Sunday, May 2, 2010

what if

Roger was feeling foolish, or was that just spring in the air? If this could be true. This idea that Doyle might be into him. He strutted about, dancing in his room. As if this could be an all time moment at that concert with Doyle.

Wait a minute. He stopped in his tracks. Caught his eye in the mirror. Jesus, he needed to work out, he thought. Funny, he really never thought about being pumped up when he was with Olivia. Well, he kind of liked his skinny self. Actually.

A silly grin came to him. He couldn't possibly wait to see Doyle. It was like a bubble of happiness about to burst and yet... there was the dreaded feeling that he was way off the mark with this one.

He remembered he'd told Doyle about bringing friends.

"Shit." He winced. "Why did I do that?" Oh, he knew why. He needed someone to tell him if they thought Doyle might be into him. He'd hate to be an idiot, just to find Doyle was a really nice guy who was definitely straight.

He put on his shirt then, slipped into some jeans and flip flops, hoping to find Olivia in the kitchen. But all he found were Syd and Eric with the baby waiting for a bottle to warm up.

"Where's Olivia?" Roger knew Eric nor Syd would go to a concert, but Olivia loved NeverShoutNever!

"I didn't think you were speaking to her." Eric looked at him a bit indifferent as he tested the bottle then and gave it Syd who was holding the baby.

"Well, I am now, I need her..for some advice." He looked at them as calm as he could.

"She and Ravi are down at Ellie's. Lon's in the hospital." Syd told him.

"Dang." As if he cared. Not really. He wasn't Lon's favorite person. Especially, now since he and Olivia weren't together. "Guess, I'll have to go see her." He shuffled out in his flip-flops. When he got out the door he made a run for it. Although, he almost tripped and fell when he got to front door and Ellie and Lon's.

Olivia opened the door, making him almost lose his balance.

"What?" She looked at him dully. "Did I leave my phone out somewhere?"

"No." He looked around. He didn't see Charlie, anywhere. He tried to be quiet.

"And?" She'd barely give him the time of day.

"I really, really, need your help, and, I paid for two tickets, already. Actually, three. One for me. NeverShoutNever! is playing, and I'm gonna meet this friend. Its not a date." He shook his head. "But, I-I dunno if he likes me, or not. And-and if you and Rav, could.. you know, check him out, see if, you know-"

"If he's gay or not?" She looked at him blankly, with the door still open.

"Yeah." He nodded.

She grimaced slightly as if she'd asked the worst question possible.

"I just need to know." He winced.

"Well, ask him." She scowled then.

"No. No, I don't-" He shook his head, no.

"Fine. We'll go to the concert." She sighed.

Roger smiled. Yeah, she still liked NeverShoutNever!

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Charlotte Elise Jay said...

You are very talented!

Char x

fan fic said...

This was a fun one. I love roger's antispation.

degrassi after hours said...

I feel for Olivia too..having to have to listen to him talk about Doyle.

katthroatworld said...

haha.. yeah, my mom's great. thank you!

meg said...

Oh, Roger. The things he'll go to.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Roger is really growing on me! :)

simon n josh said...

Yeah, I wonder how this'll turn out. Roger and Doyle.

so jade said...

Yeah, I want to see where this goes with him and Doyle. Kind of feel bad for Olivia. But she's got Ravi!

knk said...

very interesting post i like the stort

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