Monday, May 31, 2010

but still

Kyle listened to Nick's idea about wanting to adopt Kelsey's baby.

"Are you crazy?" Kyle winced. He was barely old enough to take care of himself. True, that job of his had taken off with a vengeance. Nick was now a part of that no patron library he worked at and was now getting ready for a summer reading program. He was full-time and taking online classes. If that that hadn't been enough, he'd gotten a little old house in Iowa. A place for him and Heath to live. They had a lot transitions of their own going on. Heath was waiting to hear about a new teaching position.

"Maybe. But-but the baby is like family and, and I know we could give him a good home." Nick was straight up about that.

"I guess." It was just weird thinking Nick could actually do it and with Heath.

"Don't make Nick sound like an idiot." Amber told him then. "Its a great idea and we'd all help. My parents said they would. And I'm sure Nick's parents would be fine with it too."

"Yeah, yeah, of course." Kyle nodded. But what would Kelsey think about it. After all, Kyle had been the one accused of messing around with Kelsey. "But what about Rex? Have you talked about it to him, yet?"

"He's just being Rex, you know." Nick then sighed. "I don't think he cares what happens."

Kyle just nodded. He guessed it was a good thing Rex didn't come, after all.


FashionJazz said...

Wow, now its really getting interesting! Wonder what's gonna hapen next as its quite a hectic situation to be in. Xx

so jade said...

Sometimes, others always have the answer.

he and him said...

I wish amber hadn't said that to Kyle...but maybe it'll be easier to break up with her now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Amber having said that to him will give Kyle the courage he needs to say goodbye to her for good. :/

fan fic said...

Rex should really be there.

Sara Lynn said...

WOW, Nick is such a great person!

meg said...

Nick is a really good person, but he's with Heath. I dunno if he should jump into this so soon.

ayşegül said...

nick ıs rly ıntrestıng peronalty :x0
love y :))

Meg said...

I think a baby might put a lot of strain on Nick and Heath's relationship.