Tuesday, June 8, 2010

can't hardly wait

"So, where's the ring?" Roger wanted to see it. He just smiled at Kyle. He wanted to tell him he was crazy and they were too young and ...and this was just crazy. But as it was, he was at his cashier position at the grocery store, and he only had time to swipe Kyle's savings card and  hand him a cold Arizona tea.

"We haven't actually thought that far ahead yet." Kyle shrugged.

"What do you mean?" Roger winced. "You didn't propose?"

"Not exactly." Kyle looked a little lost.

"You better think about this, some more." Roger just grinned.

That look of Kyle's was still on his mind long after his shift when Doyle picked him up after work, and they went out for pizza.

"Who does shit like that anymore?" Roger laughed as he was about to take the last piece of cheese and mushroom pizza, but decided he was full.

"Its sweet." Doyle smiled. 

"Yeah, but Amber asked him. That's how it went down." Roger's smile was open as he looked at Doyle.

"I'm sure it wasn't exactly like that." Doyle sighed. "You like to put your spin on things."

"Like how?" Roger laughed with a wince.

"Well, the way you make spaghetti sauce." Doyle gave him a look as they sat there as night was wearing on, in the back of Doyle's pick-up truck close to the river.

"What about my special sauce?" He was hurt that he'd bring that up. He'd made dinner for him.

"Its ketchup with lots of red pepper." Doyle squinted.

"And?" Roger shook his head. "What's your point?"

"You like to take the easy way and still get the credit." Doyle smiled.

"And that's a bad thing?" Roger looked at him.

Doyle just laughed and pushed the pizza slice in Roger's mouth. "You know, you wanted that last slice."

After Roger's big bite, he pushed the rest into Doyle's mouth. Roger laughed. But deep down there was that feeling, wondering when, hopefully in this century, that they might have sex. One day.

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lucy and sarah said...

no pressure. huh? I liked their conversation.

simon and josh said...

They seem to be getting along. I like how Doyle feels comfortable to tell Roger these thing. But he needs to tell him everything.

the oaks said...

funny about Roger's cooking.

ayşegül said...

Somethings have to be secret, wouldn't speak everthing..so realtıon wıll be better.. hıı ?


so jade said...

good advice, aysegul. I think so too, but still..very interesting conversation.

Raigan said...

Oh my I've missed so much...My latest post may sort of vaguely explain that. I hope all is well and that the begining of your summer is going nicely!


Sara Lynn said...

I really love the interaction between these two! They are cute and getting more and more comfortable with each other :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes secrets are meant to be kept...at least in the beginning.

Thanks so much for the shoutout in your sidebar - I'm so glad you like the earrings!! :)

holly O said...

eventually, it will happen.

meg said...

This is a sweet moment of them.

Anonymous said...

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