Saturday, July 10, 2010

can't say no

Amber was doing their laundry at Amanda's. Honestly, she had no idea it would be quite like this. The consequences with that argument with her dad over birth control pills.

"Well, you are taking them, aren't you?" Amanda helped her fold shirts and jeans.

"Yeah." Amber didn't want to talk about it. But Amanda did bring it up.

"So?" Amanda looked at her.

"So what?" Amber winced.

"Have you two even had sex?" Amanda wanted to know.

Amber shot her a look as if it were none of her business.

"We're fine. OK." Enough said. Of course, it would be nice to actually have a vacation somewhere with just Kyle. But she didn't see that happening. As it was, they were at his folks which was not that comfortable. She was not going to have sex there. And if they stayed at Ellie's. They'd be in the livingroom on the futon. As if that would be on the top of her list of MUST HAVE SEX HERE places. At the rate they were going they might be well into their mid twenties before she even got an official engagement ring.

"I'm just saying, there is nothing wrong about waiting." Amanda shrugged.

Amber tried to keep her mouth shut. Really, what would Amanda know about waiting?

"Well, we aren't." Amber lied. She wanted to be just as wise as Amanda. "We haven't." Of course, as it was, it felt like one sleepover after another and there weren't even smore's to crunch on. No eating cereal in bed. It was suppose to be different. She wanted it to be different. She wanted them to find their own place, but that wasn't exactly easy to do when neither of them had a job.

"Look, you know, Rosie can stay here. Charity wants to stay the summer. And you guys, just do whatever it takes. OK." Amanda told her. She went to get some extra detergent and softener then. "Take this with you. You might need it."

"Thanks." Amber knew beggars couldn't be choosers.

"I've got a whole bunch of Quaker cereals and stuff upstairs. It was all on sale." Amanda offered then.

Amber followed her. At least they wouldn't starve.


ori said...

this conversation made me smile.

holly O said...

oh do wonder how Amanda & Amber feel about each other.

izzy and dev said...

oh boy!!!

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Woah noisy amanda.