Thursday, July 22, 2010

really now

Eric wasn't even sure he should be sleeping with Syd. He'd been tossing and turning in bed. Next thing he knew she wasn't even there.

"Where have you been?" He squinted sleep from his eyes. What little he'd gotten.

"A neti pot." She smiled as if that alone would take care of his needs.

"A neti pot?" Eric felt a little dazed from his allergy meds. His head felt so stuffy and heavy. He was a bit dizzy. The over the counter Sudefed was not working. He should have just gone to the drug part, and signed his life away and got the real stuff.

She had the little plastic tea pot all ready for something.

"Just put your head a little off the bed and I can do this." She was all smiles.

"Really?" It sounded like it might be sex, but he knew it wasn't. Next thing he knew she was on top of him. He felt her hard stomach, like a watermelon, on his chest. It was just kind of freaky. He coughed.

"Hold still."

He guessed he'd have, to since he didn't think he could possibly go anywhere. She poured the warm saline solution in his nostrils then. He gagged immediately. He could hardly stand it. Eric was sure of it. She was trying to kill him. But he choked up a bunch of mucus and got it out of his system.

He wasn't quite sure if it were just crazy or maybe a spiritual experience. A few moments later he sat there a bit confused with water dripping all over him. She got tissue to help.

"I think Liz is with Kip." She looked at him as if he needed to know.

"Huh?" Eric shook his head. "Kip is here? At the house?"

"No, no, I saw him at Wal-greens. He was with Liz." She told him.

Eric coughed a bit then and blew his nose. Naturally, she said he was suppose to suck it out. Not blow the mucus out his nose.

"Did he see you?" Eric wanted to know.

"Yeah, he seemed OK." She shrugged. "But he was with Liz. And Liz swore she never met him. Remember?"

"What can I say, she's a liar." He guessed.

He laid back on his pillow then and yawned. Really, he thought he could sleep now. Hopefully, he wouldn't be dreaming about Liz and Kip together.


Abby said...

Interesting! It seems as if everyone is with everyone in some way.

Keith said...

I love the new blog header. Also thanks for the comments on both my blogs. I figured you would like seeing that pic of Nicholas Hoult on my blog.

Syed (dapper kid) said...

I have honestly never heard of a neti pot before. Sounds like a kinda scary process if you don't know it's coming!

Holly said...

that is quite a scene. Interesting, how Syd is. Poor Eric.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Liz certainly gets around - and wreaks havoc everywhere it seems. :/

meg said...

I like how Eric is thinking the 2 are at the house. This was a very interesting moment.

Sara Lynn said...

That was sweet of her to help him, I hope they figure out what is up with Liz.

ori said...

That must have been a weird situation in bed with the neti pot and all.

cass and cady said...

This was a very peculair scene. I loved Eric's reaction.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

a netti pot sounds scary