Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what's next

"So, do you want to stay with us for awhile?" Ellie asked Kyle over the phone.

"I dunno. Mom's being kind of aloof at the moment." Kyle just said. "Which means, your dad is taking her side because he never really says anything when it comes to me."

"He's even that way with me." Ellie smiled."Well, if Amber is going to go to the University here, shouldn't you guys at least be here instead of there?" Ellie was trying to figure this out. Kyle had finished up at the school in June with his job. The plan was that he would start ITT Tech in the fall.

"I dunno."

She could tell Kyle was a little lost. Unsure what the real answer should be.

"Just, get in the car and come down here." She told them they had the room. They'd figure it out, sooner than later. "Besides, Amanda has Rosie this week. We'll help you guys. We will." Amanda looked over her shoulder to see Lon was getting Charlie out of the cookies that he had somehow got to. She just hoped Lon would know something or someone who could help.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Growing up can be confusing. :/

met said...

Hopefully, they can help.

Sara Lynn said...

wow, it can be hard taking in people like that, I am glad that they are there to help him out.

Keith said...

I hope they can get things sorted out.

Holly said...

that was nice of her to invite them in.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

that was a nice invitation