Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ian really wasn't all that geared up for school yet. He guessed he'd be fine. Even if Cami's brother had been hanging around lately at the library, trying to get him to take Cami back. Ian went over the fact with Jalen that his sister had a boyfriend. But then Jalen went into a long spill about how he didn't like his sister's new boyfriend.

Ian didn't know Jalen even liked him as Cami's boyfriend. He sounded like they could be best buds this year at school if Ian got Cami back. Ian just shrugged Jalen off. If they were friends, well, it would have nothing to do with Cami. He just wanted to leave that alone. Seriously, he thought it was best not to be serious about anyone, right now. There was still his job at the library that would continue when school started. He'd just work at night and weekends. Yeah, Ian pretty much felt he had a schedule now. He wasn't really in the way with his Dad and Eric's mom going Italian on him. They were even saving up for a Tuscany holiday. Of course, they said they wouldn't be off on it until after Syd had the baby. Until then, they were content with making pasta dinners and learning a little Italian.

Ian supposed they were better than they ever were. Until he got a phone call from his other half-brother, Oliver in England. He never heard from him. They weren't all that close, anymore. He was older than Eric and his mother's son from a previous relationship. Of course, he knew it would be bad news. Why else would he be calling?

It was about their mother. And when he heard the words what had happened to her, he felt so awful not being there with Ollie. It was perfectly clear now, who his mum's son really was... who had taken care of her in her time of need. Ian knew he was the bad one, in all of this.

"But, we'll need you here at the funeral." She'd died in a massive train accident. It wasn't alcohol at all that had did her in. "The family misses you."

Ian was speechless. He had to give the phone to his Dad. No way was he going back, by himself. Perhaps it was guilt. His Dad spoke with Oliver for quite awhile about the ordeal. He promised him Ian would be there. All Ian could feel was if something had been frozen in his veins. It was as if he had no feelings at all. Or was he feeling too much?

"I don't want to go." He was sullen when his father got off the phone.

"You must." His father told him. "They're expecting you. You can't let them down." Of course, all Ian could hear was that he'd already let his mother down.


molly said...

I feel so bad for him.

Keith said...

I feel bad for him too.

I love the new header. That's so cool.

ori said...

That is so sad. Love the header!

Sara Lynn said...

Poor guy! Pressure fro his friends about his ex and now this? Really sucks :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is so sad. :(

simon and josh said...

what a horrible time for Ian.

Cait said...

That's so sad. I hope he's gonna get through this.

lucy and sarah said...

oh..just can't believe it.