Saturday, May 29, 2010

what now

Kelsey didn't know what to tell her mother. The baby was fine though. Everything checked out fine with the baby even if she had been dehydrated.

"Do you know how lucky you are?" Her mom looked at her with concern. She held her hand as if she was worried about her own baby than Kelsey was. Or was that just a look of concern for her.

"I'm sorry." Kelsey frowned, welling up with tears.

"And to make me think this was Kyle's doing. He'll never want to speak to me, again." Her mother stressed.

"Mom, I don't know what to do. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I let you down." Kelsey was beginning to think she was not the person her mother knew. She wasn't even sure she knew herself at all.

"Maybe you should think of adoption." Her mother told her. "I don't think you really want to care for it. And I am not going to raise a baby for you. I'm sorry. But if you felt different, then I might feel differently too."

"I just can't give it to anybody." She told her mom then. That would not be right. It just wouldn't.

"Maybe you should talk to you know who, the baby's father." Her mother advised.

"God, mom, he doesn't care. He doesn't care about anything." Kelsey scowled.

"Maybe his family would take it." Her mom then suggested.

Kelsey thought that would be just painful. Thinking of Rex's Mom with her baby. Meeting her at the grocery store, chatting up. It would be just miserable. Besides, she was having a boy.

The fact sank in.

"I'll just keep it." Kelsey decided. Of course, she felt numb at the thought. She really didn't even like children. Kelsey wanted to just sleep. But her mother kept holding her hand as if she might lose her for good, other wise.


Sootjeelina said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate :D

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

jeremy's turn said...

Hopefully, she won't make any rash decisions on this.

so jade said...

I wish her mom was more supportive. I guess she is.

he and him said...

Things are looking almost bleak for her. Glad the baby is OK.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she doesn't do anything rash. :/

misty said...

maybe it'll work out.

meg said...

That's a lot to think about.