Saturday, August 14, 2010

can't wait to get back

"There are some really old fat biker dudes here, practically naked." Roger informed Doyle over his cell. "I'm serious. Really, if I get a beer belly like that, will you please stop me from making an ass of myself?"

Doyle only laughed over the phone. Roger missed his laugh.

"So what have you been doing?" Roger wanted to know. He was so beat. He was glad the bed on the bus was comfortable. Honestly, though, this festival scared the shit out of him. He didn't want to hang out with anyone.

"Work. Lots of it." Doyle was filling in for those with late vacations. He was getting extra hours. He was finished with summer school now.

"Tell me we'll go somewhere when this over? I just want it to be you and me. No one else." Roger sighed.

"What, you want to take that bus somewhere? Just for the two of us." He knew Doyle was smiling right now.

"God, no. I want a real vacation with you. Relaxing by the pool. We'll even go to one of those caves you are always talking about." He'd go on a nature hike with him right now in a heartbeat.

"Well, there are few places I've had my eye on." Doyle then mentioned.

"Oh really? Where?" Roger still wasn't so keen on camping, but he guessed if he had to..he wouldn't want to be with anyone else but Doyle.


ivy said...

It must be an interesting time for Roger. Glad he can still call Doyle to talk too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Doyle and Roger have each other. :)

lucy and sarah said... much..hehehehe..

Um, they sound like a solid relationship to me.

molly said...

I bet Roger misses him bad.

Holly said...

I love how they still need each other this.

cass and cady said...

I'm glad Roger could make Doyle laugh.

ori said...

That was sweet.

Keith said...

It's great that Roger and Doyle have
each other.

meg said...

Communication is always the key.