Wednesday, November 17, 2010

here comes the sun

"What do you mean, you can't go?" Elliot gave Amanda a glare. "I thought we settled this. We'd do this together."

"Well, she has kind of a fever." It really wasn't a real fever Rosie had, but it could be. She had started with some Tylenol, already. Amanda had a pretty good idea when a cold was coming on with Rosie now, and she knew Rosie needed to rest.

"Are you going to Urgent Care?" Elliot looked at the kitchen clock. Amanda did too. He had to go pick up Asa, like ten minutes ago.

"No. She's not that sick yet." Amanda didn't want to say how she didn't want to meet his cousin. "You two go out and have some fun."

"Fine." He frowned. "We'll pick up pizza and come right back here."

"No. You, you show Asa around." She winced. "What kind of name is that, anyway?"

"Biblical." He gave her a glare.

Amanda still wasn't familiar with the name. She guessed they read different bibles. She just knew this would be like pulling teeth. She wasn't going to like him. "Just go."

"Call Mario's Pizza. We'll swing by there and get them." She guessed they were having sort of a fight over Asa, even if Elliot would not admit it. He was being kind of a butthead, she thought.

"OK." He was getting her in a huff. She reached for the kitchen phone then and put in the usual order. 2 with pepperoni, and a cheese. Derrick always had to have his own large pizza. "What would he want?"

"How should I know." Elliot fretted.  Amanda looked him over. Obviously, he didn't want to spend anymore time with Asa, than she did. She put in for a veggie. Just in case he didn't eat meat. But what if he didn't eat cheese, either?

So he left and she felt a little bad that she was being kind of mean. But what if Rosie was getting sick. She went to gather her up from her dolls and held her then. She read her a book. Kept feeling her forehead. She felt fine. So fine she decided to show Amanda all her yoga moves.

"Mommie have you been doing your yoga?" Rosie practically did a split.

"Not as much, as you have." Actually, she had gotten bored with the video quicker than Rosie. And with the cold setting in, possibly more snow to come, Amanda felt fat. She just couldn't help it. She did and Rosie wasn't making her feel much better.

Just then the front door opened and there was Elliot and Asa right behind him with the boxes of pizza.

"Crap." Amanda said under her breath as she got up. She'd meant to set the table and find that box of wine that Elliot had been wanting to open.

"We're here." Elliot gave her a silly smile.

"Oh. uh." She cleared her throat. Why couldn't she say anything when she looked at Asa. She looked at Elliot. They looked like brothers. Asa was shorter, but not by much. She just couldn't stop staring at Asa. What was it about him that was so magnetic? Amanda felt faint. She hadn't felt this way in a very long time. This was not a good sign.


She is Sara said...

omg I am so far behind!! Gwah!! Asa is cuuuuute! Wonder what is going to happen next!

Thanks for all your kind words! And good luck on your challenge, looks like you are getting close to that goal!! :) :)

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Pizza or yoga... pizza or yoga... hmmmm....

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think the choice between those two things is incredibly simple! :P

Krystal said...

aahaha i think so too!

Meg said...

Uhoh, Amanda might be in trouble!

ivy's closet said...

Oh you know how much I love Raffi!