Thursday, September 16, 2010

having to decide

Olivia sat there startled. There was so much on her mind. Syd and Eric's wedding. Classes. Would she ever get Ravi to go home to see  his parents, again? And now this.

It had to be her real mother that Amber was talking about.

"What did she look like?" Olivia was curious.

"Kind of a redhead." Amber shrugged.

"Really?" She was happy yet sad to hear these little things.

"She was hoping you had kids by now." Amber smiled.

"Oh, great." Olivia pushed her fingers through her hair. She had never ever thought of herself having kids. It scared her so much. She just thought of herself never having any of her own. "How old does she think I am?" Olivia winced then.

"Look, I don't mean to mean about it, but they both might be a bit loony. Sorry." Amber sipped her coffee then.

"Its OK. I just thought, I'd find my sister first, you know. Now this." Olivia broke the scone... she wasn't sure she was hungry for. "Well, lets do lunch with her. But it'll have to wait until after Syd and Eric's thing at the courthouse."

"Are you throwing them a party?" Amber asked.

"More like brunch. That is if she doesn't go into labor first." Olivia sighed. She wouldn't want to trade places with Syd.


Becky Regina said...

Nice ;)

lucy and sarah said...

that scone looks so good. Olivia's sweet.

Holly said...

so much to look forward too. I am sure though, seeing her mother would be interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Things are so busy and complicated for her right now. :/

maxxie n tony said...

So sweet. So busy. But, I hope Olivia will want kids one day.

molly said...

I'm sure it'll be good to have Amber there...when she meets her Mom.

She is Sara said...

It's good that she is willing to meet her, she is taking baby steps :)

kirstyb said...

oh ow im hungry x

DFF said...

I'm really hoping she sees her soon.

meg said...

I'd be so nervous in that situation..if I were Olivia.