Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nothings right ...nothings wrong.... we can get along

Doyle still couldn't get it out of his head completely about their little moment on his trip with Roger to Kansas City.

It started out great. Their first roadtrip. They went to a mega BBQ place and got too many ribs for their own good. Then there were the clubs. Jazz, hard rock, just about anything they could get their fill of. It was great. All smiles. Happy times. Dancing. Pounding music. More food. And then they got to the water park to be, of course, freaking kids.

There, some woman asked them out of the blue when Roger was getting them snow cones. "You two are brothers, right?" She smiled.

"What?" Doyle almost laughed and tried to say, no.

"NO, he means yes." Roger smiled as he understood the question, perfectly. He gritted a huge smile.

"How could you say that?" Doyle just scowled while Roger shoved him the cherry snow cone.

"Because." Roger gave him a sly look. "We're in the bible belt, and I don't want all these parents thinking we're ..I dunno." He wouldn't say it.

"I don't believe this." Doyle walked away.

 Roger went after him.

"Come on. People aren't always going to treat either of us-" Roger didn't finish his sentence as he plopped down on a bench next to Doyle.

"Which one of you is the oldest?" The woman came back to ask. Doyle rolled his eyes.

"He is." Roger pointed to Doyle. "See, my mom, our mom, was expecting twins... And-" Roger couldn't help but give her a mischievous smile. "And he came early, and I didn't." He nodded.

"I thought so. I really did think you two were twins." She smiled as if her job was done and walked away.

"What is wrong with these people?" Doyle said under his breath.

"At least no one has made us sign a petition on God hates fags." Roger sighed and ate at his snow cone.

Of course, it still worried Doyle that people thought he and Roger were twins.

"What do you think?" He asked Olivia in the kitchen now, who was attacking a muffin before she left for classes.

"Even twins are totally different." She reminded him.

He didn't know why it bothered him so much.

"Look, if somebody thinks you look like a couple - its a good thing." Kyle overheard, who was getting one last cup of coffee.

"No, this person thought Roger and I were brothers." Doyle told him.

"Don't sweat it. I get it all the time. Except everyone seems to think I'm with my big sister." Kyle smiled with a shrug.

Doyle just sighed. Was he beginning to look like Roger? Or was Roger starting to look like him? Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe they were meant to be together.


Krystal said...

aw poor guys! frustrating situation :)

molly said...

That is kind of funny. Maybe even sweet if you look at it, in the right way.

ivyoaks said...


I think its showing these two are really becoming a couple. Interesting situation.

Holly said...

He has to think positive.

She is Sara said...

Aww that is so awkward! But sometimes when people are around each other they do start to look alike. :(

molly said...

Its kind of sweet. Maybe.

cass and cady said...

Well, I hope he'll think it as a positive thing.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Positive thinking would really help him right now! :)

maxxie n tony said...

You just gotta roll with it.

meg said...

He just has to embrace it.