Thursday, October 14, 2010

it would be swell

"I think the time has arrived." Doyle had the tents all ready, packed in the truck. It was their last chance to go camping.

"Really?" Roger looked at him as if they might have a thousand spiders in the camping gear which might strike him...any second.

"What's the matter?" Doyle winced.

"Its October." Roger winced back with a slight flinch.

"Its snuggling weather, brother." Doyle teased putting his arm around Roger as if they might have a good wrestle about it. "Look, I've got Olivia and Ravi coming with us. It'll be fun. You'll see."

"I guess." Still Roger didn't look sold on it.

"We'll go apple picking." Doyle sang in a silly way.

"Oh, goodie." Roger didn't sound that excited.

"We'll get caramel apple pie on the way back." Doyle coaxed.

"We won't all be in one tent, will we?" Roger squinted hard.

"No." Doyle sighed. "Look, you don't want to be alone with me in the woods. You don't want a crowd, what gives?"

"I dunno." Roger swelled a bit of a frown as he hugged himself. "I guess its like a nightmare, you know, that something bad might happen. Its almost Halloween, you know."

"Yeah, and will tell scary stories. Have s'mores. It'll be fun." Doyle promised.

"Sure." Roger shrugged. Doyle hoped he could make a believer out of him, when it came to camping. He'd just have too.


Keith said...

I always loved camping. I haven't been in years though. I have been in October.

Krystal said...

I'm with roger on camping....:)

better days said...

Camping can take a lot out of you.

simon and josh said...

He might like it.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope they have an awesome time.

cass and cady said...

The great outdoors are exciting, but I'm not much of a camper.

meg said...

Love that picture. Hope its fun.

ori said...

It could be romantic.

Holly said...

I so love this picture! Hope they have fun!