Sunday, October 24, 2010

a pep talk

"I really like her," Ian told Oliver about Amy over the phone. "I really do. Its just..the timing is all wrong."

"What do you mean?" Oliver questioned. He was out walking home from work. Ian could hear the street sounds in the background.

"I'm not suppose to have fun right now. I feel guilty, you know. I should be miserable. I want to be." He didn't really want to talk about their mother.

"Do you think we ever made Mum miserable?" Oliver then said. Ian's eyes watered instantly. He remembered how miserable his mother could make him feel. Countless times. Embarrassing moments at school. Times she forget she was just in her bra and panties. Times, he'd definitely never mention to any.

"Possibly." He didn't know. Maybe it was all his fault for the way she acted.

"Look, she did what she wanted. When she wanted. I can hear her saying it, right now. GO FOR IT, IAN!" Oliver laughed.

"How are you?" Ian tried to smile. He wanted to believe what Oliver said, but was he going for it?

"The same. I work in the kitchen most days at the old people's and then I do some pub food and drink. Nothing fancy." Oliver told him.

Ian didn't want to think of his brother cleaning up old people, but that's what he did.

"Why can't you leave that place and come here?" Ian knew that was the right idea. Oliver to move here.

"But they need me." Oliver sounded so certain.

"Do you really know that? For sure?" Ian thought he needed him more. Oliver needed a home, not a room at their old Aunt's house.

"Ian, just go for the girl, all right. Stop thinking about me and Mum." Oliver insisted.

Ian was pretty sure he couldn't. He didn't want to.


lucy and sarah said...

Ian must be closer to Oliver than Eric. Maybe.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Ian is sure of the decision he's making. :/

cass and cady said...

Its a hard time for him.

simon and josh said...

Really, he should wait until he's ready.

the oaks said...

I seriously don't think he's up for it.

DFF said...

Its interesting other's perspective on whats going on in your life. I know Oliver means well. Perhaps thats what he should be doing with Kayla.

Aury said...

He sounds pretty sure of himself to me .