

"Maybe you'll want to go to your Dad's for a bit." Cory couldn't think of anything else to tell him. He didn't want to think it was his fault that he'd broken him. Roger could take care of himself. He thought Olivia had perhaps helped him mature a bit. But he'd never know for sure. "But you're welcomed here, as long as like." It was the least Cory could do. At least, for now.


cait said...

I wonder if Roger means it. He seems to enjoy giving Cory a hard time.

Meg said...

I wonder if Roger's still as mad as he acts?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes I wonder if Roger is milking his attitude just to make people think that he's still as angry as he acts. :/


Thanks thanks thanks for your sweetness :)))

fan fic said...

Oh, I do wonder if Roger is just pulling his chain and wants everyone to feel sorry for him.

meg said...

did I tell you I love the header? oh, roger. hope he won't make cory feel bad.

misty said...

Roger and his pity party.

lily said...

cool new header.

Sol said...

i ve been reading a lot, and i like it! its really good.

i think i hate roger, lol