Wednesday, May 26, 2010


it's coming
wait for it
no contest
all of a sudden
your body and soul
-broken bells

Kelsey felt nauseous. Why did Kyle have to be here? She was doing fine. And then he had to notice. Suddenly, everything felt it were falling apart.

"What are you going to do, marry me?" She said so cynical to him then.

"What?" Kyle winced back as if she'd laid a bomb on him, somehow. Her mother saw them. Kelsey could see the shocked look. Now her mother knew. Everything. Or what she thought she knew. Kelsey thought her hearing might have faded.

She saw how her mother grab Kyle's arm and that look on his face. Kelsey could hardly catch her breath. Her mother's words. So bitter. She didn't want to think what she'd said to Kyle. Kelsey wouldn't listen. Her eyes fluttered, and she thought at first it might be an out of body experience. She felt herself let go as she hit the floor. It was right where she wanted to be. Unconscious and out cold.

She remembered the paramedics coming. The mask on her face. Being wheeled off to the ambulance. She was so tired and they'd put an I-V in her arm because she was dehydrated. She felt so numb now. She wanted to talk to no one. But there were so many questions. They had her hooked up to monitors. Checking for the baby's heartbeat. Her heartbeat. It was so scary. She didn't feel safe at all with these people around her, doing things. And she felt so alone. She'd never felt so alone in her life. Until now.


FashionJazz said...

Oooh its getting really interesting, can't wait to see what happens next : ) xxx

Cafe Fashionista said...

I feel so bad for Kelsey right now. :(

ayşegül said...

hey ellie, ı love your blog and adding my blog :))

love you :D

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Kelsey, I hopw both her and her baby are okay!

jeremy's turn said...

so scary.

so jade said...

so so sad for her.

fan fic said...

Maybe this was the best thing to happen to wake her up about the reality of it.

Meg said...

Wow, that would be so scary for Kelsey!

meg said...

I do hope she's ok.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I hope shes okay