Tuesday, October 26, 2010

its not like that

"All right, if you get to the states, you gonna sleep with her, the first night?" Louie was staring at Oliver as if he was on the tele, about to answer the biggest question of his life.

"No." He gave her a silly look as he sipped his lager. She'd felt sorry for him, doing all her shifts, so she'd asked him out with the girls. She told him he didn't know how to have fun, anymore. "First place, I'm not going." He was playful and perhaps a bit light headed. True, he was an old man these days. He'd laid off the alcohol quite a bit, lately. Always on the mobile with Kayla. He just couldn't seem to keep up with the regulars.

"She send you more crap? As if you can't get that here?" She smirked.

"K is just being thoughtful." He couldn't talk about her with his Ex. How could Louie possibly understand their friendship?

"You're really weird, Ollie." Louie pursed her lips as if he should snatch her while she was feeling flirty.

Oliver sipped his drink She'd be gonner in 30 minutes, most likely. She'd be off dancing and then no telling where. He would be here with his lager and the cows. Or as Louie called them this, behind their backs. She knew she was the  pretty one.

His cell buzzed then. Of course, he saw it was Kayla.

"She's checking up on you, isn't she?" Louie smiled at him.

"No." He resisted smiling. Once Kayla got over the fact he was so far away, this little international tryst would be over. Of course, he didn't know why he thought of this, but Kayla did give him a happiness that he couldn't find anywhere around here.

He went outside to call Kayla back. He'd walk home listening to her. It was really all he needed. Yes, this was it. He really could live... on this wee bit of happiness.


Krystal said...

good for him!

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad he's away from Louie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad he's standing up for himself!! :)

molly said...

He needs to stand up for himself. For sure.

ivy's closet said...

Good that he doesn't have to put up with her.

She is Sara said...

gwah! She has a cool name, but I don't like her :P

E.L. said...

I'm glad he's found someone better than her. I hope.

Rick said...

Hi Ellie,
Great stories. You are a gifted writer! thanks also for visiting Icon Americana and sharing a comment. Glad you liked the piece on Taniya! :)