Tuesday, June 22, 2010

extra beggage

"I guess he didn't tell you how he climbed on top of my car and got in a tree when he was drunk." Doyle's mother was full of stories about him. She watched as Lon, Olivia and Ravi packed Doyle's stuff.

Olivia almost burst into laughter, but she held it in. Lon just smiled. Doyle's mother was quite a story-teller.

"He slept in a tree!" She told him.

Lon knew that she missed him. He had to wonder if his Mom ever felt that way about him. He'd called her and found out the 311 on Reese. Yes, his Mom had paid her off. This time it wasn't his Dad to the rescue. He felt so mad when he found out, but he knew he was a bad kid. At least, Reese had gotten some money out of the ordeal. And a daughter.

He felt mildly sedated now. Knowing this information about Reese. Maybe this was not a good time to call her. It would probably aggravate the situation. Plus, he knew Ellie was upset with him with all the silence. He had let her down. Besides, they were starting their own family now, and she'd gone above the call of duty when it came to Charlie.

Lon looked around at all the mementos. Possibly, those should be set aside for Doyle's mother. His trophies in music and baseball. Of course, Doyle had told them he had to have the guitars and his clothes. Lon looked back at his bed. The comforter was important to him too. Lon wasn't sure why, but he helped Olivia fold it up and put it in the box. That was all the bedding they took.

"Are you sure you're OK, that Doyle is moving in?" Lon asked Olivia after Doyle's mother left.

Olivia nodded.

"Has Ellie said anything to you about me?" He hadn't meant to change subject, but he wanted to know.

"About what?" Olivia winced.

"I dunno." Lon sucked in a breath and went back to dumping drawers of Doyle's socks and underwear in a  box. He found a St. Christopher's necklace at the bottom of the undie drawer. He put it on then as if he might need it more than Doyle. Lon would remember to get it safely back to Doyle, though. "I think she's mad at me."

"Why would she be mad at you?" Olivia took clothes off hangers and gently folded them so everything fit nicely in boxes.

"I guess, finding out who I really am," Lon said. "Sometimes, I feel I've been 2 different people, you know. I just want to be the Lon she wants. Not that miserable one I used to be."

"I'm sure you're the one she wants." Olivia smiled. "Just be that charmer you are."

"Yeah, well, that gets me in trouble, sometimes." Lon told her as he started taping up full boxes.

"But you're so much wiser now, right?" Olivia looked at him. Lon wanted so much to believe her, but he wasn't sure he knew now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish I had an Olivia in my life - she seems like a very supportive friend. :)

Sara Lynn said...

Wow there really is a lot going on. I am happy they have each other for support. I love how Olivia is careful and folds everthing and he just dumps stuff into boxes. :P

lucy and sarah said...

I do feel bad for Lon. That was a funny story Doyle's mom told about him, too.

ori said...

wow, lot of difficult things going on for Lon, but I'm glad they are there for Doyle.

he and him said...

I so liked the title. Glad Olivia is helping.

fan fic said...

maybe things are on the mend with him and ellie. has to be.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Lots going on