Monday, November 15, 2010

if that's not enough

"I really don't know what to think?" Syd looked like she might flake out as she told Ellie everything about the dinner party. Especially about Liz, and how she was going to help her talk to Kip.

They were having tea in Ellie's kitchen. Ellie could at least be alone now. Funny, she knew this was the way it was suppose to be. She needed to take care of herself and just take it easy. Not have so many problems to contend with. Especially about Lisa.

"Well, you've got Liz and I've got Lisa." Ellie bit into an unsalted cracker then.

"How is your sister?" Syd warmed her hands on the mug of tea.

"I guess, OK." Ellie shrugged.

"Did your Mom ever come see you?" Syd gave her a serious look.

"Oh, no, she's so busy with Lisa and her kids." Ellie winced with a smile as if she couldn't be happier about that.

"God, really?" Syd told her her mother would have been there in a second if she had had to be on bed-rest.

"Well, somebody has to be with Lisa." Ellie looked at her pale decaffeinated tea. She couldn't wait to have real coffee, but it might be a long time before that happened.

"What about Geo?" Syd asked.

"I think he found a job on base, finally." Ellie guessed. No one had said that for sure, but she'd heard someone mention he might get on, in some computer security thing going on.

"Finally." Syd sipped her tea.

"Well, Lisa said he was just holding out for the right job." Ellie nodded. "I think it pays like 30 bucks an hour."

"I wish Eric could get something like that." She reached for the sliced apple then and took a bite.

"But he's got this passion, he loves. That's important." Ellie told her.

"I know. And I'm not complaining. Its just he works so hard and so much as it is. I feel like I'm never doing enough." Syd talked about going to work then.

"But you'd wait until after winter, right?" Ellie asked. She looked then out the kitchen window. It was starting to snow. The first snow of the season. It was a wet snow. Hardly sticking. Just a reminder that the real cold icy stuff would be here sooner or later.

Syd looked at the snow flakes too. She just nodded.


Krystal said...

oh life :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Relationships can feel like that sometimes; maybe Syd should talk to him about it. :/

ivy's closet said...

That's so hard to decide when to go back to work after having a baby.

better days said...

Its hard to be happy, sometimes. But I think Syd, should just stay with the baby, at home, a little while longer.

lucy and sarah said...

I wonder what will happen to Liz & well as Ellie and Syd.

meg said...

good to have girl talk.