Sunday, November 7, 2010

in the thick of it

Fall was definitely in the air. Leaves left the trees practically naked now. It was a times for winter scarves, hats and sweaters. Syd thought she had the hang of this baby stuff, now. She thought they needed a craft show to get them in the holiday mood.

"Its not like you have to buy anything." She promised Amber who was along for the trip with Ellie and Olivia. It was sort of a girl's day out. "Its just suppose to inspire you."

Of course, it felt over crowded in the local high school gym. Right away, Syd felt claustrophobic. She thought of germs and suddenly, she wanted to hold Ella. She didn't feel safe with her in the baby sling even if she was sleeping like the best baby ever.

Of course, Evan was wide awake and taking everything in, sitting in the back seat of the double seat baby stroller. He was eying anything he could get his hands on. Why had she thought she could do this? It was a slow go down the hall. She looked at Ellie, thinking this was the thing that would cheer her up, but Ellie looked totally exhausted. Suddenly, Syd felt she better act like she knew what she was doing.

"I think we need a break." The cafeteria was right around the corner. She scooted everyone to a table. She sat Ellie down right away. "Is anything wrong?"

"No." She looked so tired. Her head was down. She kind of looked out of it.

"Did you see the crochet animals?" Syd mentioned. They were so expensive. Ellie's were just as sweet, probably even better. "Maybe you should get a booth, next year and sell them too." Syd smiled as she went to get her a cold bottle of water. Ellie just nodded. "You, still worried about your sister?" Syd said when she came back.

"Yeah, both her legs are in cast." Ellie winced as she took a sip of water.

"Wow." Syd didn't know what else to say as she sat down with Ella carefully. Naturally, she checked to see how she was doing. Her little lips nursed and her fists so warm and small.

"And, and she found out she's pregnant." Ellie sighed.

"She's pregnant?" Syd said a little too loud over the noise. Even Ella flinched.

"Who's pregnant?" Amber wanted to know.

"Ellie's sister." Syd looked at Amber.

"But I thought they were getting a divorce." Olivia looked at both Amber and Syd.  Olivia brought over the tray of chili dogs and cheese fries.

"That's all they have to eat?" Syd made a sour look at the food.

"I'm afraid so." Olivia set down to it and took her hot dog so did Amber.

Syd looked around. No way was she eating this. The vender who had the jerky was certainly making her want to buy some. Ellie got out her unsalted nuts, pretzel sticks and raisins. Syd guessed she'd have to munch on that. Why couldn't they possibly make foods at these sort of places that were nutritious? It was a high school, wasn't it?


Krystal said...

haha, that ended randomly, poor Ellie :(

meg said...

I love crafts shows, but it can get so overcrowded.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I feel horrible for Ellie. :(

ivy's closet said...

Syd has guts. But she does have help. Hope Ellie is ok.

molly said...

So much for a girls' day out.

better days said...

Oh, sometimes, you just have to go out there and do things with your friends. Its good they are all their for each other.