Monday, May 17, 2010

the usual

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"Did you talk to Elliot about what happened?" Ellie asked Syd later when she came down to the house with Evan. Usually, they visited in the late afternoon. She tried to put Charlie down for a nap, but it didn't always work.

"Sort of. I don't know why she had to say that to me." Syd shrugged. She held Evan in her arms. He was certainly being alert and loving the outdoors. He was three months old now and growing strong with eyes like Eric's.

"Well, its good she said something. Maybe, she can talk to you." Ellie told her.

"I dunno." Syd sighed. "Its just strange. I mean, I know, I have been in on plenty of sessions in group discussions, but it was like a surreal experience of some kind. This outburst."

"Did you tell Eric?" Ellie wanted to know.

"Yeah, he's trying not to over react."

"Good." Ellie heard Charlie throw something out of the crib then. She clenched a smile. "I need Mommy groups or something. I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

"Maybe its a phase." Syd smiled.

"He tests me, constantly." Ellie crossed her arms. "Then Lon's been acting weird, lately. I dunno what that's about. He wants us to have a weekend, alone, so we can talk without any interruptions. But that hasn't happened yet. My Dad is having to take some test. He might have diabetes or something."

"Well, I'm sure Olivia and I could take Charlie for the weekend." Syd told her.

"Ha, I dunno. He's just been rotten, lately. He's so fast. I'm so tired. I hate to let anyone have to put up with his little temper tantrums." Ellie told her. Just then little pitter-patter of feet fled down the hall.

"God." She sucked in a breath. "He can turn flips out of his bed. And then..he will climb back up and flip back over. He has no fear." Ellie explained.

"He's like super-baby." Syd laughed.

"If only I could laugh about it." Ellie got up to go check on him. Naturally, he heard her, and she could hear him race up to the crib and the crash of him jumping back into bed. He was standing there jumping up and down in his crib. Ellie went over and put her fingers through his dark curls. He was smiling with all those teeth of his as if he did something that was secret.

"No biting." She reminded him.

He put his arms out.  She took him and he wrapped his legs around her immediately and put his head on her shoulder. She came back to the couch with him. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to nap on her.


kirstyb said...

keep it com,ing x

meg said...

charlie might be a wee bit spoiled, but thats ok.

meg said...

charlie might be a wee bit spoiled, but thats ok.

he and him said...

He's adorable..even so.

so jade said...

Oh, he does sound full of energy and knows how to get what he wants.

simon and josh said...

Charlie is a lot to handle.

Keith said...

Hello. I hope this finds you doing well. I've been on a blogging hiatus since the beginning of the year, so it's been quite some time since I've been around to visit some blogs. I'm back from my break now. I wanted to make sure to visit your blog. I enjoyed checking out the latest posts on your blog. Great job. I'm back blogging now myself. I hope you'll take a look at what I'm doing. Thanks. Take care. Have a great week.

Sara Lynn said...

I love all the little bits we are learing about Evan :)

jeremy's turn said...

I think Charlie had ellie wrapped around his finger.

Liz said...

Yeah, sorry it took so long. Seems like I'm always busy anymore. :(

misty said...

Charlie is something.

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!